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Oncologist paper :: treating cancer

Classification of crabmeat determines appropriate treatment and helps determine the prognosis. crab louse develops progressively from an alteration in a cellphones genetic structure due to mutations, to cells with ungoverned growth patterns. Classification is me according to the site of origin, histology (or cell analysis called grading), and the extent of the disease (called theatrical production). Site of Origin This classification describes the grammatical case of weave in which the cancer cells begin to develop. Here are several(prenominal) common examples of site of origin classification Adenocarcinoma originates in glandular tissue Blastoma originates in embryonic tissue of organs Carcinoma originates in epithelial tissue (i.e., tissue that lines organs and tubes) Leukemia originates in tissues that form line of products cells Lymphoma originates in lymphatic tissue Myeloma originates in bone marrow Sarcoma originates in connective or supportive tissue (e.g., b one, cartilage, muscle) Grading Grading involves examining neoplasm cells that have been obtained through biopsy under a microscope. The vicariousity of the cells determines the grade of the cancer. change magnitude abnormality increases the grade, from 1 4. Cells that are well differentiatedlosely resemble mature, specialized cells. Cells that are undifferentiated are highly abnormal, that is, immature and primitive. Grade 1 Cells slightly abnormal and well differentiated Grade 2 Cells more(prenominal) abnormal and moderately differentiated Grade 3 Cells very abnormal and poorly differentiated Grade 4 Cells immature and undifferentiated present Staging is the classification of the extent of the disease. There are several types of staging methods. The tumor, node, metastases (TNM) transcription classifies cancer by tumor size (T), the degree of regional spread or node involvement (N), and distant metaasis (M). Tumor (T) T0 No evidence of tumor Tis Carcinoma in situ (limited to surface cells) T14 Increasing tumor size and involvement Node (N) N0 No lymph node involvement N14 Increasing degrees of lymph node involvement Nx Lymph node involvement cannot be assessed Metastases (M) M0 No evidence of distant metastases M1 Evidence of distant metastases A numerical system also is used to classify the extent of disease. Stage 0 Cancer in situ (limited to surface cells) Stage I Cancer limited to the tissue of origin, evidence of tumor growth Stage II Limited topical anaesthetic spread of cancerous cells Stage III Extensive local and regional spread Stage IV Distant metastasis A doctor who specialises in treating cancer. A clinical oncologist, or radiotherapist, specialises in treating cancer with radiation, and a medical examination oncologist specialises in treating cancer with drugs.

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Coert Voorhees Bio

Coert Voorhees Biography Coert Voorhees is an author and I am divergence to talk virtually his life, his philosophy and his hobbies. Voorhees was born and raised in brisk Mexico, where he developed a weakness for Hatch green chile. He still lives with his family in Huston. A former Fulbright Scholar, Coert has lived all over the founding and now resides with his family in Houston, Texas, where he received an MFA in Fiction from the University of Houston.Coert make a web site called www. grammaropolis. com were p atomic number 18nts can help their children learn double-quick and better at English. Next, Coert philosophy is an author. He graduated in Middlebury College and a former Fulbright in Chilean theatre. His screenplays goes on different competition, and went in the semi-finalist in final drafts 2008 big break, and his a 2009 new American voice nominee. Coert has before long received his MFA in fiction at the University in Huston.He is has written 2 books his first novel is The Brothers Torres and well-situated Fools a second book he made in 2012 it is also book I just read. Voorhees was a smart adult in college he was always trying to chance in to collage since he was little. This relates to a book he wrote called Lucky Fools, a quote from the book stated it turns out the an act of rebelliousness such as the one I perpetrated makes for the subject of a dramatic college essay, so long as ones narrative direct is able to frame it the right way. (Coert Voorhees pg. 290). Then, come his hobbies Coert Voorhees that are quite kindle his favorite NFL team is the DENVER BRONCOS, baseball team is ALBUQUERQUE ISOTOES. Favorite things about Coert, first his favorite movie the REAL GENIUS, native dwelling HOGAN, governing agency NASA, role model OPTIMUS PRIME, burger BEACK PRIME, Latin America country is Chile, Mexican food is stuffed sopaipilla, operating system he uses is OSX, singer/songwriter prosperous PRINCE.Authors that Coert has always liked De nis Johnson, George Saunders, Don Delillo, Antonya Nelson, Tim OBrien, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Marion Downs, David Wolman, Sara Voorhees, Will Clarke, and finally David Yoo are his best author and book writers. Second Voorhees went to PINEWOOD high school in California. To conclude, after reading about Coert Voorhees I realized that it takes hard field to get to where you want to be.

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Congestion Charging Essay

Resolving capital of the United Kingdoms shipping problems was the highest precedency of the Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone. His goal was to create a world- family unit globeoeuvre system that would improve care efficiency, supports greater economic prosperity and improves the pure tone of life for every one living in London or visiting London.The Mayors transport strategy, which was published on 10 July 2001, it had ten key priorities* Reducing traffic over-crowding* Rising coin for underground investment* Rising money for radical improvements to bus service across London* Better integration of the National Rail system with Londons other transport systems* Increasing the capacity of Londons transport system* Improving journey time dependableness for car enjoymentrs* Supporting local transport initiatives* Making the distribution of goods and operate in London more reliable and efficient* Improving the availability of Londons transport system* Bringing forward recent i ntegration initiatives.What is Congestion Charges?* Congestion charging is a way of ensuring that those using rich and crowded route space make a financial contribution.* It encourages the usage of other modes of transport and is also intended to ensure that, for those who keep up to physical exercise the roads, journey times are quicker and more reliable.* This strategy requires drivers to get 5 per day if they wish to continue driving in rudimentary London.Tube stationWide line govern ring roadJam Cam see what the traffic is likeCharging zone area positionTrain stationRiver servicesThis map shows all the areas that are affect by congestion charges. By looking at the map you grass see all of central London zone 1 and zone 2 has being affected, so anyone living within that area would have to pay the congestion charge to travel to their local area or outside the congestion zones.Advantage and disadvantage of congestion chargingAdvantage* rationalise congestion* Reduce th rough traffic* Further encourage use of general transport in central London* Benefit business efficiency by speeding up the movement of goods and mickle* crap a better environment for walking and cyclingDisadvantageo Traffic may increase on orbital routes by up to 5%o Traffic would be reduced on radial tire routes by 5 10%o Overall reduction in traffic by 1 2%o London intention could simply make traffic worse elsewhereo go forth hit disadvantaged hardesto The scheme had no pilot scheme to test the effectiveness of congestion chargeso It forget take months to ensnare whether it is a successConclusionCongetion charges has it adavantages and disavantages an asthmatic would would totally spport congestion charges, as pollution caused by cars is a factor of asthame. It is also a class question. Those who can afford to have moved, those who cant have to diaphragm and choke. If congestion charges give them and thier families a chance to breathe then I would fully support it.Howe ver, they need to be part of a syllabus aimed at enhancing the environment and improving the quality of life. This could include cheaper public transport and improvements in its quality, safety and reliability more nurseries and play schools nearer to where people live, more on-line shopping, local markets and food co-ops, reduced hours with no tone ending of pay repopulating city centres and the countryside, more home working and home instruction a guaranteed income to give parents the option of being full time carers crack those willing to give up their car free bikes or public transport.But there is also an agrument about Who is prepared to pay 10 a day, 50 a week, or 3,500 a year for congestion charging and 2,000 for workplace parkingwhich is 6,000 of taxed incomefor the privilege of bringing their car into London? It is the riche man ie stockborker, banker, law ect who wants to come in from Surbiton to the City of London. Their would non mind the charges. thier puts them d own to they companies and it pays the 5,000 or 10,000 a year. Who cares anyway? He will just say, Thats great, thank you very much. I believe It is a fat cats charter.What about people on a low salary, octogenarian people, young mothers who are dependent on their motor car non only in London but throughout the nation? To those people, 5,000 or 10,000 a year is a lot. What I want to know is this. What consultations has the tire out party had with groups of disabled people? What consultations has it had with the unions in regard to low wage earners? What consultations has it had with old peoplepeople who need their motor cars, and who will be taxed off the road if the charges are to work? If the presidency say that is non their intention, and that such people will not be taxed off the road, I put it to them that there is no chance that their congestion charge will work.It is certain that the fat cats will not be taxed off the road. If the Government find a way of allowing housew ives, young mothers, disabled people or members of the other categories to stay on the road, the amount of congestion will not be reduced, and all that we shall have is a revenue raiser for the mayor.

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Focus Journal # 20, Sharon Olds, the Promise, 591

Focus Journal 20, Sharon Olds, The promise, 591 May 2, 2012 I. Understanding In this poem Sharon Olds wishes the referee to believe that when terminally ill a man should have swear in whether he continues to suffer in pain while useless, or to keep living. II. Analyzing In this poem Olds does a great job scene a visual picture in the readers mind. We are overly in our/bed, fitted naked closely/ along each other? half passed step to the fore/ after love, drifting back and/ forth across the border of consciousness, our/ bodies buoyant, clasped. These lines resign the reader to see how much the yoke love each other, and the use of goods and services they have together. The imagery in these lines is so amazingly written and described. The wife acknowledges the husbands fear that she will not shoot down him if he terminally ill. The bank clerk uses pathos while assuring her husband I tell you you adoptt/ know me if you think I will not/ kill you. The impact of this line also shows just how much she loves her husband.The fact that the couple is renewing our promise/ to kill each other allows the reader to also feel great emotion towards the couple. The feeling of love and compassion is so great during this poem. III. Evaluating and Synthesizing This poem had a very powerful emotional force out on me. I thought Olds did a beautiful job written material this poem. The argument Olds is arguing is so controversial and I respect her so much for writing this piece of literature. I honestly dont know if I would ask my husband to kill me if I was terminally ill. That seems like a tough topic to think about.

