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The Evolution use and design of research centers in the world - 2 Essay

The Evolution use and design of seek fondnesss in the world - 2 - Essay ExampleResearch Centers, Evolution and Architecture 1. incoming The ongoing trend of research centers in the contemporary world is attributed to the formal beginning of research center in the 9th century. The importance of research centers is identified in the 9th century from where its benefits are being acquired in a significant manner today (Tash 9-11). The initial research centers were limited to observatories, which have expanded to several otherwise disciplines by the evolution of time. In the contemporary world, there are several research centers which precisely cumulation with distinct important disciplines including medical and health sciences, chemistry, physics, sociology, psychology, astronomy and many more (Tash 22-27). Since the beginning of this significant trend in the world, the discipline of architecture has played an intrinsic role in the design and structure of research centers building s (Narvaez, Panksepp and Schore 13-15). The evolution of this trend was accompanied with the evolution of architecture in which specific research facilities were knowing in the latest state of the art with its contemporary times (Colquhoun 7-11). Out of many research centers, which are designed in concordance with its domain of discipline, there are specific research centers, which precisely incorporate the issues relate to children. The idea of children research center is associated with the evolution of child development (Committee on Integrating the Science of untimely Childhood Development 31-33). This concern has hatched the initialization of children research centers. As the evolution in the contemplation of child development led to the persisting trend of children research centers, the discipline of architecture has also pertained to the find of this evolution (OConnor 3-5). There are several significant elements, which are being incorporated in the architectural design of children research centers in the contemporary times. These elements include arts, spacious interior design, modernistic exterior of building, many levels of buildings with utility of glass, and friendly decor to the architecture of building (Colquhoun 45-51). These are the elements which have been illuminated through the evolution in the children research centers architecture. 3.1 History/Evolution (International & National) of Development of your Project. If your project has multiple functions/mixed use you should adopt the evolution of these functions/types/uses. Offering examples is necessary The Beginning of the Children Research Centre The very foremost recorded childrens research and learning center was the Victoria Hospital for Sick Children that was built in 1892 by positron emission tomography and Curry Architectural Firm. It was built in Toronto, Canada as a hospital to serve sick children. It became the prototypal childrens hospital to open a school within its wall s (Hamilton & David 65). This school was meant to facilitate the transfer of skills and companionship that nurses and doctors had learnt in the hospital to new staff. In addition, it was meant for doctors, professionals, and scientists to exchange information on various children illnesses. Starting moody as a hospital, the building was later abandoned as it became less suited for multiple departments. The building, first made

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Summary of Molecule bonds, Amino and Nucleic Acids, Proteins Assignment

Summary of Molecule bonds, Amino and Nucleic Acids, Proteins - denomination ExampleMore generally, bonds may be intermolecular (between elements in different shreds) or intra molecular (atom to atom bonds within the same molecule). Different theories (such as valence theory and molecular orbital theory) have been use to describe chemical bonds. They are viewed as being complementary with each theory best explaining legitimate aspects of the bonds. The use of these theories has led to the creation of different molecules through the various bonding processes. Additionally, there are instrument to visualize the bonding. One of the intimately popular bonding diagrams is the Lewis Dot Style. In this type of diagram, the chemical symbolisation of the atom is drawn with up to eight electrons drawn around it as dots (two on each side, top, and bottom). Bonds are displayed according to the arrangement of electrons being shared or attracted. 2. Amino and Nucleic Acids Amino acids are a categorize of chemicals that contain both an amine and a carboxyl (or carboxylic acid) group. All amino acids follow a general chemical formula of H2NCHRCOOH, where R is utilise as a variable to refer to angiotensin-converting enzyme of some possible side groups. These groups can be as small as one molecule but can also grow quite large. The name and functional of amino acids are near related to the side group. Accordingly, an alternate name for the side group is functional group. All proteins are make from a chain of amino acids. The number of amino acids contained in the protein, as well as their order, is special(prenominal) to that protein and results in the proteins shape. A group of twenty amino acids are drawn from to make up all the proteins of the body. Along with amino acids, nucleic acids are a type of large molecule (macromolecule) that is extremely all important(p) for life to occur. All nucleic acids are made up of smaller structures called nucleotides (molecul es with a nitrogen base, phosphate group, and a sugar group containing five carbons). The sequence of nucleotides will determine the type of nucleic acid that is formed. Two of the most essential types of nucleic acids (as related to life) are deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and ribonucleic acid (RNA). These structures are responsible for containing and transcribing genetic information. This information is past used to instruct many processes within the body, including the construction of proteins. Amino and nucleic acids are robust in upkeep creatures. Together they enable the transport, encoding, decoding, and execution of genetic processes. Certain kinds of each compound can be synthesized in the laboratory for research and various treatment purposes (both potential and realized). 3. Proteins Amino acids can form long chains known as polypeptides (partially named for the peptide bond that forms between amino acids) that can become proteins on their own or in combination with other polypeptides. Proteins are found in muscle and therefore the meat of many animals. These large molecules fill many important roles in the body, including strengthening bones, acting as hormones, cellular structure, and as important participants in cellular signaling. Protein is an important part of the animal diet, as it is broken down and used to form other compounds such as the amino acids that make other proteins. Some

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Businesses within the Small Business Administration (SBA) 8A Program Research Paper

barteres within the Small Business Administration (SBA) 8A Program - Research Paper ExampleThe Federal Government of U.S has, since a long time, actively promoted the socio-economic welfare of small businesses. It is for this particular reason that the Small Business Administration (SBA) was founded to ensure that small businesses devote the business acumen and resources to survive and grow in the competitive marketplace. Several opportunities have been provided to small businesses, including the securing of no-bid contracts and granting of visor contracts. In recent years, the 8(a) business development program by SBA has gained a lot of attention owe to generous incentives and growth capabilities offered by the SBA for businesses that meet the criteria for this program.The 8A program was introduced by the SBA with the main objective of assisting and facilitating small and deprived businesses so that they can compete in the competitive marketplace. The popular 8(a) Business Develo pment program is specifically targeted towards small businesses that where individuals who are socially and economically disadvantaged own and control at least 51% of such businesses (Koprince, 2012). Accordingly, it helps such entrepreneurs to get accessibility to mainstream business in the American market. Furthermore, it helps harness the aspirations of entrepreneurs by securing judicature contracts for such businesses to help them grow. The 8(a) program is separated into two stages the developmental 4 year period and the transitional 5 year period (SBA.gov).The 8(a) program offers several benefits for disadvantaged entrepreneurs. Firstly, the program entails the sole-source no-bid contract which implies that participant businesses shall not have to bid for contracts and shall be the sole providers of the products to be provided infra the contractual agreement (SBA.gov). This holds true for contracts under $3.5 million worth of

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The Summary of Economic Bubbles Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

The Summary of Economic Bubbles - Essay ExampleEconomic bubbles are form because the investors respond positive to the increasing price, i.e., they buy more with the increasing prices. This whitethorn be due to voracity or a desire to become rich by selling those assets at an withal high price in the near future. In other words, buyers tend to assume that they will be fitted to find another buyer (sometimes referred to as a greater fool) who will pay them even more than they paid for the asset. These bubbles cause a little or no economic damage because ordinarily the greater fools get wiser by learning from their failure and the sellers get a lot richer. However, its effects rouse be felt if owners of inflated assets assume themselves as rich and start spending unwisely by getting more bank loans against their overpriced assets as securities. So when the prices of the overpriced assets fall, both the loan recipient and the bank could bankrupt and suffer huge losses. On a macro level several banks may fail and lesser money is available for investments to recover the economy. Similarly when this happens due to speculation of the share prices of the company, the seam markets may eventually

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Georgia Recreation and Park Association Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Georgia Recreation and Park Association - Essay ExampleThese members are haggard from public enterprises, private businesses, academia, etc. Not only do they strive to provide recreation opportunities provided also participate in fundraising and technical assistance activities.Bill McNair is the President of GRPA. The Presidentship is shared by Danny Jones and pack Dodson. Other prominent members of the top brass include Michael Coleman, Jimmy Gisi, and Steve Card. They are supported by a group of trustees and District Commissioners, who in turn administer other local representatives.The members and Board of Trustees make a combined effort to fulfill GRPAs fundamental purpose, which is promoting healthy lifestyles through the utilization of park facilities and recreation operate for the well being of each citizen individually and the community as a whole, ensuring that park and recreation service are available, and providing organized, supervised activity as a means of prevention for a number of raft (disease, stress, etc.) including the prevention of juvenile delinquency. Another function of GRPA is to lobby in Congress to pass new code that recognizes the therapeutic value of recreation. The lobby also interacts with policymakers to allow substantial budgets to support recreation programs and services. They also play with other non-profits within the state to continue and/or initiate recreation programs and functions with health and wellness objectives and affirmatory outcomes. The GRPA also coordinates with the National Recreation and Park Association and lends a helping hand by sponsoring finicky events which demonstrate or reinforce recreation, health and wellness relationships.

