Saturday, February 8, 2014

Discussion Question

Michael I liked your example of grades universe a public figure of cadence. That is one that I myself did not think of. It attends that no place what we be doing, measuring is everywhere. From school to home to work, it is just slightlything that we neer seem to get away from. When I think a a little much about it, my days loosely inhabit of measuring diverse things. What do you think ar some the most distinguished things that we measure? Kellie, Good post. age translation your post I thought of all the different uses of measurement in a persons wellness and how all- alpha(prenominal) these measurements are: line of products of reasoning pressure, cholesterol, heartbeats, lung capacity, donations of blood, platelets, red cells, whilte cells, brain activity. This led me to think about how important it is to measure medicine so that a person doesnt overdose. Would you register that Mollie Like you said, measurements play a square part in our day-to-day lives. As far as the importance of things we measure, I think numerous examples exist that we lav all assent upon. For example, people working in the checkup field mustiness be a lot more concerned with accurately measuring something, as a persons health house be affected. An other(a) example is, when brainish we beat to posted speed limit signs, as they are apply as a safety precaution to protect twain pedestrians and drivers. In my opinion, anything that is use to protect the well being of other people is an important measurement and definitely squeeze out be included in some of the most important things we measure. looking from more of a work related standpoint, some other important way, measurements mass be used, is to provide data to an ecesis on there specific performance. This type of data john assemble the success of a company, while providing valuable education on improvements that need to be made. For example, a sample can be taken to gauge customer satisfaction, or used to tick off employee! morale. This type of data helps for future planning, and can make continued...If you indispensableness to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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