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American Factory System before the Civil War Essay

The introduction of the mill system into the United States brought economic prosperity to many urban cities. The milling machinery system increased the market for manufactured goods and export products. This generally caused a population boom in many urban centers such(prenominal) as New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Boston. New methods of transportations were introduced to facilitate the increasing flow of goods and repulse among states. cover with europiuman countries also increased as the number of exports skyrocketed. In essence, the pulverization system hastened the industrialization process in the United States forward the polite warfare.In the South, the factory system for cotton fiber spinning and weaving became steadfastly established in the United States as a result of the War of 1812. In Europe, textile machinery phased out domestic industries in which the worker owned his tools and implements. In America, however, there was little domestic weaving, and as such, the introduction of the factory system (for weaving) faced little opposition. In 1840, there were about 1200 cotton factories in the United States, operating 2 250 000 spindles. Ring or system spinning had been invented, power looms were being manufactured in large numbers, and even so exported.The factory system in the United States, unlike in Europe, offered relatively high bribe to workers. People from rural areas migrated to urban areas to work in factories. Typical of which was the so-called Lowell factory girls. These girls worked in factories, earning an almost equal wages with men, and having special privileges (the so-called literary weeks). In essence, the wide opportunities procurable in a rapidly developing country gave workers wide preferential initiatives. mill girls left the mills to marry after three or tetrad years, and child lugers elsewhere usually managed to find some other rail line by the time they reached their majority. In other words, the supp ly of labor in the factory system was fluid. Unlike a worker in Europe who was generally dependent on the factory system for subsistence, the worker in the United States was generally well-off in terms of wages and available opportunities.The laborers saw the factory system as a temporary source of income. Many Americans still preferred the old fashion way of nation or engaging in trade. The factory system for them could not be counted as a permanent work. The relatively higher wage level of an ordinary factory worker in the United States is the proof of such claim.Factory owners preferred a fluid supply of labor in their factories for efficiency purposes. This fluidity of labor was due temporarily to the shortage of labor supply in urban centers. Note that the manufacturing industry of the United States before the Civil War was still at its infancy stage. Moreover, much of American labor was still allocated to plantations in both North and South. Factory owners were constrained t o raise the wage level of workers above the minimum standard (unlike in Europe where wage levels were generally minimum or below minimum). in that location was another reason why factory owners treated their workers with some dot of respect and fairness. The experiences of the Revolution were enough to convince them that maltreating an ordinary American would endlessly lead to bloody confrontation. Their misgivings were not without basis. In 1832, for example, a factory in New York was burned by the workers.The factory management apparently withheld the net income of some members of the workforce for apparent misconduct of behavior while working. This fear was momentarily. The factory owners saw that by increasing wage levels, labor productiveness can be increased. This translated into huge profits. The conduct of giving workers just hire (except blacks) became incorporated to American labor practice. As such, one could only evoke a very few number of radical/extreme labor mov ements in the country.ReferenceMorison, Samuel Eliot. 1963. The Oxford History of the American People. Oxford Oxford University Press.

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North South Relations Theory

Edward Chien April 5, 2013 north- randomness telling Research question What is the coiffure and effect of north-South watershed? And why is the South experiencing such slow stinting gains? What be some solutions to resolving the pairing-South sex act problem? North South relation theory is defined as a socio- sparing and political allot amidst two hemispheres. The North consists of North Ameri chiffonier, Western Europe, Australia, lacquer, and East Asian countries whereas the south is made up of Africa, Latin America, and South East Asia.The North is considered to be much more(prenominal) scotchally certain and modernized comp atomic number 18d to the South, where on that point is widespread poverty and slow economic festering. In this paper I give examine the causes and effects of North-South divide. at that place are many causes to the North-South divide, but I theorise it is operosely link to colonialism. I am talking about modern colonialism, whereby siza ble nations are now scrambling to get the best bargains from the poor countries. Rich countries piss relaxed their in-migration policies to attract wealth and homophile capital from poorer countries.This is considered as robbing talents and it is a modern form of colonialism that seems to be legitimate. If we discover back in history, colonialism is done by coercion and threats, which is out fairnessed in todays world. During the colonial era, British trading companies drained wealth from its colonies in Africa by extraction of inwrought resources and refused to develop social infrastructures. In todays world, we have a new form of colonialism, which is equally devastating, but is much more tough and slight(prenominal) violent.We see a large number of young and apt professionals of under develop countries moving to rich countries because they are attracted by new possibilities in more developed countries. People are eager to migrate to countries in the South in attempts to better their life standards and get their share in the perceived prosperity of the NorthSouth and Central Americans want to sleep together and expire in North America. Africans and Southwest Asians want to live and work in Europe. Southeast Asians want to live and work in North America and Europe (Rafael, 2007, 556).Migration of skillful workers from the South is a serious resuscitate for undeveloped countries. When skilled workers leave the South, they bring with them knowledge, capital, and economic productivity with them to the North. This facilitates an unsteady distribution of technological innovation. For instance, if an structural engineer from the South leaves his uncouth, the rude loses humanity capital and essentially both economic productivity of this individual as well as income tax revenue.Now, when skilled labors are migrating in a large proportion, consequently it the effects are even more detrimental. though the proponents of globalization argue that it ush ers in an unprecedented flow and circulation of people which has never been witnessed onwards in history, the critics of globalization have shown us that the scale and complexness of human movement that is mensesly occurring has solely benefited the rich nations (Timsina, 2011). The loss of skilled labor repayable to migration is a main cause to why undeveloped countries are non experiencing economic result.In order to solve the problem of migration and sustain undeveloped countries generate eminenter economic growth, I would propose that rich countries adjust their immigration policies. Policies should not be geared toward excessive implication of racyly skilled and production young people because these people are the future of their country and without them, there impart be piffling economic growth. But simply changing immigration policies of rich countries are not enough I have in mind there should a standardised be strong monetary incentives on part of undeveloped c ountries to retain their skilled workers.For instance, I think doctors, nurses, engineers, and technicians from poor countries should be given an income equal to income given in rich countries the government activity should be able to subsidize their annual remuneration if necessary. some other beta cause of North-South divide is that there is capital constraints and governmental corruption in less developed countries. When government officials corrupt and slip ones mind from tax revenue, bullion is directed into individual pockets rather than building common infrastructures.Corrupted money are usually deposited aboard for example in China, a shroud unveils that the number of government and Party officials who fled the country since the mid nineties was between 16,000 and 18,000 and the embezzled capital n proto(prenominal) 800 billion Yuan, which is $123 billion dollars (Chen, 2011). The make known alike says that corrupted officials are mostly public security officers, high executives of state-owned companies, and member of the judiciary these government officials lack the confident in the current system in China and call upd that their assets and future is safer abroad, usually in developed countries.Thus, I would suggest countries in the South that are less developed to streng and thence property rights for its citizens. If government officials do not even avow the country in which they serve, they will not serve their country wholeheartedly. at that place are many problems when capital flight and government corruption takes place. For example, when money goes into individual pockets, society will be left with little advantage in basic public and social infrastructures the majority of the people will continue to have low living standards, and the country will not be modernized as quickly.This is prevalent in African countries where potentate regimes dictate politics. Plus, in maturation countries where population growth is in truth high, t he union of capital per person available for people declines as population grows. there is no much capital to start with and if net capital collecting is declining due to corruption, poor countries will only get poorer in the wide run. Bribery is one of the main tools of corruption, often used by hugger-mugger parties to buy things that are provided by the government.For instance, private actors can bribe and exploit the governments choice of firms to supply goods and services through contracts. If course people and government officials are working together to make money, then there is usually monopoly in the merchandise. The government can create barriers of creation and prevent competition from entering to take market share external from their business partners or client. This will usually result in high product prices and little foreign direct investment due to cheating(prenominal) practice in the market.These practices by the government put their country in a vicious educational cycle that entails slow economic growth in the recollective run. I think foreign intervention into domestic help politics of another country is a violation of sovereignty rights and so it is very hard to solve the problem of government corruption from the outside. If a exploitation country wants to transform itself and become a part of the North, then its government must be willing to resist the enticement of corruption, or at least control their level of corruption sustainably.I think we will have to look at some success stories before we formulate a solution. Government intervention is a very consequential part of developing countries historically, successful transformation and rapid economic growth are only achieved through state-led programs and government intervention. If we look at the early stages of economic development in South Korea and mainland China, we will see that there is widespread state involvement and state guidance. Both South Korea and mainland China were ruled by a military regime from the 1960s to the mid-seventies that focused heavily on heavy industrialization.Park Chung Hee utilized his experience with Japans wartime economic management in Northeast China and use the model in South Korea. He created the economic planning board, ministry of concern and industry, ministry of finance, and moved away from import substitution to an export oriented hatful policy. In chinaware, Chiang Kai-Shek was the military leader and he introduced a similar economic development model, he nationalized the banking system in Taiwan and employed a very conservative approach toward liberalism. During his reign, about 71. % of the assets of all financial institutions were knockout in the hands of government-owned banks. This approach was highly beneficial to the financial orbit in Taiwan because it reduced volatility in the stock market and limited speculative investment from foreign investors this approach withal helped Taiwan avoid t he effects of the Asian Financial Crisis in 1997. Both Taiwan and South Korea are small economies compared to other Western countries, but they were very successful in their state-led economic development.I think the biggest take away that we can learn from the economic model of South Korea and Taiwan is establishing effective government intervention in the economy. An efficient government in a developing country should prioritize equity and economic growth before anything else. I would suggest governments in developing countries to invest heavily in human capital, such as health, fosterage and nutrition. Public and social infrastructures are also extremely important and they include roads, power distribution, water and sanitation.Last and the most important type of capital is public institutional capital, which includes a well-run bureaucracy, judicial system, and law enforcement capabilities. Having a strong government intervention is essential component that will help the South transform itself into a North economy. And it is historically prove to be possible when we look the economic miracle in South Korea and Taiwan. Another reason that some South economies are not moving toward a more advanced economy is because it is disadvantaged geographically. We called these countries landlocked developing countries (LLDC).A report estimates that Landlocked countries that rely on transoceanic trade usually patronise a cost of trade that is double of their maritime neighbors, and they on fairish suffer a economic growth of 6% or less compare to their non-landlocked countries (Hagen, 2003, 13). Theses countries are mainly located in Sub-Saharan Africa. And since these developing countries are primarily focused on exporting natural resources, they discover high transportation costs due to distance and terrain barriers to the ocean this cause them to lose competitive edge for exports from non-landlocked countries.Furthermore, they also lack direct entry to sea rou tes and are largely isolated from the world market. However, I think there is ways to solve this problem but it requires cooperation with non-landlocked neighboring countries. If we look at Europe, we see that landlocked countries can also become prosperous economically when there is a well-developed public infrastructure system like roads and communication. If Sub-Saharan African countries want to compensate for its geographical disability, then they should strike negotiation with non-landlocked countries and improve cooperation in developing public infrastructures.Furthermore, they should also try to reduce administrative burdens associated border crossings such as bureaucratic procedures, paperwork, custom charges, and traffic delay (Faye, 2004, 47). This will allow easier access between both countries and increase the volume of trade that is mutually beneficial. Again, this goes back to the greatness of government intervention into the market because trade negotiations can not be with good diplomacy it does not matter if your economy is good, as long as you are landlocked and have no access to a seaport for exportation, then trade volumes will remain low.South economies are also undeveloped due to demographic reasons. Many least developed countries have extraordinary high population growth rates, which is caused by little to education and employment that leads to higher fertility rates. When people are not educated, families in societies where children are needed to work on subsistence farms tend to have more children, especially in places where infant and child mortality is high (worldsavvy. org, 2008). When there is high population growth, poverty typically grows as well.In fact, majority of the less developed countries have a large young population due to low life expectancy rates, and these young people have little employment opportunities. A report says, Developing countries tend to have a disproportionate number of citizens under the age of 30, whi ch creates a large family potentially restless and unemployed youth who live in a society without sufficient employment opportunities and often with many groups, militias, and militaries to which young boys in particular are often drawn.It is calculated that when the youth population of a country reaches 35%, the risk of armed conflict goes up by 150% (worldsavvy. org, 2008). A large young population is beneficial to the country only if they are educated and working to generate economic growth if they are not doing this, then they are most likely withering resources and perhaps even contribute to high crime rates. Thus I would suggest that there should be government intervention in areas cogitate to healthcare and education when it comes to demographic pressures.The government should plan and develop the country as a whole and not merely focus on modernizing certain cities while leaving rural areas undeveloped. More employment opportunities should be provided through public progr ams such as construction of social infrastructures. I have explained several main causes of why there is a North-South divide in the world. The South is failing to transform itself due to reasons such as capital flight, migration of skilled workers, government corruption, inefficient government policies, geographic disadvantages, and demographic challenges.I also offered solutions to deal with each problem specifically I believe that if less developed countries can implement these solutions, then there is a chance for a South economy to transform itself to a North economy just like South Korea and Taiwan. Bibliography Mimiko, Oluwafemi (2012). orbicularization The Politics of spheric Economic Relations and multinational Business. Durham, N. C. Carolina Academic. pp. 4854. Mimiko, N. Oluwafemi. Globalization The Politics of Global Economic Relations and International Business.North Carolina Carolina Academic Press, 2012. 47-54. Print. Kacowicz, Arie M. Globalization, Poverty, and the NorthSouth Divide. International Studies Review 9. 4 (2007) 565-580. Academic Search Complete. EBSCO. Web. 23 Oct. 2009. Therien, J. P. Beyond the north-south divide the two tales of world poverty. Third World Quarterly. pp. 723742. Preece, Julia. Lifelong learning and development a perspective from the South Compare A Journal of comparative and International Education 39. 5 (2009). 23 Oct. 2009. http//en. wikipedia. org/wiki/NorthSouth_divide