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E-Business Strategy Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

E-Business schema - Coursework ExampleThere are two main models mentioned along with their strengths, helplessness and suitability for specific business sectors that are related to the e-business. Furthermore,Model of strategic depart and fit contains the elements named structure, strategy, focussing process, technology and individual. All elements are inter-related to each other while making and applying strategy for the business. The sequence of the elements depends on the type of the business. Different businesses apply the model to make changes and fit in the governanceal operations (Fazlollahi, 2001).It is shown in the above chart of the model that all elements of the model are inter-related to each other. Any change in the strategy developed to be followed by the work force of the organization. First step is to make strategy. Strategy is pauperizationed to be made or adopt in order to make a change in the operations of the organization. Only planned and effective strategy will deliver the positive results to the organization. The leading of the organization often make strategies (Levy & Powell, 2004).It is recommended that the strategy should reflect on the structure of the business. Structure of the organization reflects the labor and activities doe by the supervisors and managers to set the directions of the work to be done so to achieve the goal of the organization. Organizations need to change the structure and the directions of the senior employees that it should reflect the change of the strategy. It is necessary that the strategy should be communicated to the management that requires ever-changing their process and making an effective plan for the execution of the strategy made by the leaders of the organization (Levy & Powell, 2004).Management process could play an effective role in communicating the strategy plan to subordinates and juniors so that they could enhance their performance according to the directions of

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Clever Marketing in the Luxury Fashion Industry Essay

Clever Marketing in the Luxury Fashion manufacturing - Essay ExampleTalented designers, nowadays, unlike their counterparts from before, can no longer merely rely on their talent. In fact, they are forced to share profits such as the Gucci Group and the LVMH in format to increase their sales through selling. Without a doubt, the luxury fashion industry makes use of clever marketing strategies in order to keep the brand alive.It is then in relation to this that this research seeks to look into the conception of clever marketing and how this posed implications to the industry. Furthermore, this paper also examines the said strategies and how these affect the companies. In order to strive this then, the researcher employs the questionnaire method in order to gain the perceptions of the members of Gucci, LVMH, and Richemont with regard to clever marketing and how these affect them. aLuxury, style, and elegance have traditionally been associated with the French way of life. In fact, the first so-called grands against were found in their capital and these were associated with values of sensuality, luxury, innovation and premium service. Added to this was the manner by which the architecture conveyed senses of majesty and power thereby defining the obtain experience for the wealthy consumers. Hence, fashion becomes more than just a matter of array and accessories. Rather, it has been of vital importance and influence that structures the culture, identity, and lifestyle of a certain society, Okonkwo. Central then to this luxurious shopping experience is coveted products that are authentic, exudes quality and craftsmanship, and most importantly, demonstrate exclusivity.

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Revison of paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Revison of paper - Essay slipormational Leadership in the Public Sector Does Structure Matter, discusses whether or not transformational lead has a derriere in the public arena. C.R. Emery and K.J. Barker focus their study on the nature of job satisfaction and employee situation in relation to the different leadership styles in the 2007 article The Effect Of Transactional And Transformational Leadership Styles On The organizational Commitment And Job Satisfaction Of Customer Contact Personnel. Finally, An Empirical Study of Leader Ethical Values, Transformational and Transactional Leadership, And associate Attitudes toward Corporate Social Responsibility, by K.S. Groves and M.A. LaRocca (2011), offers another perspective on the outcomes of the different leadership styles.Transactional leadership has a simple goal swear the status quo and overseeing the normal flow of the tasks at hand. They often use incentives or a reward system as a means to motivate their staff to work to the best of their abilities. However, transformational leadership is rather different. This sort of leader does not rely simply on hand and babble out incentives to accomplish day-to-day tasks they inspire, encourage, and motivate their staff by altering their perspectives and assumptions about their job and importance. While transactional leadership may spawn acceptable results, transformational leadership can have a more profound abundant term effect on the behaviours and attitudes of the employees (Wright & Pandey, 2010). For example, transactional leaders gain company loyalty and dedication with rewards, but what happens when those rewards snag this will also end the positive behaviours and attitudes of the staff. Those led by a transformational leader will maintain that needed loyalty based on principle and not upon rewards.Wright and Pandeys primary question focused upon whether are not there is a presence or place in the public sector for transformational leadership? Thi s is relevant,

MGT A7 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

MGT A7 - Essay ExampleLeadership and management are two distinctive functions that an system of rules should have. They are the Conner stones of achievement and growth of an organization. There should be a symmetricalness between management and leadinghip of an organization. Kotter article has explained that most companies in United States of America do not have equilibrium the two different functions. A number of corporations within US put to a greater extent emphasis and attention on management with little attention on leading. More successful corporations in US seek qualified personnel who posses leadership qualities and employ them to take on crucial roles that crave ability to lead well. Such companies balance strong leadership with strong management propelling them to success (Kotter, 2001).Basing on the functions that this article has given to leaders and managers, a successful corporation should have more leaders as compared to managers. This article has cited an examp le a military setup to explain how leadership is more consequential than management in an organization. In this example, a peacetime army can succeed with unspoiled leadership at the highest ranks. In addition, good leadership at all levels is important to ensure success. This example explains that good leadership at the top hierarchies of an organization determines the success of that organization. All levels of a corporation need to have good leadership to ensure success.An organization should go through with variations in time many changes. Changes within an organization or external changes are unavoidable. A crucial function of leadership is coping with changes within and external an organization. This is a key function because in the past years there has been a rapid change magnitude in market competition between organizations. Organizations should adopt a number of changes in order to compete successfully with its competitors. Failure to cope up with market changes can le ad to collapse of a ships company due to

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Case study on BMP DDB advertising company Essay

Case study on BMP DDB advertising comp any - Essay Examplee consumers throughout the day, allows the interrogationer to identify why an individuals habits may vary match to unsystematic factors such as their mood, the time of day, and the weather. It critically shows the peculiarity in the customers behaviour that market researchers are desperately searching. For instance, a customers store purchase schooling may reveal that they get foodstuffs, but cannot tell the combinations of the stuff the customer eats (Agbonifoh, 200297-116). The companys first marketing research put ethnographic research into prospective. This approach was tested with a family group. The results obtained were then compared with more traditional approaches of profile buyers. It was then established that the outcomes of the research revealed something virtually the buying behaviour of the family, using their lifestyle and buying patterns. The majuscule concern that the research needed to answer was whe ther this behaviour bore any authenticity (Baker and Bass, 200390-210). The tote up of information gathered by the researcher regarding the familys behaviour, within the research period, depicted a corporation about the family. However, the recorded information about the family, although exhaustive and often precise, did not completely capture the habits and information that found the personality of the family. The research identified that the family held high value of money than the average people. On the contrary, though the data on family properly suggested that they enjoy lavish goods like high-quality foods and foreign holidays, it could not reveal any battlefront of life factors that influenced their purchasing decisions. Moreover, the information about the family clearly showed that though the family liked quality foodstuffs, they diverse their purchases... This seek Case study on BMP DDB advertising company outlines the research of the consumers behavior which was con ducted by the BMP DDB advertising company. The amount of data gathered by the researcher regarding the familys behaviour, within the research period, depicted a lot about the family. However, the recorded information about the family, although exhaustive and often precise, did not completely capture the habits and information that comprise the personality of the family. The research identified that the family held high value of money than the average people. On the contrary, though the data on family properly suggested that they enjoy lavish goods like high-quality foods and foreign holidays, it could not reveal any presence of life factors that influenced their purchasing decisions. Moreover, the information about the family clearly showed that though the family liked quality foodstuffs, they diverse their purchases between superstores and local usher out shops (Baker and Bass, 200390-210). This suggested that the family also went shop for products whose prices were discounted and cheaper. The family was able to show the researcher one of the products brought from the discount store. The family explained the reasons for such option, and the cost that could be incurred had they shopped from the supermarket. The family was able prided on their ability to hunt down bargains, and sometimes went shopping for luxurious goods when their financial muscle was adequate (Baker and Bass, 200390-210).

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Business Plan and Business Planning Process Essay

Business externalize and Business Planning Process - Essay ExampleIn this write-up, Stutleys assertion that The chief administrator of the logical argument or traffic unit should claim overall responsibility for the forge, but the best vexation plans are developed by the whole.for an enterprise-wide plan, all departmentsshould contribute to the planning movement and the final bread and butter (2007, 17) shall be linked to how an all-inclusive policy in the construction of a business plan advise lead to successes for companies.Difference between business plan and business planning processWard (2000) explains that a business plan is a document that summarizes the operational and financial objectives of a business and contains the detailed plans and budgets showing how the objectives are to be realized. Giving a closely related definition, Berry (2011) explains that a business plan is any plan that works for a business to look ahead, allocates resources, focus on key points, and cram for problems and opportunities. On the other hand, Gleeson (2011) posits that the business plan process is simply the steps you go through and actions you take when producing a business plan. From these definitions, the differences that can be drawn between a business plan and the business planning process are that whereas a business plan is a document, the business planning process is an action. Again, whereas a business plan is an annihilate product, the business planning process is a means to an end and is actually the means that results in a business plan. To this effect, it can be said that an effect business planning process leads to a workable and effective business plan.

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How to Break Up and Remain Friends Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

How to Break Up and persevere Friends - Essay ExampleTrue, it might hurt initially but the formulate up could be sound for the couple. First, they no longer persist in a non-workable relationship and the separation gives them space to mature and to scrape up partners that they could really be happy with. For good or for ill, the early(a) person had a part of wizards life and it is much better to remain friends than defy the pain of the knock-up. Yes it is easier said than done. Especially if the break up was just recent. Sometimes, the other company wronged the other party that led to the break-up that remaining friends would be quite impossible. Yet, despite all these difficulty in remaining friends with exes, relationship experts unaninomously agree that it is still healthier to remain friends with exes than totally severe the relationship. First, it displays maturity on both(prenominal) party and second, it allows both party to move on smoothly. There are few tips that were given which this paper would attempt to consolidate for brevity. According to Molly Mann, both party has to set their expectations even up so that remaining friends with a former lover would still be possible. Foremost, do not expect to be friends all at once (2009). ... Think active(predicate) this, if the other person did not get hurt with the break up, then the relationship might not relieve oneself meant anything. The pain is only a manifestation how valuable the relationship were which is why partners are grieving. If the other party is not yet ready, do not rush. When the time has already come that the two of you are already ready to face each other and talk, this would be the ideal time to sort things out if there are still unresolved issues. If the air is already clear, it would be first comfortable to talk about neutral topics than jumping right away in the topic that the two of you wanted to become friends right away (Chenoweth, 2011). It might situate the other party or both parties awkward that would make futurity attempts more difficult. Treat the ex just like a normal friend and be relaxed (Chenoweth, 2011). Zara Hughes make a caveat in extending the olive branch of friendship. Make sure that the both of you have naturalized boundaries in the new structure of your relationship that it is strictly platonic. Be aware not to engage in sweet things that the two of you used to do such as touching, flirting and of course, kissing. It will only make things more difficult because the two of you will be back where you started (Chenoweth, 2011). In the same manner that you keep your body language platonic and neutral, also make conscious check not to talk about the emotional details of your relationship. Nor the reason of its break up or what could have beens. Talking about it would be tantamount to fix the relationship with a subconscious hope for the two of you to be back again. once that happened, you two are again back from where you star ted and will undergo again the harrowing feeling of break up and re-establishing friendship. If

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The Construction as a Revolutionised Industry Research Paper

The Construction as a Revolutionised persistence - Research Paper ExampleIt is important to note that nations depend on their eddy industry for their infrastructural developments fashioning them sooner important in facilitating national development. In this regard organisations offering construction work tilt to be well regarded while certification requirements and procedures prove to be rigorous. In many countries like the US and UK among others, there ar definite rules and oversight bodies set to regulate the actions of construction firms. This paper aims to consider the construction industry and its various facets in developing the premise that there is no single ideal organisation. PESTEL psychoanalysis of the construction industry Political/legal factors Government involvement entails the various interventions in regards to set laws and standards in the construction industry. As mentioned earlier governments have established regulations and standards for construction organ isations to follow. Most of them are in regards to the safeguard and health of workers since construction entails risks that result in many accidents and fatalities in some cases (BIS 2011). In case of bereavement to adhere to them stiff remedial actions like fines are imposed after inspections or when an accident occurs. tax income is another aspect where governments exert pressure in the construction industry. This is an industry whose taxation is high broadly speaking due to their heavy-duty kind of work (Liebing 2001). The contracts also attract hefty sums of money which the governments are quite willing to tax. Regional Norms In regards to the European organisations the EU laws also affect how these construction firms operate. Regional calling blocks have become quite influential with time as the world becomes a global securities industry place. EU, for example, aims at establishing common standards not only for the construction industry but to all (Dalby 1998). In this li ne, firms are being forced to follow alien laws that are not necessarily desirable for business.

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Is Qatar Economy Favorable for Capital Investment Essay

Is Qatar Economy Favorable for Capital Investment - show ExampleOil and Gas be potential products and the two products cover half of the res publicas Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The republic earns substantial revenues from exporting oil and torpedo to many countries of the world. The country is progressing for many historic period due to increasing prices of oil and gas in the international market. Oil and gas are the tools that have provided high per capita income in the country. The country has a low rate of unemployment that indicates the strong stinting position of the country. The country has nearly 25 billion barrels of oil and around 25 jillion cubic meters gas reserves that could be utilized by the country for more than 57 years in future. Qatar saving is represented as a stable economy due to its cautious macroeconomic management and natural resources (Qatar Economy Profile 2014, 2014).The country has practiced tight monetary policy in the period of 2002-2008 when revenues were mainly generated from oil and gas products. The new projects of Qatar are indicating high growth in the economy such as Qatars metro system, light rail system and changing the infrastructure of the country in near future. The country has inflation so to control it the country adopts tight monetary and fiscal policy. The country has an advantage of a low unemployment rate that indicates that tight economic policies are preferred by the country to reduce inflation and retain its economic growth. It is expected that the budget of 2014-2015 will be spare of 24 billion dollars because of high prices of oil. The monetary and fiscal management is practiced by the government on account of the countrys current economic position (Nafi, 2014).Oil and gas cover nearly half of the GDP of the economy. The energy resources that contribute over 50 percent of the total GDP are potential resources of the economy that will p0rovid much revenue in future.

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How can perceptions shape imaginative thought Essay

How can apprehensions mildew imaginative thought - Essay Examplet is peoples sensory experience of the human beings around them involving both the behavior in response to stimuli and the recognition of environmental stimuli. Perception is known to bear the five senses of smell, touch, sight, taste and hearing (Heuer 1999).In this day and age concepts and thoughts are urged onward by an increase amount of information and data made accessible to every person. This in turn makes one to move to and anticipate transformations within their environment. Mental models are thus important in allowing mortals to process what would otherwise be considered incomprehensible volume of information (Heuer 1999). It is rather unfortunate that people tilt to encompass what they expect to perceive and not what is actually there in reality. Perceptions shape imaginative thoughts.Creativity and imaginative thoughts can be said to be similar in a number of ways where majority of researchers have discovered that imaginative individuals tend to be more depressed as compared to the general population due to their perception of different situation they may be experiencing (Heuer 1999). Individuals considered to be highly creative or imaginative tend to explore unusual possibilities. Those who perceive the world around them in a limited perception tend not to be as imaginative or creative as those who are open apt(p) and liberal.The left and right hemispheres of the human brain usually communicate with each other via a interlocking of nerves joining these two parts of the brain. These also tend to possess different modes of thinking that may lead to conflicting interpretations with regards to awareness and perception. Imaginative thoughts are usually associated with the right brain hemisphere and for an individual to have clear perception of a given situation, the two hemispheres need to be in discourse at the time of the experience in order for the person to better judge an d act as per the

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The differences and the similarities between mitosis and meiosis Essay Example for Free

The differences and the similarities between mitosis and meiosis EssayThere argon certain similarities as well as differences between mitosis and meiosis. The following discussion therefore illustrates the both cases where the differences seem to exceed the similarities. inception with the similarities, both are processes where cell division occurs and new organisms are produced as well as enhancing development. The sound reflection occurs in two types the asexual and the sexual. In both processes they begin with the interphase as the starting stage where cells copy thus there is promotion of growth in sexually producing organisms. In both the microscope is used by the scientists in chromosomal classification of the patterns. They both occur in human, plants and animals, (Veronica, Armstrong. 2007). The difference between the two processes is first illustrated in their definitions. Mitosis is defined as the process where asexual reproduction occurs where somatic cells are us ed, while in meiosis the process of sexual reproduction which involves use of only sex cell of both the distaff and the male. Meiosis does not occur in single cell species but mitosis process does, (Veronica, Armstrong.2007). During mitosis process genetically two identical daughter cells are produced while in meiosis different daughter cells which are four haploids are produced. They are different from parent cells as well as between themselves, (Campbell Neil A. et others 2008). In meiosis there is crossover over of genes and also recombination while in mitosis there is no crossing over or recombination of genes, (Campbell Neil A. et others 2008). Mitosis was first discovered by Walther Flemming while meiosis was discovered by Oscar Hertwig.Stages snarled in mitosis process are as follows interphase, prophase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase and cytokinesis while them that are involved in meiosis are as follows interphase, prophase I, metaphase I, anaphase I, telophase I, propha se II, metaphase II, anaphase II and telophase II, (Veronica, Armstrong. 2007). Works Cited Campbell Neil A. , Reece Jane B. , Taylor Martha R. , Simon Eric J. , Dickey Jean L. Biology Concepts Connections. New York Peason/Benjamin Cummings, 2008. Veronica, Armstrong. Mitosis and Meiosis The recognition of Cell Division. New York User Friendly Resource Enterprises, 2007.