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Ways to Save Energy

We equal in the State of Louisiana and our electric is supplied by Enterer formally disconnection States utilities. Enterer provides electric for the states of Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Orleans and Texas. Enterer supplies their electric to our parish from River Bend Nuclear target in Saint Branchville, Louisiana in West Felicia Parish which Is lonesome(prenominal) 17 minutes from where we be In Jack give-and-take, Louisiana. I did not engender to research for the source of electric that our company use be run this is where my second oldest son works.At this time Enterer is also using renewable energy such as wind and hydro also In producing some of their electric. Last year at this time our electric bill was very high but I reduced our bill this year by only using lights that are needed at that moment, by setting our A/C at 780, only using our oven on the stove as needed, and reducing the physical exercise of our mic course of actionave, of course everything in our home is electric so that do cause some problems, some pot retributive walk come out of a room and leave the light on or go out of the door with the air on and leave the door open.The idea of having heating system oil or coal advent from Russia would put a agitate thin a lot of households, imagine having to pay close to $500-$600 except for lights, there would be a big change with all people because this meaner that the amount of time that it take to use your stove for cooking would change, take down the time that is spent on the internet for class or Just for fun would change and all those days from having a television on Just for noise In the background would read to end also.Electric coming from Russia would mean a reduce of purpose because there would be a raise in the price of oil, particle accelerator and coal. Currently the debate that has my precaution has to do with the usage of high ethanol gas. This gas supposed to be cleaner and reduce the emission from regul ar gas. Currently our ozone layer is arouse being destroyed from pollutions that are entering the environment.Having high ethanol gas would help to reduce this emission but then also having flex-fuel vehicles or an electric vehicle would count towards helping the environment. Explaining Chart Electric usage for television, computer, electric stove, oven usage on two days, hot water for bathing, cordless phone going down needed recharging, A/C on for cooling the home, ceiling fan on in the living room. solar Came to a good usage blinds up on windows did not have to use lights as often.Gas Two days In a row gas had to be put in our truck, husband and son undertaking hunting and these two days were spent going out of eastward Felicia Parish looking for work, Gas was use going to the doctor for my monthly check-up which also made more gas added to the truck. Chart enclosed References Smith, J. sand dune 26, 2011). How to Improve Your Homes Energy Efficiency Rating retrieved trot mm. . Correspondence. Com on deluxe 21, 2013 Enterer The Power of People retrieved from wry. Enterer. Com on August

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Human Cognitive Development Essay

The paper is designed to discuss gay cognitive development through the prism of various perspectives. Apriori, developmental psychology is nowadays dominated by Piagets views, so the essay provides a detailed examination of his theory, including it basic assumptions, the connection between human physiology and cognitive development and the four submits of progress of cognitive abilities sensorimotor, preoperational, concrete operational and bollock operational.Beyond the major focus, the essay also discusses four alternative approaches to cognitive development, including relevant research, conducted by the founders and followers of rational-constructivist, social learning, information-processing and sociocultural perspectives and the differences between handed-down Piagetian views and these alternative positions.The author uses three articles from different psychology-oriented journals Personal cognitive development and its implications for teaching and learning be Ferrari and M ahalingam (1998), Commentary on Vygotsky by Jean Piaget (2000) and the article, written al more or less immediately after the egression of Piagets stage theory The development of white-tie operations in reasonable and moral judgment by Kuhn, Langer, Kohlberg, and Haan.Developmental psychology is a commodious area of acquaintance that seeks to explore and explain various aspects of human psychosocial development, including its moral, delirious and cognitive components (Ferrari and Mahalingam, 1998). Cognitive development refers to the development of human intellect, abstractive, critical and germinal thinking that provide successful cognition and comprehension of the world of objects.The most prominent and popular theory of human cognitive development was created by Jean Piaget, whose approach to the progress in this context is constructivist, so that the educatee views the construction of cognitive abilities as self-motivated action (Piaget, 2000). As Kuhn et al (1977) assum e, Piagets research methods are based primarily on case studies they were descriptive. while some of his ideas are supported through more correlational and data-based methodologies, others are not.For example, Piaget believes that biological development drives the movement from one cognitive stage to the next (Kuhn et al, 1977, p. 98). Nevertheless, although Piagets investigation basically refers to physiology rather than psychology, the scholar manages to have-to doe with biological and cognitive progress through the description of the transformation of reflexes into formal operations. Initially, he describes two major processes that occur in separate when adapting to the surroundings assimilation and accommodation.Both of them condition the complication of their manner of adaptation and and then determine cognitive development (Piaget, 2000). Accommodation refers to the alteration of cognitive abilities in response to the requirements of the environment for the purpose of ga ining something from the surrounding world. Assimilation, in turn, refers to the transformation of the environment with further placing it into preexisting cognitive schemes and constructs (Piaget, 2000).Due to the fact that life maculation and the corresponding requirements from the environment tend to complicate through the life course, the individual is forced to respond to complex stimuli and construct hierarchical cognitive structures (for instance, from widely distributed to concrete) (Piaget, 2000 Ferrari and Mahalingam, 1998). Piaget distinguishes and describes four stages of cognitive development. Sensorimotor stage, or infancy lasts from the birth to 2 years, has six sub-stages, associated with gradual development of reflexes, focus of vision and coordination in movements. scholarship is manifested through the progress in motor activity, but the individual uses no social symbols (e. g. language) during this period. The exploration of world is very dynamic, but the relate d knowledge remains limited because of the weak cognitive abilities. The outcomes of this stage are the emergence of basic creativity or insight (understanding of pictures and language) as well as the progress of symbolic abilities (Piaget, 2000).

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Program Design of an Outpatient Adolescent Prevention Essay

The adolescence period is often characterized as the detail of maturing from childhood to adulthood. This stage of maturing mutually occurs at the age of 12 for males and 14 for females. This is where signifi give the axet developments in both physical and mental abilities of an single(a) begin to happen as early signs of puberty stage. This is the moment where a person or an individual kales to ope respect according to his or her own personal views in manner and practice independence from their guardians. Furthermore, adolescence is the stage of trials where teenagers argon expected to be alive(p) in doing things that differ from the usual, which give satisfy their urges due to their growing curiosity.Professionals ordinarily define adolescence as the most critical stage of growing up. This is where an invidual experiences emergent changes in sexual drives, acquire mood swings, develop relationship with the reversion gender, and encounter different kinds of difficulties in shool and at home. Apart from these technical defiinitions of adolescence stage, it is too the stage where young people from 12 to 19 old age older start to be fussatical in different typecasts of substance shout out ( Health, 2008).            There are different kinds of substance cry out that adolescence are approach with, namely, cigarettes,  alcohol, and do do dosesss. These are the most popular substances of modern time amongst teenager. According to fresh reasearch archives, data shows that alcohol and drug abuse are the most common substance that teenagers abuse. In 2006, there was 1.2 million childishs from 12 to 17 years old who smoked cigerettes 631,000 drank alcohol and 586,000 experienced drug dependency (Focus childish Services, 2008).            This data clearly indicates that most of young individuals in the puberty stage are involved to these kin ds of abuses. Figures mentioned show that drug abuse has the lowest parcel of abuse among the three substances. Continuous efforts and designs to decrease the number of adolescents involved in drug dependency is constantly undeniable because of the high latent dangerous gist it can cause to the life history of young individuals.            Moreover, efforts and supportive schedules are implemented over the years, considering the serious effect that drug abuse can cause on the lives of the youth. Because of the active campaign to battle adolescents drug dependency, achievement is evident in positive results that show the decreasig number of young ones involved in drugs.            One effective way of intercession for adolescent drug dependency is by means of drug replacement centralises. This is the traditional manner for treating drug dependency among individuals. These centers are characterized as the special environment for drug abusers coming from different backgrounds, who are advised to stay in the ease for a certain period of time to achieve the needed treatment for addiction. These treatments include detoxification and counselling for possible success of retrieval from drug dependents ( out tolerant). In addition, drug replacement centers gurantee to goodly administer the needed medications of drug addicts done effective political programs conducted by professional doctors, psychiatrists and counsellors.            Aside from the traditional way of drug rehabilitation, another possible way to halally address the abuse of drugs among teenagers is with outpatient rehabilitation. This program has the same purpose of addressing needed medications for adolescent drug abusers. However, with this type of program, patients no longer need to stay inside the rehabilitation center to get ne eded attention from addiction to recover from drug abuse. Basically, outpatient rehabilitation is like a live-in residential program that is usually done at home ( outpatient).Although outpatient program is advisable for minor cases only, it has a big potential to be as effective as the traditional rehabilitation center. With the proper formulation and implementation of this program for adolescents involved in drug abuse, outpatient program can be a reliable way to properly address drug abuse among teenager. Furthermore, this type of program is advisable to ensure persisting recovery of  the patient after undergoing treatment in a rehabilitation center ( outpatient).            In accordance with the concept of outpatient rehabilitation program, I intentional a program design for outpatient adolescents who engage in drug abuse. This program is formulated to contribute on the ongoing campa ign to lower the rate of adolescents that are suffering from drug abuse. The main objective of this program is to shelter the adolescents from the risk of hike up deterioration of drug abuse. Drug dependency in the puberty stage is a critical issue that needs to be addressed.Nevertheless, this program leave behind make its own contribution to ease the problem of drug abuse. It will focus on rehabilitative bleeds for adolescents to gain ground effect recovery from drug abuse and addiction. Outpatient rehabilitation may be advisable among adolescents with minor drug abuse only. However, the program will withal serve as a safety measure to ensure the effectiveness of the rehabilitation center towards full recovery of the patient.Furthermore, the target of this program are the teenagers who have undergone treatment in rehabilitation centers for treatment of drug abuse. With this design, adolescents will be advised to attend a program that will celebrate them interested to stay a way from drugs and show them positive outcome of retrieve from drug abuse.            With the understanding that teenagers are having a hard time get from drug abuse, the design of this outpatient program will protect the iniatives done by the decisive adolescents to recover from drug abuse. Also, through this program, patients will get the check of effective service to help regain composure as they start to work their way to be part of the community again. Furthermore, this program will work to maintain the momentum of affecting change towards full recovery of adolescents from drug abuse. Its service will be characterized as a further rehabilitative medication for adolescents.            To be an effective outpatient rehabilitation program for adolescents, the program is composed of major features to address accordingly the needed treatment for drug abuse. First on the list is to empower fam ily support. This is to explain to the family that their efforts and care is needed for the recovery of the patient. Second, the Comprehensive Education about drugs, which will give the patient the needed information about the proper use of drugs and its negative effect to the body if abused. With this, adolescents may understand that abusing drugs can cause serious effects in their health. Third is counselling and sessions with a former adolescent drug abuser who succesfully recovered from addiction.The primary purpose of which is to inspire the patient to work hard for recovery and instill positive views to stop drug abuse for a better life and future. Fourth is the Recretional Activity, which aims to give the patient a chance to be involved in various acitivities to regain trustingness that will help him or her start a new life after engaging in drug addiction. Fifth is the Religious exercise. With this, adolescent drug abusers may realize the bright side of living a new life. Last of the features is regular check-ups of physician and psychiatrist to address proper medication and record the improvement of the patient.References Focusas Adolescent (2008) Drugs and Teen Substance laugh at Retrieved April 3 2008             http// (2007). What is a Drug reclamation Center. Retrieved April 3 2008 from             http// outpatient(2008), Outpatient Drug Rehabilitation Retrieved april 3, 2008      from http// Health. (2008). Adolescence. Retrieved April 3, 2008, from             http//

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Immigrant assimilation Essay

Immigrant preoccupation is a well known carry out in which a group of immigrations change their culture in order to adapt with the controlling society, which ar the native people of a certain country. In the unite States, this process had been widespread since the early 1800s, where immigrants gradually become similiar with natives. There are two kinds of concentrations. The jump one is that immigrants are becoming more(prenominal) equivalent over time in norms, and behaviors, season the scrap one , the racialor cultural dis wages model states that mostly black immigrants or other races that are discriminated have no chance to drink. An example of this model is discrimination to blood line opportunities. There were three theoretical explanation referring to assimilation. In 1845 Ralph Emerson referred to assimilitaion as the main(prenominal) idea for imigrants of changing themselves in an equal way, because not only if the europians, further also the other races ca n contribute to the brisk formed citizens. Mead and Kwan study a persons treatment in society for what he truly is and not categorizing people in racial minorities.Robert Park interpretated assimilitation as a process in which people share follow throughs together and in this way help the immigrants to be part of the american mainstream lifespan. He viewed this process as the end of the stage of race cycle. After World contend 1, he and Thomas, after some studies of immigrants in Chicago,explained that it will be easier if immigrant groups were left(a) to make this process happen slowly and not being coerce to change because of the feeling discriminated. It has been proved that people were more efficient this way, and assimilation shows inwhat direction are these people actually moving or changing.The trine theory shows Gordons points of view. He explained assimilation through acculuration, which according to him is a one way process where the minority integrates with the ma jority. He also cerebrate on the timesal change because he noticed that the first times of people that were born somewhere else in the world were less assimilated than the second one, their children. The measurable aspects of assimilation are socio economic status, spatial concentration, language attainment, and intermarriage. The first one refers to education, wealth, and occupation. The second one is defined by residential patterns, while the third one indicated their first language, and the last one is defined by race or ethnicity.I agree on Gordons pedagogy about the multiplication change and the segmented assimilation theory which focuses on the notion that people adapt in different ways with their life in the United States, depending on their social and economic eventors. Immigrants come from various(a) backgrounds, and their children known as second generation immigrants, have another experience regarding cultural conflict compared to their parents and that of mainstr eam american society. These second generation immigrants seem to assimilate into society easier. Three major groups including Hispanics, African Americans, and Asian Americans make up the population of second generation immigrants in the United States. Latinos have resulted very successful in businesses in LA and Miami, and a lot of new students are enrolled in schools. In contrast to their parents, second generation Hispanics are more apt(predicate) to intermarry with members of other racial groups.The second generation immigrants of African Americans seem to be more aware of racial discrimination. In addition, the assimilation into black society and black culture in the U.S. by these children is hindered by their parents oppositional stance to American black culture, contributing to identity conflict. A considering percentage of the Asian population in the U.S. can be reason as a second generation immigrants. Again, we can see the segmented assimilation theory in practice here because the cultural assimilation of second generation Asians is diverse, where many are highly educated, which results that asians have achieved a lot and consist on middle class families. The second generation of immigrants are truly part of the society and should not be considered foreign. In conlusion, immigrant assimilation is a complex process in which immigrants not only fully integrate themselves into a new country, but also stomach a lot of aspects of their native cultures.The most common route to economic well-being for the young adults is to join the mainstream. This meticulously researched project shows that immigrant youths in fact fare better than both their parents and their native counterparts. This second generation advantage reflects the systematic differences between immigrant and native groups For example, adult children of immigrants are more likely to live at home in multigenerational households than native bourns. Moreover, the presence of all-inclusive fami ly members could allow for more working adults to pool income together, and thus make more resources available per child.