Critical Evaluation Essay Example for Free

Critical Evaluation EssayThe ancient Hellenic philosopher Thales was born in Miletus, in Greek Ionia. Aristotle the major source of Thales ism and science identified Thales as the first person to investigate the basic conventions, for in the sixth century he broke forward from explaining the natural phenomena through myths and adopted rational means of explaining it.In explaining the totality of each liaisons, Thales described virtuoso primary material substance as the elemental foundation of only things, for he believed that there mustiness be some natural substance either integrity or more than one from which oppositewise things come into be while it is preserved, and he postulated that this primary regulation is water supply. Being an astronomer on the other hand he was believed to have predicted an eclipse in 585BC.It is therefore the purpose of this essay to critically pronounce Thales metaphysics in the context of aim, glut and method of philosophy then pro ceed to clearly underscore his unequaled contribution to the development of philosophy. To begin with, as blossomed out earlier on, Thales was the first philosopher to ask questions about the social structure and nature of the cosmos as a whole and is known to be the founder of philosophy of physis which is the cultivation of the totality of existence. Being the first philosopher, he affirmed the existence of a unique tenet and bring on of all things that exist.He said this principle is water be pay off it is wholly from water that life-time itself comes from and into which it dissolves, he excessively decl argond that the earth rest on water getting the nonion perhaps from seeing that the edible of all things is dampish and that heat itself is generated from moisture and kept alive by it, and that from which they come to be is a principle of all things. He got his notion from this fact and from the fact that seeds of all things have a moist nature and that water is the origin of the nature of moist things (Guthrie, 1978 55).By saying principle Thales meant the universe that dust identically the same throughput the changes in its characteristics and it continues to exist unchanged throughout the deal of the generation of e genuinelything (Presocratics, 1995 42). However, despite postulating that water is a principle, he also had two other propositions which came down from his verbatim and these were magnet possesses the soul because it is suitable of moving things the like iron, and that all things are full of goods.In saying this Thales implicitly implied that his water principle is the source, sustainer and font of all things and that he used the gods in his assertion for the pots hands-down understanding of it (Radhakrishnan, 1953 28). Having looked at a come in of Thales assertions and their meanings, it is necessary that we clarify the aim of Thales as regards to philosophy. On this point Aristotle states that philosophy has a purely theoretical character, that is, it is contemplation, and that it simply seeks truth for its own sake.Philosophy is not seek because of any advantage that is extrinsic to it, but it is sought just for itself (Reale, 1978 17). Therefore in this feel, as Thales was explaining the principle of all things he did not benefit any wealth from it and this is why he was mocked for his poverty, insinuating that his philosophy was of no practical use to him (Presocratics, 1995 45). Since philosophy does not bake bread nor fix gadgets but rather aims primarily at knowledge, we then see that Thales without any practical benefits tries to find the origin of all things just for philosophys own sake.With respect to content, philosophy wanted to explain the totality of all things, that is, the whole of pragmatism without the exclusion of any part or aspect of it, thus distinguishing itself structurally from the special sciences that instead are limited to explaining particular sections of human r ace, groups of particular things or particular phenomena. In trying to explain the whole of reality the first philosophers were asking the question, what is the principle of all things? (Reale, 1978 17).Thales in responding to this question in accordance to the content of philosophy, he said water is the principle, for him, he did not necessarily consider the importance of water in life but the thought which most likely must have struck Thales mind are those which attach water with the idea of life. Hence he observes that food and semen always contain moisture and that the very warmth of life is damp warmth. Furthermore, the composition of all things is moist and that seeds of all things have a moist nature and that water is the origin of moist.Therefore the explanation of water being the principle of things is what is contained in the content of Thales philosophy. Finally, on the aspect of method, philosophy wanted to explain the totality which is its object in a purely rational manner. What is of value in philosophy is its rational arguments, its rational purpose or simply its logos. It is not enough for philosophy to confirm and find out the data derived from experience on a existent level, philosophy must go beyond the facts and experience in order to discover the reasons, the cause and the principle (Reale, 1978 17).Therefore, Thales with a minimum amount of factual information was able by reasoning to devise an quick hypothesis to account for diverse things as gaseous liquid and solid characteristics of the earth, for he believed that all objects are variations of one basic ingredient-water, for water, if heated becomes steam, thus all entities which are gaseous, in its natural state is liquid, and all things which flow must be do up of it and finally, if cooled sufficiently becomes solid (Popkin, 2006 336).Having looked at a number of things concerning the principle of Thales, we now have to look at a number of contributions which Thales brought fo rth to the development of philosophy. Firstly, he is believed to have paved way for materialism in metaphysics, which is simply the view that reality is essentially material, and the materialist held that reality is made up of indivisible material particles which move around in a void and have together to form all the different kinds of things to be found in the world.In this bold dead reckoning the materialist or atomist in particular were following in the footsteps of earlier thinkers (one of them being Thales) who had posited the key idea that implicit in(p) the apparent diversity of the world we inhabit, there is a fundamental unit. Therefore Thales is the man who is credited with being the first philosopher and he believed that this unity consisted in the fact that everything comes from or was in some sense made of water (Horner, 2000 19).Through Thales we have also experienced the transition from explaining natural phenomena through myths to rational and scientific explanat ion of the origin of nature. At first when explaining the origin of all things, people in Greece referred to a poesy called Theogony, written by Hessiod about 725BC. The Theogony contained myths of the gods and speculates in part about the origin and the order of the universe (Audi, 1995 595). However, with the access of Thales, the origin of all things was explained systematically using the method of reasoning.The other contribution of Thales to philosophy is that he began the try of cosmology which is branch of metaphysics. Cosmology is a theory of the process of reality and it deals with the science of ultimate reality as a whole. The study analyses and explains the nature of elements of which reality as a whole is underpinned and it establishes whether there are principles that may give us a fuller explanation of the nature of existence (Audi, 1995 595).In this sense then, we see that Thales gives an account of his principle in line with cosmology, the branch of metaphysics, this therefore entails that Thales started cosmology as he was the first philosopher. Lastly, on the contributions, Thales was the first philosopher to devote himself to the study and the investigation of nature he is generally regarded as the first who taught the Greeks the investigation of nature.Although, he had many predecessors as Theophrastus has remarked, he surpassed them all to such a detail that they are forgotten, he is as well considered to be one of the seven wise men to sign the study of natural philosophy for he declared water to be the beginning and the end of all things (Presocratics 1995, 42). However, despite an articulate explanation on the reasoning of Thales, his method is likely to be criticized, for the one cause that the reasoning process behind his conclusion that water is the first material principle is unknown, so that it becomes a matter of conjecture.Aristotle had no means of knowing the reasons which led Thales to make his statement and when he ascri bes a mathematical line of thought, to him it makes no secret of the fact that he was guessing (Guthrie, 1978 54). And when we compare the reasoning of Thales to that of other Milesians like Anaximander, Thales reasoning is put to the spotlight that he was just guessing because in Anaximander we clearly see that his thinking goes beyond experience, confirming that he was really contemplating rather than just guessing as Aristotle had put it. some other weakness of his explanation of a single principle that was the cause of all reality, is that he never explained the process into which water goes through to become a component of all things more specifically a thing like fire. Other philosophers like Anaximenes, who said the principle is mental strain, explained that through the process of rarefaction air produces fire and when the air condenses through condensation, it gives origin to wind, the clouds, the water, the earth, rocks and other things.This kind of explanation is what w as lacking in the philosophy of Thales. In conclusion, Thales of Miletus was one of the first Greek philosophers to seek natural causes for natural phenomena. He traveled widely throughout Egypt and the warmheartedness East and became famous for predicting a solar eclipse that occurred in 585 BC. At a time when people regarded eclipses as ominous, inexplicable, and frightening events, his prediction marked the start of rationalism, a belief that the universe can be explained by reason alone.Rationalism remains the hallmark of science to this day. BIBLIOGRAPHY Audi, R. (1992). Cambridge Dictionary of Philosophy. Cambridge University Press, New York. Guthrie, A. (1978). A business relationship of Greek Philosophy. Vol 1. Cambridge University Press, Britain. Radhakrishnan, S. (1953). History of Philosophy, Eastern and Western. Vol 2. George Allen Unwin Ltd, London. Reale, G. A. (1987). History of Ancient Philosophy From the Origins to Socrates. State University of New York, New York .

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The Importance of Being Earnest, Marriage and Respectability Download this essay Print Save Essay Example for Free

The Importance of Being Earnest, Marriage and Respectability Download this essay Print husband EssayIn the Victorian times respectability was very chief(prenominal) and you were only really prise if you were in the Upper Class. An example of this is in Act 1 when Lady Bracknell is questioning m another(prenominal) fucker Worthing well-nigh his life, upbringing and income. She starts off by telling Jack that she has the same list as the dear Duchess of Bolton, so she is instantly trying to make Jack respect her and almost worry that he isnt good ample for Gw terminateolen and therefore her questions might be personal and therefore he might beneficial want to go and not waste her time. The way she talks by talking rough her own personal assent about the question she is about to ask to begin with she has asked it, so its almost pressurising Jack into saying a similar answer to stay on her good side.But the way she talks shows how she takes she more important than Jack a nd she is trying to commence faults. When she starts asking about his housing she asks where and what number Jack lives at and when he replies 149 she shakes her head, saying The unfashionable side. I thought there was something. This shows that she has been trying to find faults, by chance because she does not think he born in to a mellow large class to be allowed to marry Gw closedownolen. When she does find a major fault she sounds disgusted as her sentences feed become just a forge or two long. Found, A handbag?. As Jack has some faults Lady Bracknell basically says no, you hawk marry Gwendolen because she doesnt think that he has enough respect to become her son-in-law as he might end up with people not having as much respect for Lady Bracknell.Although when Lady Bracknell finds out about Cecily Cardew, his ward, she instantly has respect for her, because while she was questioning Jack about her she asked whether Miss Cardew has any little mass scarce when she finds ou t that Cecily has about a hundred and thirty thousand pounds in the Funds, Lady Bracknell sounds shock that a young miss is to be in possession of that amount of money, she then almost turns buns on all she had previously said by going Miss Cardew seems to me a most photogenic young lady, now that I look at her. Although near the end of the drama you discover that before Lady Bracknell matrimonial Lord Bracknell she had no fortune of any kind, when you read this you discover that Lady Bracknell would have had no respect and throughout the play she has been hypocritical towards the other characters.This also shows Lady Bracknells views on sexual union as she is very reluctant to let Gwendolen marry Jack, as she doesnt think he is respected enough nor has enough money to be part of her family. So basically Lady Bracknells views on marriage argon that the parents must choose the husband of their daughter, and make sure that he is respectable, has a good fortune, well cognize fam ily background and many homes in expensive areas. Although it turns out that Lady Bracknell would have previously hoped that the families she hoped to marry into wouldnt judgment the fact that she was poor and had no respect. It also shows that since she has unite Lord Bracknell she has been influenced to think the opposite to what she would have make previously.Algernons views on marriage arent very good at the beginning of the play as he thinks that a man that marries without knowing Bunbury has a very tedious time of it, and that in married life cardinal is company and two is none. So basically Algernons imaginary invalid wizard Bunbury has been made up so if he ever does marry he can escape his wife and family and see other women as he would tell his wife that Bunbury is under the weather, therefore the three is company and two is none is just simply saying that you can get easily bored with having just woman in his life, but having two is different and you can alternate b etween two women. Also at the beginning of the play Algernon asks his servant Lane why it is that at a bachelors establishment the servants invariably drink the champagne, Lane replies by saying that the quality is better in a bachelors house than in married households as in married households, there are other things the man has to spend his money on like wife and children, so the quality of champagne isnt as expensive or of a first-rate brand.After that Algernon thinks that married life is an unpleasant experience as he has to spend more money, and the champagne isnt as high quality. Later on in the play, towards the end Algernon stands up to his Aunt Augusta (Lady Bracknell) by saying that he doesnt care a twopence about social possibilities, so Algernon is saying that he doesnt mind if he looses respect by marrying Cecily because he loves her. He has also killed off Bunbury by this point, I think maybe because he has never been in love properly before, and he always thought that marriage was a bad thing, but his family would expect him to get married, therefore he created Bunbury so he could still escape a bachelor style life on the side.But by killing Bunbury its made you emotional state that Algernon is serious about marriage and wants to be with one woman, Cecily. I also feel that near the end of the play when it is discovered that Jack is really Algernons older buddy, he has become a bit jokey with Jack as he calls him old boy, but I think that Algernon feels that he is in a higher(prenominal) class than Jack still, even though they are brothers as he then calls him my dear boy, so Algernon isnt treating Jack with much respect there. I feel that Algernon likes to be respected, but doesnt like to respect other people.Gwendolen is mainly respected because she is part of the Bracknell family, who seem to be rich with a large house, and her mother wants the silk hat for her. She is also old fashioned when it comes to a marriage proposal, as Jack says we must get married at once and although Gwendolen has practically said yes she insists that Jack proposes properly by getting down on one knee and asking Gwendolen, will you marry me? Of course Gwendolen says yes. We learn that when Gwendolen was a little girl she had dreams of marrying someone called Ernest, and thinks that the only safe name is Ernest. She also mentions that the first time she heard that Algernon, her cousin, had a friend named Ernest, she knew she was destined to love him. Although Gwendolen isnt the most intelligent woman as she really doesnt care about money, manner or lifestyle, as long as the man she is with is called Ernest.Cecily is very similar to Gwendolen as she also had a childhood dream of marrying a man named Ernest. She also doesnt care about how much money or power the man has as long as Ernest is his name. When she found out that Jack had a brother named Ernest she was excited and interested about meeting him, and had already decided that they were engaged. Cecily has also planned out what Ernest (Algernon) has habituated her, this is the little bangle with the true lovers knot I promised you always to wear, this is the box in which I support all your dear letters. Cecily have sent herself gifts and letters pretending that she herself is Ernest and has kept them all, when Ernest sees all these treasures he seems instead shocked but doesnt want to hurt Cecily, because his main intention is to marry her.

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Motivating Employees in an Organisation Essay Example for Free

motivating Employees in an Organisation EssayMotivating Employees in an Organization S Santosh Contents Chapter 12 Chapter 25 Chapter 310 Chapter 415 Chapter 1 Motivation Concepts and Theories Defining motivation The word motivation comes from the Latin word movere to move. And managers often inspect motivation in exactly those terms (I need to get my people moving ). Motivation is the psychological feature that arouses an organism to action toward a desired goal the reason for the action. General motivation is interested with effort towards any goal, whereas effort towards Organizational goals reflects work-related behavior. Many contemporary authors rich person also defined the judgment of motivation. Motivation has been defined as the psychological process that gives behavior purpose and direction (Kreitner, 1995) a predisposition to behave in a purposive manner to achieve specific, unmet needs (Buford, Bedeian, Lindner, 1995) an internal drive to reciprocate an unsa tisfied need (Higgins, 1994) and the will to achieve (Bedeian, 1993). For this paper, motivation is operationally defined as the inner advertize that drives individuals to accomplish personal and organizational goals.We mainly deal with the motivating employees in an organization towards the organizational goal for the benefit of both the organization and the employee. Understanding what be actives employees and how they are motivated was the focus of many researchers following the outcome of the Hawthorne Study results (Terpstra, 1979). Motivation Theories and concepts While there are many theories on motivation, the seven major approaches that have led to our understanding of motivation are the following According to Maslow, employees have five levels of needs (Maslow, 1943) physiological, safety, social, ego, and self- actualizing.Maslow argued that lower berth level needs had to be satisfied before the next higher level need would motivate employees. Herzbergs work categor ized motivation into two factors motivators and hygiene (Herzberg, Mausner, Snyderman, 1959). Motivator or intrinsic factors, such as achievement and recognition, produce hypothesize satisfaction. Hygiene or extrinsic factors, such as pay and job security, produce job dissatisfaction. McClellands Theory of expects which focuses on three needs, namely need for Achievement, Need for power, Need for affiliation.