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Describe how the British government used propaganda to in fluency the British people in the First World War

Propaganda is information designed to get quite a little to believe a certain point of view. It does non reach to be lies. It can be the truth, though it is only one part of the truth. The British govern handst counterbalanceed to use up propaganda at the before the world charge one. They used it to make the British people dislike the Germans and support the contend.Propaganda was used in world war one to promote the war effort. The governance used propaganda for some deferent reasons. The politics used propaganda at umteen different times in the war for legion(predicate) different reasons and some of the propaganda was not needed by the end of the war like recruitment poster.Recruitment propaganda was used from the start of the war until conscription was introduced in 1916 .The British government made many recruitment posters to get people interested in signing up to fight in the war. The government used many different and my pet one is a man sitting in an arm curb a nd has his daughter asking him daddy what did you do in the Great struggle? this was made to get a normal family to sing up for the war it had a very big impact on many family men it would make them feel a bit guilty to his family that he did not alleviate to protect the country.The government made theses posters to get people to suspiration up for the war because the British army was very small well-nigh 250,000 men compared to the French and German army what where conscription armys. We need cooperate to beat the evil Germans so we put up posters asking people to join the army.Women were also the target from propaganda either. Propaganda was targeted at them to try and get them to motor up work in the places left by the vast topic of men what went to fight in the war. Or to try and make their husband, fight in the war.The news papers published Atrocity stories ab step forward inhumaneness stories what happened in Belgium. This stories where to tell to build up hate toward the Germans. It was based on true fact and most of it was real but got mixed on the way to your ears. But other stories are just made up. They were lucky because people indispensabilityed some thing to hate the Germans for and this was a good thing for the British government.A British spy was cancel outed by the Germans what was a very good piece of propaganda .But the newspaper told us that she was a set aged nurse working at the western frontline serving our pile in the war in the Germans lines. It was in all of Germany power to get the better of her because she was spying and helping British solider in prisoner of war camps chip to the frontline .It was a great pieces of propaganda for the first world war . But later on the war the Germans did emit that it was a very big mistake to kill her but she could have been put in a prison.Raising coin for the war became increasingly difficult throughout the war. The government tried many different ways of raising bills. At firs t they simply washed-out less money elsewhere in the county or raised taxes a bit. However as the war kept on growing they didnt have enough money to fund the war. The government found its self, borrowing money from other countries to fuel the war. They decided to issue an appeal for money in the way of propaganda to get the wealthier families and households to donate money to them. They asked people to take out war bonds that could be paid back at the end of the war. This was also coped by the US in WW2.The British army did have a secret weapon of the First World War it was the tank. The Tank was a propaganda persons dream their was many new stories just about it in the paper and many different pictures of it in the paper at first it was not that moving in the war. But after time the army used them sizable and did much damage with them but. The tank did build up much field of study pride and gave British people hope that we where going to win the war.The government did not onl y want to influence the views of Britain, but also those of friends and enemies abroad. the States would be a great help if they would join the war for the allies. To help mobilise America for war the Foreign Office, who were in charge of propaganda to achromatic audiences, printed hundreds o books and leaflets to send to American newspaper editors. When the Luistania was sunk by a German U-boats torpedo in 1915, British propaganda made sure it was told about a lot.Without the propaganda the country would might not have won the war. It helped us many way . It was one of the crucial factors of us winning the war although be may of gave up on the war but the government used their ever growing wisdom in know what we want to see and hear about the war (was better wisdom in them days).


In Shakespearian plays green-eyed monster usually plays a considerable role in the create the tragedy. Shakespeare shows great understanding in human nature and human tendencies. one and only(a) aspect of human nature that he has a lot of keenness on is green-eyed monster. Shakespeare understands graspingy well, and is able to illustrate how jealousy discount trifle pop the worst in people. In Othello , it is clear that in integrity relationships willing fail be source jealousy makes both parties of the relationship act evil.In addition, jealousy tail cause the downfall of a marriage. Moreover jealousy can initiate the downfall of a friendship. green-eyed monster can bring out the evil and irrational actions in a relationship, resulting in the failure of the relationship. Family (In Law) relationships will fail due to both parties acting evilly and irrationally because of jealousy. Jealousy can cause the destruction of a good get lady friend relationship causing a fathe r to betray his daughter.Desdemona and his daughter had a good relationship because Barbantio says, I therefore vouch again/ That with some(a) mixtures powerful oer the blood,/ Or with some dram, conjured this effect, He wrought upon her (Act 1 scene 3, railroad sop up 103-105). This shows that she would never swallow wanted to leave her father of her own free will before. However due to the jealousy towards Othello for kind his daughter, Barbantio betrays his own daughter when he says, God be with you I give birth done. (act 1 scene3 line189).This quote shows that Barbantio disowns and betrays his daughter because he is jealous that she has chose Othello over him, cease their father daughter relationship. Moreover, Barbantio and Othello had a good relationship until jealousy caused Barbantio to accommodate racist. Othello says, Her father loved me, oft invited me (Act 1 scene3 line128), this shows that Barbantio and Othello had a good relationship. Afterwards, Barbantio excl aimed that, Id kinda adopt a child then get it. (Act 1 moving picture 3 line 191). Barbantio is saying that he would rather adopt a child then cook a half black grandchild.The jealousy causes Barbantio to become racist, ending their relationship. Therefore, jealousy can cause people in a Family(In Law) relationship to act with evil, resulting in the downfall of the family relationship. Jealousy can cause spouses to act evil and irrational, ensuring the downfall of the marriage. Husbands go from trusting their wives to distrusting their wives for the primer coat that jealousy causes them to, hence ending their marriage. Othello declared, My life upon her faith in a response to Barbantio uttering, She has deceived her father, and may thee. (Act1 scene 3 line 293), this shows that he is in full trusting of Desdemona in the beginning of their marriage. Then Othello becomes jealous of Cassio because he believes that Cassio is sleepingwith Desdemona, this jealousy initiates Othello s distrust in Desdemona. This distrust towards Desdemona results in Othello not believing Desdemona when she says that she is a true/ and loyal wife (Act 4 scene 2 line 34-5) results in the end of the relationship because Othello slays her because he suspects that she is cheating.Furthermore, jealousy can cause a member of the relationship to act illogically resulting in the pucker of the relationship. Othello started out as a very sensible person who would ceaselessly think of a logical solution. For example, when Barbantio came to fight him he talked them out of a battle, he says, Hold your hands,/ Both you of my inclining and the rest. /Were it my cue to fight, I should claim known it/ Without a prompter (Act1 Scene2 Line 83-85). This shows that he was in a logical state of mind before the jealousy caused him to become unreasonable.He became so unreasonable that he started seeing what the jealousy inside of him wanted to see. The jealousy caused him to be unreasonable to the p oint where a simple hanker chief, that Desdemona could have easily lost, triggered him into thinking that Desdemona and Cassio are having an affair, which led to him plotting to kill both of them. Additionally, Othello and Desdemonas have a very pleasant marriage, until abuse starts because of jealousy. Othello went from show enormous amounts of inclination towards Desdemona.When Othellos sees Desdemona for the first time in Cyprus he exclaims, O my fair warrior (act2 scene1 line 177) then Desdemona replies, My dear Othello (Act 2 Scene1 Lines 178). This shows that there is a lot of inwardness in their relationship prior to jealousy making Othello very abusive. Othello becomes jealous that Desdemona is sleeping with Cassio, so his suspicion lead to him abusing Desdemona mentally by craft her a Whore. As a result, jealousy can grow into the hammer that can break a wedlock

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Air France

In an airline industry, companies had been suffered with low returns, bankruptcies and ever-fluctuating demand. Air France has been preventing the situation by developed strategies such(prenominal) as a progressive operating l take over, short- or medium term lease of substantial part of fleets to reduce capacitance and cost. Since 2006, the traffic of air travel has been growing rapidly, which created a competitive grace in the airline industry and also the emergence of e-commerce as a turn to to consumer sales.Air France took those opportunities by providing online services on enjoin website, but later on a while aggregators and meta look forers who offer beyond services appe ard, which make the direct website had difficulty to compete. Media foregather, hired by Air France, has been developing strategy to optimize process on Search Engine Marketing campaign to plus net revenue gained through online channel and return on enthronization spending, as well as efficiency of dr iving visitors to site and metamorphose them to consumers through the reincarnation funnel at the minimum cost.The Media Contact uses sponsored search of six search engines, global- and US-based, and advertises on metasearchers and aggregators as well. As shown in the newspaper performance table below, from exhibit 6, Google US acquires highest impressions, mostly from branded keywords, and deal of bookings, also at highest cost but the conversion rate is relatively low. On the other hand, MSN has concluding investment but it turned come out of the closet that MSN give the outstanding conversion rate than any others.Another publisher such as Yahoo US and Overture US has higher conversion rate than others that has more backup. T The bubble chart below illustrates the performance of each(prenominal) publisher, based on the complete data set, according to their mean(a) cost per click on Y-axis and probability of bookings on X-axis. The size of each bubble represents funding spent on each publisher. The first quadrant represents high cost-per-click, publishers, which are Google US and Google Global. These publishers has high impressions but theClick-Through-Rate is relatively low, The Media Contact should arrange strategy that usher out lower cost such as modifying bid strategy, keyword selection, and match type. The funding for these publishers should also be lowered. In the upper-left quadrant shows publishers who have lowest conversion rate at highest cost, no publisher is in this category and should not be. Overture Global and US are in the third quadrant that demonstrates publishers with low probability of booking.Publishers in this quadrant must be converted to the forth quadrant by cyphering keyword selection, ease of completing transaction, and complication of website and applications, for example. The highest probability of producing a booking come from the forth quadrant where Yahoo US, MSN Global, and MSN US rely on. This quadrant not tho gives Air France high probability of bookings but also at the lowest cost. The Media Contact should focus on this quadrant by increasing funding for these three publishers from budget deducted from the first quadrant.In order to gain visitors from aggregators, Air France should consider about creating two- or three-in-one service by offering hotels, car rental or promotional packages. This strategy could increase sales occurred in direct website and reduce cost of advertising on aggregators website. Air France could also earn revenue from advertising of hotels and car rental services. By optimizing sponsored search and implementing strategies, Cost-Per-Click pull up stakes be reduced and number of bookings will be higher. The Media Contact can deliver higher net revenue and Return on investing to Air France.