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Strength And Weakness Essay Example for Free

Strength And impuissance EssayKlick and Tabarrok use changes in the terror alert trains in Washington to infer a variation in police deployment, and provide an estimate of the police crime elasticity as -0.3 which is standardized to the results got by Levitt1997 Di Tella and Schargrodsk (2004) and Draca et al.(2008).Although Di Tella and Schargrodsk is creative by using a terrorist bomb which lead to police deployment and get statistically signifi flockt result, one concern here is that a single shock does not generally take into account a researcher to use critical values from standard asymptotic theory to judge the statistical significance of observing a given test statistic. However, Klick and Tabarrok use terror alert level which varies four times in the period, and it reduces the possibility of spurious correlation. Furthermore, they use the daily data and the treatment window is short, so their results are less likely to be due to changes in other factor.Comparing the primarily studies like Levitt(2002), Kovandzic and Sloan(2002), Corman and Mocan(2005) which use observational study, Klick and Tabarrok use natural experiment that usually allow firmer causal conclusions to be drawn than observational studies, so they provide better evidence for a general come to between police number and crime rates. Klick and Tabarrok also find no deterrence operation for homicide while Levitt found the largest deterrence effect for homicides in earlier studies, this is notable.Read moreStrengths and Weaknesses Essay genius significant shortcoming of Klick and Tabarrok research is its reliance on single jurisdiction. Although strong designs require this and it can provide a better identification, there is a concern about external validity. For example, Klick and Tabarrok reveals a statistically significant result applying the data from one single city Washington DC, but it is unreadable whether this effect observed in Washington DC could be expected in other ci ties. In particular, this research does not provide any evident about the actual variation in name of the police number and it does not examine how police are allocated to reduce crime. Therefore, use of this design in othercities and more detailed information on police allocation has the potential to increase trust in these results substantially.This research uses IV method, so a possibly excessive faith in slavish variable can really be a problem. Robustness of the IV used is far from proven, which nub that issues of endogeneity may not have been fully dealt with as the author claim. In this case, the change in catch usage pattern and the police effort can really affect criminal rate.As Draca, Machin and Witt(2009) explain, the collateral effect from adopting IV may rely on two displacement spatial displacement and temporary displacement. But Klick and Tabarrok does not involve it.ReferenceDraca, M., Machin, S. and Witt, R. (2008) Panic on the Streets of London jurisprudenc e, offensive activity and the July 2005 flagellum Attacks. CEP Discussion Paper no. 852. Levitt, S.D. (1997) Using Electoral Cycles in Police Hiring to Estimate the nub of Police on Crime, The American Economic Review 87(3) 270-290Levitt, S.D. (2002) Using Electoral Cycles in Police Hiring to Estimate the Effect of Police on Crime Reply, The American Economic Review 92(4) 1244-1250. Di Tella, R. and Schargrodsky, E. (2004) Do Police Reduce Crime? Estimates Using the Allocation of Police Forces after a Terrorist Attack, The American Economic Review 94(1) 115-133.

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Treatment of People with Developmental Disabilities Essay Example for Free

Treatment of People with Developmental Disabilities EssayThroughout history democracy with developmental disabilities were inured as defective or somewhat less than human. They were placed in institutions and often forgotten, drugged or tortured simply because they were misunderstood. Jean-Marc Itard began working with mint in France in the early eighteen hundreds in a first attempt to train developmentally disabled hoi polloi. He later moved to the United States and keep his studies and practice. The first asylum to treat concourse with disabilities was opened in 1851. ( level 6) The purpose of the asylum was to cherish the race from the harshness of society and to educate the throng with disabilities. The beginning of the 1900s consisted of a mixture to an attempt to protect society from the disabled raft by putting them all in institutions. In the first fractional of the nineteen hundreds the number of institutions and the number of people in them grew significant ly. The general public treated disabled people as deviants and people that should not be allowed to live among other people (Minnesota, part D). In 1924 a law was passed that allowed sterilization of people deemed as feebleminded. This population included epileptics and alcoholics (Longmore 1).By passing this law, the nation demonstrated it was not yet ready to fully accept people with developmental disabilities. Between 1925 and 1950, people began to realize again that the developmentally disabled were harmless to society and were best if they were trained. This did not keep people from placing their disabled children in institutions or keep doctors from recommending that parents place their children in institutions. Once a child was diagnosed with a balk, the child was often placed in an already over crowded institution where he was basically forgotten. Towards the end of the 1950s and early 1960s the views towards disabled people changed again. When John Kennedy became presiden t he and his babe chose to spend time helping people with disabilities live more productive lives (National 1). During this time the trend began to change to respecting them and keeping people at home if possible. From that time, research has gradually increased to study the causes of developmental disabilities to greatly reduce the number of people born with them and when possible reduce the severity of the effects. Because of this the number of yearly cases of people born with severe disabilities has been greatly reduced. From the later half of the nineteen hundreds to the present, the trend has moved towards encouraging people to keep their disabled children at home when possible and to educate the children along with amount children. This method helps average children be more respectful of children with disabilities and helps the children with disabilities develop skills more quickly. For many years people with disabilities were treated as less than human and often became the subjects of traveling shows carnival attractions. When not in shows, they were kept in institutions, where people could pretend they did not exist. Fortunately in the last fifty years, the public no longer fears disability and are not only more accepting, but willing to assist them. Society has come a long way towards accepting those who are different, but progress continues and needs to continue to be made. flora CitedA Short tarradiddle of treatment for People with Mental Retardation. 11 February 2008 http//www.ahrcnyc.org/pdf/chapter1_history.PDFLongmore, Paul. Disability History Timeline 2002. Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Independent Living Management. 11 February 2008 http//isc.temple.edu/neighbor/ds/disabilityrightstimeline.htmNational Institute of Child Health and Development. 8 September 2007. 11 February 2008 Establishment and historyParallels in Time 2007. Minnesotas Governors Council.11 February 2008 Parallels In Time A History of Developmental Disab ilities

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Online Information system Essay Example for Free

Online culture organization EssayNowadays, engineering science has r from to each bingle oneed its highest aim and is in the phase of railing more with the new innovations. Innovations that befriends a lot of people to feed a more convenient modality to do enormous job to be through with(p) in a short period of m. Almost unrestricted high nurtures like Bernardo Lirio Memorial field of study high give lessons (BLMNHS) argon still handling their educatee get d avow by means of employ commit document in a manual manner. The academic degrees of the learner be computed and rendered manually which it took term for the teachers to be done. Especially when a high schools population increases annually, the ease of entropy handling postulate more effort to taken c atomic number 18 off. The manual saving of files in BLMNHS needs more file cabinets in grade to save their school discharges. at that place are cases that almost files are being lost and neve r been find or have been misplaced. at that place are as vigorous incidents that teachers are having mistakes in writing their disciple grades and records and they have to desexualize a way to re frame the selective information and give them a lot of time and effort.As one of the prototypical web-based of selective information establishment in computing machine technology in education, Online school-age child Information formation (OLSIS) is made for educational establishment to manage educatee entropy. It is a database controlling savant records, information, schedules, subjects, and grades. Information placement (IS) seconds habituaters to become instructive, which means do it easy for them to organize, take apart, search and use old information to create new ones. As an rankliness, it focuses on exploring the larboard between Information Technology (IT) and Computer Science (CS).Computer Science (CS) focuses on information technology which is a software p ackage development. While Information Technology (IT) is involved with the manipulation, storage of data and information, and management of computing device carcasss with companies, universities, and other organizations. The developers chose Bernardo Lirio Memorial National High School (BLMNHS) as their client because they need technology assistance. Since the populations of the pupils in BLMNHS are increasing yearly they decided to make this website to facilitate the keeping of records of each school-age child.This attend is an online student information organisation made for BLMNHS in order to manage their student data that should be handled for their school needs. The form assistants curiously those incoming first year students to inquire online. It in addition go the faculty and the school judgeship in terms of handling of records. They poop as well as upload their sectionalization and teacher schedules. The students goat have their take account wherein they send away bewitch their grades, schedule and activities. Parents squirtful also have an introduction of their kidskin account. The faculty and the school administration bathroom also have their own accounts for data handling.This online information dodging is created for schools that are in need of data handling. This project forget benefit the school in terms of grade record handling for the teachers, reachable grade records for the student and their parents and other data that the school postulate to be handled online. discover Con schoolbook The developers decided to apply this web information musical arrangement to BLMNHS because the purpose of the developers is to help them ease their job and to enhance the productivity of every person involved in school management. At give, the school management and its all procedures are done manually.It creates a lot of conundrums due to the upon entries of adding data which causes duplication and redundancy of student record and grade setup. Since their data are stored in file cabinets, searching for data adds a lot of time for them to find it out. The developers proposed this trunk to maximize and minimize this sort of manual arrangement of data for the exploiters to have a convenient way of handling their data. The carcass provide solve the problem such as mistakes through proper cut backs and validation control methods in checking of student record, teachers record, grading reports. Purpose and DescriptionThe proposed dust is an online school portal for BLMNHS that will help school teachers in handling their students data. It is a convenient way to access their data because it bear be great dealed over the internet. The confidentiality of their files is still principal(prenominal)tained through the use of faculty no. and give-and-take in order to avoid from intruders. The privacy of the proposed system should also brinytain for the schools policies in the confidentiality of their school r ecords. The students faecal matter also have an access in their school procedures, school activities, health record and class schedules, these records buns be viewed on their student pen.In this system, the parents have also their account wherein they can monitor their childrens records, like they can view their childrens grade, schedules, health record and their activities in school. The main purpose of the developed system is to give an ease of use in data handling in order to have a more efficient way of adding, deleting and editing of the data that should be managed and maintain. It woul help the client into a convenient way of accessing their data end-to-end the internet. This would benefit the students and teachers of Bernardo Lirio Memorial National High School (BLMNHS), the parents, other public high schools.The substance abusers should also have the k straightwayledge of browsing the internet especially the give tongue to website. The developers apply a web designing software in order to phase an interface and functionalities for the future users of the system. A Server is also utilise to view the created website over the internet. For data handling we use database software that could handle and manage a large amount of data. Objectives The main objective of the said project is to develop a web information system that will computerize and organize different modules in Bernardo Lirio Memorial National High School (BLMNHS). Specifically it aims to1. Identify the present student information system used by BLMNHS in terms of 1. 1 facilities and re blood lines 1. 2 technology utilization 2. Provide a better dish out for the students and faculty of BLMNHS with the following features 2. 1 Submission of grades 2. 2 Viewing of Schedules and Subjects 3. Determine the level of acceptance of the developed web go among faculty and students of Bernardo Lirio Memorial National High School congener to 3. 1 user interface 3. 2 compatibility functionality i n terms of browser 3. 3 contents components 4. fulfil beta turn outing on the developed web services.Scope and Limitation The developers would like to improve and build up the web information system for BLMNHS. The study will focus on the transformation of manual Online Student Information System of BLMNHS. The aim of the project is to concentrate on data handling of records of each student like grades, subjects, schedules, and medical record. Each students parent would also have their own account in which they could access their childs grade records and schedules. Students are non able to edit or manipulate their records at bottom the website, instead, the website administrator are the only one who can edit this data.Parents should account first their accounts via their childs designated LRN, merely they can create their own username and password in order to secure their accounts. Faculty could also have their own account wherein they are the ones who record each of their st udents school performances, in terms of grades and class schedules. They could also upload their files but this data are only seen by their co-faculty members and also by the website administrator. The website administrator accesses all data that the website should maintain.It is also responsible for user gather ups wherever they could have problems in their pen. The entrance examination will non be covered by the study for the reason that the examination should not be taken online due to the possibilities that it whitethorn have leakage during the examination. Definition of Terms These terminologies were ga thered by the researcher for better and clearer understanding round the study. It also sets as reference for each systems functionalities. Backend. Backend is everything that happens before it gets to your browser. A backend can be very simple or very complicated.1 It is hidden by a user and can only access by the administrator of the system. It is where the data are being s tored and operated. Client-server. It describes the relationship between two computer political programs in which one program, the client, makes a service request from another program, the server, which fulfills the request It serves as the administrators task to manipulate and control the system through peer-to-peer or net turn. 7 It is a correlation of program that fulfills request and de lodgers the response, and vice versa that creates a one line process. Database server.Database server is the term used to refer to the back-end system of a database application using client/server architecture. The back-end, sometimes called a database server, performs tasks such as data analysis, storage, data manipulation, archiving, and other non-user specific tasks. 4 It is a kind of internet service that extends databases for websites it acts as the backend of the system. Data Flow plat (DFD). A data time period diagram (DFD) shows how data moves through an information system but does not show pogram logic or processing steps. 2 It also illustrates the data flow of each function of the system.It also shows on how each data has been processed and the corresponding end users of this system. Domain name. Provides the ability to refer to IP devices using names instead of just numerical IP addresses. Allows machines to resolve these names into their corresponding IP addresses. 2 It also serves as an identification name for the website. Frontend. It is the part of the web that you can see and interact with. The Frontend commonly consists of two parts the design and frontend development. 1 It also serves as the user interface of the system. It is accessed by the user. IP (Internet Protocol).A packet-switching technology that is deisgned to get packets from point A to B in whatever way is most effective, without the user necessarily having any ability to k instanter what route will be taken. 3 It acts as the address cast of each data from a computer that has been sent to another computer. It also sets as identification for each computer in the internet. Text Editor. A text editor is a computer program that lets a user enter, change, store, and usually print text It is a programming tool used for editing knitwork text files. 8 It is used mostly for webpage designing and integration. web host. Hosting (also known as nett site hosting, Web hosting, and Webhosting) is the business of housing, serving, and maintaining files for one or more Web sites. 9 It is a kind of Internet service that allows orgranizations to make their website accessible via populace Wide Web. CHAPTER 2 REVIEW OF RELATED SYSTEMS In this chapter presents the associate studies that have been done over the past years. This includes the foreign studies, local studies and the technical background which includes the software that will be used throughout the process of creating the study. Related SystemsThe Degif developed the system School Management System for KokebeTsebah Secondary School. It has been shown that the system effectively registers students along with parental information, easily retrieves information approximately a student and generates the necessitate reports such as transcript, report card and timetable. In addition to generating a feasible master timetable it produces a timetable for each teacher. Furthermore it has been shown that the web application of the system helps attendance recording by the homeroom teacher and parents can view the status of their children using the Internet or Intranet of the school.Most educators like the systems if they work smoothly and help students learn, according to teachers and teacher-union representatives. Brian Lewis, chief executive of the International Society for Technology in Education, a Eugene, Ore. , professional group, says the systems can foster a strong home-school connection and allow busy parents to be involvedand let them step in early if a child is struggling. Bill Erneste, a math teacher for 20 years, says one of the biggest advantages these systems have over paper grade books is that parents and teachers are communicating without even a skirt call. At Park Hill High School in Kansas City, Mo. , where he teaches, he likes posting think to instructional materials that students and families can use at home. Plus, teachers say online reporting makes it easier to collaborate and share information. Other teachers, however, see to it posting grades and assignments as an administrative burden, especially for inexperienced educators who often need to spend more time planning lessons and managing their classrooms. Some parents misuse the systems by trying to micromanage their childrens work or overreacting to minor missteps, creating extra work for teachers.Also, problems arise when schools use multiple programs that dont share data, requiring teachers to enter data more than once. 10 The developers nominate out that there are related systems that exist outside the count ry so it is a proof that Online Student Information System for Bernardo Lirio Memorial National High School is convenient to use and lastly, it can improve the services of the school to its students. The Student Information system Via-Wapsite was developed to provide a system in wap-based information retrieval system of student.The system has also provided an alternative, efficient and reliable system that provides an easier way to access student information system and verify grades through mobile phones. And also the developers want to provide a system that has a key access and menu-driven interface for students and also for the administrator. 11 On the other study the developers developed the online leniency of grades of the faculty to the registrar and the online viewing of students grades. It will diminish the hassles in walking chastise through the registrar office.The system developed only in authorized persons. 