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Pragmatism Is the Philosophy of Practicality

macrocosm Philosophy is a hypothetical rendering of the unmapped. It is a point of invite that proposes a logical, rational, and valid basis for upbringingal movement and criteria for the selection of a sound fosteringal consecrate. Philosophy of Education Educating children profoundly affects their lives and influences the feeling of any atomic number 53 who comes into contact with those children. Education go outs a establishment for a child to start his life. Without a true education, it breaks impossible for an individual to provide for themselves and their family.Also, well-educated people can denounce decisions that benefit both their own interests and the interests of partnership as a whole. In whatsoever cases, philosophies of education do contradict and couple each other, like for instance, idealism as opposed to the philosophy of pragmatism. In situation we cannot question it because they have different points of view as regard to education. STATEMENT OF coiffe pragmatism is the philosophy of practicality and usefulness. Pragmatists see the realism as a place for know of exclusively kinds.Pragmatism believes changes in education and opposes conventional education. Gaining of knowledge for the sake of knowledge is not the real aim of education. This philosophy focuses mental, spiritual and aesthetic forms of human activity. If I were a teacher, I would go with the philosophy of naturalism. For me pragmatism is shooting two birds in one stone, you be deliberateing and you atomic number 18 move it into action. I dont like a class sitting, writing, and reading books simply, without applying it.The dominance of our ideas, statements and concept must be seen on our actions. In pragmatism, schools and other educational institutions are flexible, they can remain alive, active and gather the changing needs of the society and provide real experiences through activities. It is not only a center of education tho a center of co mmunity because a school that inculcates the philosophy of pragmatism is a true representation of a society. matter-of-fact teacher are the one who archetypical succeed in the program line-learning process.The teacher acts as a friend, guide and philosopher to the child to see close and positive relationship so that it is easier for them to teach and handle problems in the teaching process. As an experience-based philosophy, the curriculum includes useful activities, experiences and subjects that are useful to the present needs of the savant and likewise for the future expectations of adult life. It similarly contains skills to develop the learners which develop social and purpose-built attitude. They oppose bookish knowledge and denounce those methods which promote knowledge which is not useful.The learners are keen to accentuate things out they need concepts that can be applied. They tend to become impatient with discussion type. They learn trump when techniques are sh own and they have the chance to try it out. They are also open to variation as long as efficient in the educational process. CONCLUSION Pragmatism is an attitude and a way of maintenance which opposing the old doctrines of idealism and naturalism and inspire the individual to look onward and create new values for an unknown future, so that he leads a better, happier and richer life.The sizeableness of studying pragmatism as a philosophy is to understand deeply the educational process. Each mutantdamental aspect has a basic function in the education process. To me an effective educator is, first and foremost, someone who genuinely cares about the quality of the education a student is receiving. My memories of great(p) teachers ever involve teachers who obviously put cartridge clip and thought into actions with their lessons. They offered their time to students who wanted to improve.I think that as an educator you should put into practice all the thoughts and bright ideas in to action prerequisite to make your lessons thoughtful and hopefully fun Pragmatism serves as our guide in the educational process. Through this, we can also have a brighter understanding on how education would be. It would probably a great help for us to have all this things for the fulfilment of our good towards education. References Singh, Y. K. (2007). Philosophical human foot of Education. New Delhi A P H Publishing. Shahid, S. M. (2000). Philosophy of Education. Lahore Majeed Book Depot.

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Management and Diversity Essay

Susan capital of Mississippi states in potpourri in the study benignant resourcefulness Initiatives that, Surveys of ancestry leaders confirm the perception that interest in managing salmagundi achievementfully is widespread. In a study of 645 firms, 74% of the respondents were concerned to a greater ex ecstasyt or less(prenominal) trans mixtureation, and of these or so one- third gear felt that smorgasbord effected corporate schema. This means that the bulk of governances bump novelty is authoritative, and see the extremity to take action, however follow outing the treat evict be more than difficult. This theme exclusivelyowing lineation a humanity resources strategicalal fancy that includes kind t each(prenominal)ing for completely(a) employees to include coach-and-fours and frontline staff. It forget focus precise potpourri bringing up segments to cope focal points perspectives, and result use a lurch model to deflect focusing to implement compulsory modifications to the makeups practices. This paper set asideinging alike propose a sketch study outline of revolution con ecstasyt. Fin altogethery, this paper give recommend a wide method of evaluation to procure the gentility leave behind make water the needed miscellaneas. recognize Winston states in The splendour of Leadership form The Relationship between salmagundi and ecesisal Success in the Academic purlieu that, Fostering change in compositions is chiefly considered a priority in sex act to the increasing different population, as sanitary as inequities, current unfairness, and underrepresented. To have a mixture strategy that becomes a strategic digress of governing it must organise with the boilers suit goals of the organization. Nagel, CEO for Cisco states in the Hewlett Associates Creating a sustainable cellular comprehension and transformation dodge Build on Your attach tos Goals and Strengths that, This position of inclu sion and vicissitude must be an integral part of the familiaritys let on business goals, rather than an add-on whose value and make up continuously need to be meetified.A fortunate and sustainable I& antiophthalmic factorD (inclusion and transmutation) strategy keep non be make in a silo. Similarly, for I& international deoxyadenosine monophosphateereD to receive the organizational swan required to achieve its goals, it needs to be represented and play a primaeval utilization in decision- do at the highest level. To witness that I& deoxyadenosine monophosphateD is incorporate at every level of the comp either, not just an HR focus. To have this strategy emerge at the bakshish of the organization is critical to the success of the opening night. This would write set ashore with the forming of an inclusion and Diversity Council. This counsel would be direct by the Vice President of Human Resources, and the members argon all executive level positions that represen t each component of the company. The goals for this council would be to develop the Inclusive and Diversity sight to align with the goals of the company, develop the strategy behind(predicate) the variety raise and inclusion, and the execution blueprint. This council would also start gathering data to begin employee engagement groups in which all employees have the prospect to join.It would re control and advocating policies that support an inclusive milieu including learning for all employees, and implement a metrics for measuring the impact of Inclusion and Diversity initiatives. with creating this type of climb on for the organization browses conversion as a top priority and demonstrates the seriousness of integrating change into the organization. This would also exhibit to the EEOC a good faith effort to kick off smorgasbord into the company. Below the council would be an sp atomic number 18 group of film directors that argon composed of diametrical business segments and would each hold a leadership type position in the employee earnings group. This group of theatre directors would be prudent for establishing a strategy and dedicate to death a plan to implement the councils decisions. This would leave an additive team of employees be heterogeneous in the inclusion and diversity strategy. Because I&D goals atomic number 18 aligned with the overall business goals, I&D initiatives have a greater impact than before and atomic number 18 seen as a company priority. (Hewett, 2009).Through starting the diversity strategies at the top and including additional manager doneout the company shows that this initiative is not a delirium and that it is being taken seriously. The council will begin the inclusion and diversity process and pass off to managers and the overview the hiring and team the employees that make up the organization. In addition to the council, managers that recruit and utilise employees will go by means of converseing skills and be required to have a respective(a) destine based upon the geographic location. Adding more respective(a) finishdidates to the interview process gives managers the opportunity to hire more several(a) basedidates if they ar the or so qualified for the position. Interviewing more diverse candidates, yields more opportunity to hire and retain a diverse disciplineforce. This will lead to less discrimination lawsuits based on hiring and retaining more diversity within the organization. another(prenominal) give away point is developing and prosecute the talents that the organization currently has. This would include promotions of innate candidates.This type of ontogenesis would include mentoring groups that could be utilized through the employee net have groups. This would stir all levels of employees throughout the organization. Finally, there will be fostering for all employees in regards to diversity and inclusion, harassment, and stomps and bia ses. By dressing employees and place because accountable for improper practices or behavior, swear outs the organization develop standards and omit any inappropriate behaviors. Through adjust diversity and inclusion with the companys overall goals and including key leaders in the organization states that this is a high priority and is back up by the overall company. By engaging managers at different levels through employee net performance groups and having diverse slates in hiring practices bears the company to lodge to beget in diversity and inclusion. Finally, providing raising and policies in place to encompass all employees gives everyone the discovering of what behavior is acceptable and that the land environment is inclusion for everyone. There can be a variety of reasons that managers or employees would resist change.According to the article, oeuvre Diversity How to Tackle Resistance it states, Employees resist diversity for a number of reasons if the organizatio ns definition of diversity is not wide-eyed enough and inclusive, some employees may quality excluded or left out of the change process. Furthermore, employees who are not often make to feel include in the process, such(prenominal)(prenominal) as white men, may feel blamed for inequities in their organization and pit with defensiveness. On the other hand, employees circumstantialally included in diversity efforts such as women or mass of color- may talk resistance because they do not privation to be singled out or braind as having succeeded purely as a result of the change effort. Finally, employees are also cynical and reluctant to get involved with new diversity efforts when past change efforts have not been no-hit.To address the managers that would be implementing these practices I would out begetth start with gentility the pictureing of the alignment of diversity with the organizational goals. This would include ten school term cultivation about diversity and the way that it effectuate the organization. Through establishing and defining the organizations definition of diversity and how it will help the company grow would help the managers read the company initiative and that the top leaders of the organization are implementing and enforcing this program. It would also allow the managers to understand diversity and the components of it. The second tuition would inculpate having a diverse slate to interview, interviewing candidates, and selecting the best talent. One common misperception is the persuasion that unearned benefits or advantages will be given to a specific group, such as white women, or hatful of color as nearly as that one has to part of a specific group in order to be promoted. (Catalyst, 2009).Through understanding the correct interview process, having a diverse number of candidates for promotion or hiring, and asking job link questions will allow the organization to widen to build on diversity and inclusion and train as rise as show the managers the correct hiring process. The third training would allow the manager to understand and give way their own stereotypes and biases. Through identifying that everyone, absolutely everyone has stereotype and biases, allows the manager to identify them and then insure past them. This would help with the fair interposition of all employees. All three of these training sessions, understanding diversity, interview with diversity, and understanding stereotypes and biases will allow the company to continue to grow in diversity and inclusion. The organization will also be in accord with sound hiring practices and treatment of employees including harassment. Dr. John Kotters 8-Step change model is one that can be utilized to implement and rationalise the change in the organizations diversity and inclusion.According to the article The development of a model to support coetaneous change, Kotters octonary tonicitys are take a shit a sense of urgency, form a powerful coalition, create a vision for change, communicate the vision, remove obstacles, create short term wins, build on the change, and drop anchor the changes in corporate gloss. The first step is to create a sense of urgency. In this case the urgency has already been put in place by the charges faced by the EEOC. Due to the charges the organization must put a plan into effect quickly this will be vital to the success of the organization. In step both, formulating a coalition, this can be through with(p) through establishing the diversity council in which key leaders will initiate the starting of the diversity and inclusion component of the company. This will help the organization to all be on the same page and implement a strategy from the top. The third step includes the vision for change. This is done through aligning the goals of the organization to the goals of diversity. This part of the plan would create goals such as meeting diversity goals, creating an inclusive environment, and training goals for the employees.Creating a work environment that is diverse as wholesome as inclusive is an ideal work environment. Step four, communicate the vision, can be accomplished through the trainings conducted with the managers. These trainings would rationalize the diversity goals of the organization and have the frontline staff work out 5 diversity training sessions, and manager complete 10 diversity training sessions. In addition to the training, the managers should have constant open and honest conversation about the changes that are happening and how those changes are effecting the organization. The twenty percent step, removing obstacles, would need to be in place when the employees are resisting the changes. Removing obstacles is part of the overall plan in which resistance comes up it is intercommunicate immediately and allows the organization continue to build on its strategy. This fifth step is most-valuable in which managers that are fol lowing the diversity vision are rewarded and those that are not a redirected to follow the guidelines in place.This came be done by offering diversity bonuses based on having a diverse hiring slate, but not by hiring the virtually diverse candidates. The important part is lock away hiring the best candidates, but having a variety of candidates to choose from. The half a dozenth step, create short-term wins, allows the employees to process and be successful in intervals. This would include reaching goals such as completing training, and having the correct amount of people to interview to complete a diverse slate. Step seven, build on the change, allow employees to celebrate the small successes that will then lead to additional wins of having a diverse and inclusive work environment. Finally, the eighth step, anchor the changes in corporate culture, is the complete process in which the changes are adapted to the culture of the organization. This is when the new staff as well as the old staff has authoritative the culture and ensures that the changes continue.Each component of Kotters eight step process is important and necessary to achieve success. This plan of implementing change in accordance with the eight steps lays the foundation for the organization to make a positive change and provide a more diverse and inclusive work place. Described previously there were would be diversity training composed of ten (10) sessions. These sessions are based off of the Workplace Diversity Foreword, Managing Workplace Diversity. The first atomic number 23 sessions would be for both frontline employees and managers. The remaining sessions six to ten would be for managers only. The first session would entail an understanding of what diversity is. Although diversity can be different to each individual, this would focus on the defining diversity, tolerant history of the organizations diversity, and legal overview. The second training session would explain what stereotype s are as well as biases. In the lineage participant would identify their own biases through active listening. in one case the biases and stereotypes are identified, the third session would include breaking down your own biases through changing how the participants view their approach and the encouraging workplace and favorable changes.The fourth lesson would then identifying the proper communication stating that listening and hearing are two different things. This would help open up communication among all individuals to incorporate an extensive environment. Lesson five would explain body manner of speaking and it is not what you say, but how you say it. This would allow employees as well as managers to understand that there is more to communication than just words. The sixth training would encourage diversity in the workplace through establishing guidelines and pedagogy employees about preventing discrimination. The seventh training would entail identifying discrimination and the options in which an employee or manager would have if this happened. The eight training would explain the processes used if you as a manager are involved in a complaint, understanding the role that you play as a manager that represents the company as well as an individual. The ninth training would teach the manager how to properly archive the complaint and identify the appropriate actions including contacting the human resources department.The tenth training would explain the steps in receiving the complaint formally as then looking back at the incident and learning from the experience. All ten of these trainings, establish the guidelines that the organization is looking to hold and support. Each component both explains and defines what diversity is, how it is involved in the daylight to day work environment, and how to prevent as well as respond to a complaint. Once all of the trainings are completed managers as well as employees will understand the overall goals of the comp any, how diversity plays a role in those goals, how each employee and manager can contribute towards those goals, and what to do when the resistance to diversity is encountered.Finally, this paper will recommend a comprehensive method of evaluation to ensure the training will create the needed changes. One way to measure the success of diversity initiative is if there are any additional complaints filed with the EEOC, and of the goals or requirements put in place by the EEOC are met. Tracking and evaluating the hiring process and the applicants considered will show the strides or lack of follow through for the organization. Also following the guidelines given and act follow through with compliance would allow the organization to track and view the changes. Another way to establish if the goals and measures are successful is through looking the amount of promotions if congenital candidates. This will show how many employees are taking advantage of the mentoring, employee networking , and diversity training through embracing the goals of the company and making themselves more promotable. The organizations belongings rate by demographic group compares favorably with external retention rates. (Bliss, Keary, Loftus, Outwater, ostiarius & Volpe, 2011).This would show how many minorities had been chartered and promoted. An additional measure could also be an employee review conducted. Employee satisfaction survey results by demographic group show the feelings or rates on the diversity in the organization. (Bliss, et al, 2011). Through seeking the employee input on how they view diversity, training and the inclusive environment, and how successful they feel it is will allow the organization to gage how successful the diversity initiative is and how to continue to build upon it. Finally the organization can look specifically in the diversity of top level managers. consistent with applicable law, representation of minorities and women in positions is conjure up d. (Werner & DeSimone, 2012). This would directly look to see how diligent the top level of the company is and the continue support needed to continue to grow the diversity of the organization. Each measurement will allow the organization to understand and enhance the diversity and inclusion strategy.Practicing diversity counseling means operating at a level that is the best with respect to diversity management. (Werner & DeSimone, 2012). This paper outlined a human resources strategic plan that includes the knowledgeability of a diversity council of top managers, an additional group of managers to help implement diversity changes, employee network groups, and diversity training for all employees to include managers and frontline staff. This paper focused on specific diversity training segments to address managements perspectives through establishing a diversity training model for all employees. This paper used Kotters eight (8) step change model to persuade management to i mplement needed modifications to the organizations practices, and proposed a brief ten (10) training outline of diversity content. Finally, this paper recommended a bring in system through the applicant prey log to overview the diversity process as well as a survey for employees to complete to ensure the training will create the needed changes.ReferencesBliss, W., Keary, D., Loftus, J., Outwater, L., Porter, G., Volpe, N., (2011). The SHRM Learning system of rules Module Three Human Resource Development. Alexandra, VA Society for Human Resource Management. p. 206-221. Catalyst., (2009, whitethorn 13). Workplace Diversity How to Tackle Resistance. Womens Media. Retrieved December 15, 2012, from http// Hewett, A,. (2009). Creating a Sustainable Inclusion & Diversity Strategy Build on Your Companys Goals and Strengths. Retrieved December 15, 2012 from http// Diversity_102709.pdf Jackson, S., (1992) Diversity in the Workplace Human Resources Initiatives. Guilford Publications. new York, NY.Managing Workplace Diversity Website. (2012). Work can Diversity Foreword. Retrieved December 15, 2012, from http// Redvers C., Tennant,C., Neailey, N., (2005) The Development of a Model to Support Synchronous Change. amount Business Excellence, Vol. 9 Issue 3, pp.13 20. Werner, J., & DeSimone, R. (2012) Human resource development (6th ed.) stonemason OH South Western Cengage LearningWinston, M., (2009). The Importance of Leadership Diversity The Relationship

Important Of Accountability

responsibility is the number of accepting ownership over deed and their contribution to the agreement. leading and staff rear end influence large and small free radical and empower them to meet the purposes for the organization. The purpose of this makeup discusses accountability in riseness address perseverance, and employee accountability. How accountability applies to good experimental condition in leadership and worry, check-and-balance process, and accountability affect functional elaboration. Why is accountability important in the wellness c atomic number 18 manufacture?Concerning accountability, in that location are three take aims to consider first, organizational accountability second, management accountability last, player accountability. They divvy up information to keep those who enquire to fuck. They set refinements for themselves and people, and their team, and they explain how those goals measured. They monitor the goals and go away feedbac k. They consider potential outcome of their action, and decision. They subscribe responsibility for their action as good as those people under them. They square off from their slide, and help others learn from their.Health sympathize with industry set specific mandates and requirements for financial reporting, which sets deadline for contour and rules and requirement (Turk, 2012). The integrity in the invoice standard applies to government and business practices (Turk, 2012). Organizations get hold of to take responsibility for their action. The key dowry is to continue supervise goals and objective. The accountability begins at the top and encompasses each level of the organization. How is an employees accountability measured in the health accusation industry?Employee accountability is the alike as manager accountability, and the presentiments should held accountable for get together or not impact these expectation. The biggest line is communicating that why everyo ne understands the expectation of the company. The goals for the mortal are used to measure success. The expectation includes attitude, utilization ethic, and skills, wager habits this has to be mute so that the supervisor and employee have the kindred understanding (Turk, 2012). When expectation of the employee is met, the organization rewards him.If they are not met the organization resolve the problem, or consequence come behind the mistake. leadership need to have feedback sessions with their employee to let him know positive and negative outcome, and recognize him in front of his peers. The goals are to admit their mistake and learn from them. How does accountability apply to heathenish consideration in leadership and management? The United States health do by ashes faces challenges in providing calibre health bring off to diverse population (Napoles-Springer, 2005).The effort to find the heathenishly health care from the military position of ethnically and diverse in exposit to define cultural competence level of medical encounter are missing the skills, and knowledge to identify the different cultural values and practices (Napoles-Springer, 2005). The measure could used to adit how cultural competence of provider is associated with unhurried outcomes (Napoles-Springer, 2005). The cultural competence measure the quality of health care associated with patient outcome.The ethnical responsibility carries certain degree of watch, cooperation, share knowledge, and teamwork. The problems arise with staff members and department, but building rapport with the department clear improve the work experience, and the experience of patient tough through the health care industry. The employer ethnical responsibly are to orientation and rearing on new and existing equipment, sceptred employees to be more productive, and happy with his job.There should be a chain of command where staff member could resolve issues What does check-and-balances proce ss touch sensation like in a flourishing organization? The check-and-balance process support employee regards a transparent working environment, and keep ethical employee from manipulate and intimidate by others. The meet check-and-balance go alongs individuals ignoring ethical guidelines, and deters bad behavior. An organization structuring a set of check-and-balance needs where problems develop and how they can fix it.The process start with leaderships they moldiness become aware and involved in the organization. The organization should have tight operate on and failure to follow policy and procedure will be deal with. Leadership essential act ethically and insist that the staff do the same. Leadership must be on guard for that field where ethical lapse occurs and provide the check-and-balance to prevent them. How does accountability affect an organizations working close?Health care industry shares the fundamental commitment to upraise the quality of care for those nee ding health care service, and create effective health care delivery system (American College of Healthcare Executive, 2010). The goal is to create a workplace that attracts and keeps the outperform employee with the opportunity for personal and professional development, which includes education, lastingness training, and access to career goal. Mutual respect and care create a work environment, which everyone believes valued and appreciated, and looking forward to go to work every day.Communication is critical for a company set up even meeting invite feedback. Encourage employee to erect innovative and quality ideas. Coordinate and monitor activity keep focus on goals and action. Provide accurate information to employee, and ensure that the action is consistent with the company objective and goals, and established deadline when task must be complete, and review task ongoing and in progress (American College of Healthcare Executive, 2010) How can you prolong a positive working c ulture and avoid a working culture of blame?A positive workplace lead to increased in productivity, develop employee morale, and the ability to keep skilled worker (McFarlin, 2012). First a clear vision or mission for the organization this defines the basis of the organization. Second, hired positive employee an individual with congenial smile, upbeat personality, handles conflict, and interact with others. Third, establish an open-door-policy be accessible to the staff, have one-on-one meeting listen to feedback both positive and negative.Fourth, communicate with the staff keep them inform on what is going on with the organization be honest with the staff about coming(prenominal) changes in the organization. Last recognized the staff accomplishment, and establish reward system for minute performance, and thank an employee for a job well done. Encourage staff member to levy potential employee. The employee will have a better feel of which he command to work with, and the g oal is to promote a positive work environment (McFarlin, 2012). ConclusionIn culmination this paper discusses accountability in health care industry, employees accountability, the ethical consideration in leadership, and management. The checks-and-balances process and the accountability work culture. Accountability must begin at the top and run through the organization. Accountability in health care industry must have good communion defined goals at each level, monitoring feedback, consequences are part of the process. The responsibility of the organization holds staff accountability for the outcome of health care.

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Information Technology and its effects in Working practices Essay

In phase angleation engine room has a smashing effect on society today, changing lives of many muckle in school, cornerstone and at shit. I will be looking at how info technology has had a great effect in figure outing practices. engine room has changed the lives of twain charterees and employers bringing both advantages and damages. The topic, which I will be looking at, is telecommuting and what be its advantages and harms to both the employee and the employer. telecommutingTele rifleing, sometimes called telecommuting, means spend a pennying from home using modern technology to keep in touch with your business. Often teleworkers be found at home but they backside also work from telecenters and satellite superpowers. Heathcote (1998) enunciates Tele operative involves simple machinerying out work away from the mathematical function and communicating with the employer through the determination of information processing system and tele confabulations equipment . Jobs tail be relocated to places where it is more(prenominal) than attractive, more convenient or cheaper to live.At present, teleworking is most advanced in the U.S. with lonesome(prenominal) 3% of European employees pursue in teleworking a vast with an estimated 20 million conceptionwide. Predictions are that by the course of study 2006, the number could increase. teleworking is facilitated by the rude(a)-fangled rapid advances in the power of modify technologies coupled with a significant simplification in their prices. These technologies include e-mail, ISDN, PCs, high speed modems and so on.Tools Needed For TeleworkingTo modify an employee to efficiently work from home they subscribe to the right equipment to en commensurate them to do so. This is why the correct tools are essential. Here are the results of a sketch conducted by (Http 1)99% of teleworkers stick out a PC.Teleworkers ask for monetary recompense for wear and tear on own equipment (and home PC strong disk space).95% use the head visit for business calls.Teleworkers ask for an additional phone line to work online and communication on the phone.87% own a modem99% use the internet for research, retrieving information for their job and the email. Teleworkers implore cheaper internet gravel/cheaper ISDN lines.Only 63% use a fax in their teleworking routine.Teleworkers request lower telecommunication be offered to teleworkers by the service sector.Teleworkers also use 24% Photocopier19% ISDN4% Videoconferencing3% ToolsEquipment is usually bought from the employees themselves although now more and more employers are responsible for providing equipment for employees. This also includes cost for damages and any upgrades that might be needed.Advantages and Disadvantages for the EmployeeSome employees aline that the advantage of teleworking is that they realise flexible hours, they can salvage work when they necessitate to and still be able to spend time at home with the family and there normal sign of the zodiac jobs. but some people teleworkers go steady that this is a disadvantage as they are unable to separate work from family life, which is a fare of tension in the home as they are unable to talk to family members. Working from home is also cognise to reduce stress of employees as they puzzle that they can work separate in the comfort of their own home kind of than in a busy office environment. Although this is non constantly the case as some employees find that working at home is a distraction from their work especially if they vex young children in the home that need them constantly. They also find themselves becoming lazy and try to portion off doing work as long as possible and do not have the enthusiasm that they would have in their work than if they were working in an office. some other advantage of teleworking is that teleworkers are able to work in teams and can do their work to bulge outher by amouring distributively other through telephone, e-mail or fax. Many teleworkers however disagree with this as they say that they do not have enough confirm from the office or work mates and it is difficult to contact them and communicate over a telephone. Johnson. M. (1997).another(prenominal) advantage is that there is more work opportunities for employees. This is a specific advantage for the incapacitate and people from other countries. Disable who would not normally be able to work can work from there own home without having to travel, which can be a problem and have all the equipment that they need. This can also mean erupt work opportunities for people who cannot work during normal office hours.Many employees benefit from not having to print away from home to work. This means that they ease money on travel be such as petrol and car repairs. It also means that they spend trim hours working that a normal individual would spend travelling to work. Constant delays and business is also a known cause for stress and can make out workers hackneyed when they arrive at work.A disadvantage for teleworkers is that they can become unsocial as they stay at home and do not get to meet new people or interact with friends. However some employees say that they are bright that they do not have to socialise with colleagues especially if they find it difficult to get on with people and they work better when they dont have individual looking over their shoulder checking on them Zabar.D.J. (2002).Teleworkers have less chance of universe promoted or having any bonuses this can make them feel less enthusiastic to the highest degree their work.Advantages and Disadvantages for the EmployerAn advantage to employers is that they can save on costs such as workspace, electricity, heat and lighting. Although there are other costs to the employer such as paying for communication costs and some employers will try equipment for their employees as well. Employers have also verbalise that emplo yees that who work at home catch better work although as I have mentioned before this is not always the case. As employees become lazy when they do not have a supervisory program to watch them. Another advantage is that employers have flexible staffing they can now employ more experienced and more erudite staff from around the world.A disadvantage is that it is difficult for employees to see how well they are working and if they are putting their honest amount of effort into their work If I cant see them, I cant control them. excessively as information is constantly sacking to be sent through the internet the company is more prone to hackers who want to steel or view their hush-hush data.What Would Improve Teleworking For EmployeesA survey conducted by (http 2) asked a majority of teleworkers what would remediate teleworking for them. The results are as follows 10% say they would resembling better support from the office23% say that would like more communication with employe es30% say that they would like to have better equipment37% say that they would like a better home working environmentI have taken these results and have produced them on a graph These statistics were veritable from (http3) I then converted these figures in form of a chart.General StatisticsThese statistics were also received from http 3 In 1993 there were only 130,000 people teleworking, or half a percent of the workforce. A year ulterior this figure jumped to 560,000. Teleworking statistics were first introduced in the Labour Force Survey in 1997 and have grown by an fairish of 13 percent a year. everyplace the period 1997 to 2001, the total increase in teleworking is up by surrounded by 65 and 70 percent, with further ripening predicted.The majority of teleworkers are men (67 percent), slice they make up only 53 percent of the workforce. Teleworkers are predominately from the following persistence groups professional managerial and senior officials and affiliate professio nal and technical. Although the self-employed are powerfully represented among teleworkers, their share is decreasing.International comparisons turn in that teleworking in the UK is just preceding(prenominal) the average for ten EU countries cover by a recent survey. Germany and France have the smallest proportion of employed people working as teleworkers, while Finland has the highest proportion.From the above it is observable that there are both advantages and disadvantages to both the employee and the employer. Even with disadvantages teleworking is still express to be expanding all over the world and it has been predicted that it will carry on doing so.BibliographyHeathcote. P.M. (1998) teaching Technology, Payne Gallway IpswichHttp 1, Teleworking Today, useable online at http// Date of download tenth of November 2002Http 2, Teleworking, Available online at http// Date of Download 10th of N ovember 2002Http 3, Teleworking in the UK, Available online at http// Date of download 12th of November 2002Johnson. M. (1997) Teleworking in Brief, Butterworth-Hienman, KentLynch .F. (1999), Information Analysis, AT Foulks Ltd, MiddlesexZabar.D.J. (2002), Teleworking and Telecommuting, Made Ez Products, Reading.