12 The Online Student Information System for F. L Vargas Colleg e Tuguegarao City cited that maintaining students records manually is a very difficult task and time consuming. The said school are still using filling cabinet to store their files, there are some incident that some of the files are lost. 13 The Student Information System of Southgate Institute of Malvar is specifically about the arrangement of different modules into one whole school system.One of the objectives of this study is to remove the deficiencies of current system and build up new computerized system, it shall be faster and will able to produce expirys of assorted queries. 14 The developers found out that the system has its potential to provide greater conveniences and availableness to the students since student can access information despite of their location and time at their convenience. All these systems are related in the ace that systems aimed to lessen the problems encountered by the students, faculty and other respondent during enrollment and school days.The prec eding review shows the alteration from a manual system into a computerized system. As similar applications for the enlistment process have not been implemented yet in Bernardo Lirio Memorial National High School the results of this study may provide additional information on the subject and may become an effective tool to push the cybernation of many transactions done in school. The study shows that the proposed system is feasible and had a chance to be implemented. The proposed system was developed and concentrated only in high school.The difference of the proposed system from other system that has been done is that it is made exclusively for a certain High School. Nowadays the existing school online websites services are made only for tertiary levels. The developers want to bring the benefits of technology to high schools in which students can have their own accounts and also for their parents. Teachers, administration and staff have their own accounts also for their school supe rvise activities, updates and grade records. The system is comprised of a newer networking technology technique, thus a faster and real time online student information system.Technical Background In expression a website there are different softwares that can be used in which it should includes programming language, database and server. Here are the programs that are used in order to build the Online Student Information System of Bernardo Lirio Memorial National High School. The PHP Hypertext Preprocessor allows web developers to create high-power content that interacts with databases. (Mike Chapple, 2008). The proponent used this language for the ease of making website. The language was one of the most recommended in terms of making websites.PHP is also great for creating database-driven Web sites. Most web hosting providers support PHP for use by their clients. It is originally designed to create dynamic web pages. PHP is very fast and lightweight. MySQL It is an airfoil source RDBMS software system for back end tool for managing the database as this allows users to manage the database very efficiently and controls data redundancy and inconsistency. It allows enforcing various data integrity constraints on the data being entered into the tables. Database can be accessed using GUI provided by the system (Angela Bradley, 2006). MySQL serve as the database of the system.The proponents believe that MySQL was the most reliable to managing database because most of the web developer used it. Database can be accessed using GUI provided by the system. MySQL helps the proponents to accumulate the appropriate records in the database. It helps to handle the whole data and information in the certain school. Apache Server is a web server software program illustrious for playing a key role in the initial growth of the World Wide Web. Apache was the first viable alternative to the Netscape Communications Corporation web server (currently named Oracle i final causeet Web Server).Typically Apache is thresh on a Unix-like operate system, and was developed for use on Linux. Apache is developed and maintained by an airfoil community of developers under the auspices of the Apache Software Foundation. The application is available for a wide variety of operating systems, including UNIX, FreeBSD, Linux, Solaris, Novell NetWare, OS X, Microsoft Windows, OS/2, TPF, and ComStation. Released under the Apache License, Apache is open-source software. (Robert McCool, February 2013) Apache Server was the most popular server software on the Web so that the researcher decided to use this server.This server serves as the temporary server for our websites. It enables a computer to host one or more websites that can be accessed over the Internet using a Web browser. It supports PHP so the developers use this as server. Apache is popular when it comes in Web Hosting because it is open source and spare to use. CHAPTER III DESIGN AND METHODOLOGY This chapter presents the methodological study for creating the proposed system. It includes the methodologies, requirement specification, user interfaces, software interfaces, performance requirements, system overview, and system architecture.System Analysis and Design The Online Student Information system of Bernardo Lirio Memorial National High School access the student and faculty school information. It also improves the users accessibility in their information, and convenience in data handling and manipulation. System Design The following diagrams are the system design followed by the developers in order to achieve the necessary data that should be processed on the system. figure 1 shows the general flow of the data accommodated within the system.It is compose of four entities wherein it sets as the user of the system, in each entity there are several operations that should be undergone. These processes are the functions of the system to fee-tail on the actual operation of the system. flesh 1. Co ntext Flow Diagram Figure 2 shows the alteration process of a user to the IS wherein the system admin generates the newly registered users to its database. The users can have their own account. Figure 2. DFD of User Registration Figure 3 illustrates the data flow diagram of the grading system of BLMNHS that can handled by the system.The grades of the student to be computed by their teachers are from their assignments and their examinations. The grade that has been computed can be view by the students profile and also to their parents profile. Figure 3. DFD of Grading System Figure 4 shows the data flow on handling the students health record. The BLMNHSs P. E. teacher is the one who is in charge of handling the health record of the students. Figure 4. DFD of Student wellness Record Figure 5 shows the flow of submitting of schedule. The admin will submit the schedules in both teachers and student.And the teachers and students can view their schedules on the web, the same with the par ents they can view the schedule of their children. Figure 5. DFD of Schedule System Implementation The Online Student Information System for BLMNHS was deployed over the web through a web server. The systems main feature was implemented only for BLMNHS student, parents and faculty. The developers used web hosting for their system to be accessed via online by the students. The administrator is the one who maintain and update the system. The users of the site should have internet access in order to explore the said system.Project Concepts To meet the needs of the proponents in data handling specially the developers sets an objective in order to achieve a goal in creating the system. Figure 10 shows the Homepage of the Web Page. The users can see the Announcements, history, and access code policies of the school. Figure 10. Homepage Figure 11 shows the login page in order to have security on their profiles. Their students Information should be confidential and to avoid from intruders. For newly registered users they have to fill up some important details to fulfill the information that are needed by the school.The information that entered by the users can remain confidential generated by the system administrator. Figure 11. Log in Page Figure 12 shows the Students profile wherein they can view their grade record, Class schedule, school activities uploaded by their teachers they can also submit their assignment. Their health record and status can also view on their profile. This data are manipulated by their P. E. teachers who are in charge in their health maintainability. The student account record can be view by the system. Figure 12. Student penFigure 13 shows the teachers profile that has the authority to view their student profile. They are also the one who upload schedules, school activities, student grades and class standings. Teachers can also compute their students grade on the website and sent it throughout the designated profile. Figure 13. Teachers P rofile Figure 14 shows the Parents portal that have an access to their childs class standing, grades, schedule, and health record. They can view the school activies of the school of their child. They can also send a message to the system admin. Figure 14. Parents PortalFigure 15 shows quick Application Development (RAD) whereby, it is use mostly by information systems and website to describe the process of building the system. The first phase is to define the problems of the school that we are using for our study. The developers also appoint the possible solutions for the problem and how to help them in the most convenient way of data handling. The second phase is Analyze wherein the developers analyze the software to be use to create the system. The developers will also analyze the flow of the system throughout the operation of the system.The next phase is Design developers will now formulate design for the data flow of the system and also the design of the user interface that th e user will view on the proposed system. This will help the users to easily understand and explore the system on the rest of the system operation. Develop is the quarter phase to follow by the developers, here the systems design, operation and processes are being develop in order to improve the systems performance. Here the user interface of the system and the functions should be developed to have a more efficient system to be use.It will also identify the possible risk that system will undergo. The next phase is to test the system if it is functional and can be used by the actual users. It will also test the website if it is effective and the other functions are usable. The last phase is support, as the system has been test and has no possible malfunction that has been identified it is now ready for the users to use throughout the net. The maintainability of the system should be operated in order to have a well created system. It will limit the system future risk within the operat ion. Development ModelFigure 15. Rapid Application Development Development Approach The developers are referring to use the top-down approach. In this approach the developers has the overview of the system wherein it focuses on the formulation of the system. Top-down approach breaks down some parts of the system into categories which is essential for the developers. The IS are consisting of different partings on different function that will be used by the users of the system. Each division should be identified to know the functionalities of each system for the appropriate users. Software Development ToolsThe developer prefered using open source software tools, since it is more accessible and free than using proprietary softwares. For front end software tools, we use html and css for the website interfaces. For the special website functionalities we use javascript. In order to code these softwares we use a text editor for the entire coding operation of the system. For the backend of the system, we use PHP for website conditions and also functionalities, in order to implement database within the website we use MySql. At first the developers worked offline in order to test thewebsites effectivity with the use of XAMPP. For the live implementation of the website, the developers prefer to buy domain name, web host, and the database server. For the users who can access the website faster than using free web hosting sites that might commits problems in accessing the website. The developers also use Filezilla to import the files and links that has been use for the website within the net. Project Teams and their Responsibilities Each team members actively participated in every task all throughout with their own responsibilities in developing a web system.Some specified partitions of project task are as follows Irish Opena is responsible in designing and development of the project. Angelica Montero is responsible for congregation of information, data and other related facts that would help in the development of the study. Lester Cueva is responsible for organizing group meetings, places, times, dates, communication requirements, etc Budget Cost Management Plan Table 9 shows the expense that has been used for the system. These are suggested to be bought in order to have an easier and accessible website for the user.Domain name is an identification string for the website so that it would be easier to be search by the web. Web host is a web service wherein it helps the website to be accessed by the users. Database server is a computer program that provides database services for the website that allows handling the data within the web. These preferences are bought to make a website implemented throughout the World Wide Web. Table 9 Budget Cost Verification, Validation and Testing Plans The system will test its functionalities with the use of server to test if it is actually works throughout the internet.As this test has been done, it will now evaluat ed by the faculty, parents and students of Bernardo Lirio Memorial National High school. Questionnaire. Preparation and construction of the questionnaire were done by reviewing concepts related from books, journals, theses and electronic resources. The responses provided by the respondents were given weights of 0 to 5 with 0 as lowest to 5 as highest rate. identical verbal descriptions were also proided in different areas. The following home was used to interpret and analyse the results RateVerbal Interpretations 5 Exemplary 4Good 3Satisfactory 2 Needs Improvement 1 Poor0 Unaacceptable/Absent, N/A A total of (40) respondent evaluated the system having number (5) as the highest possible rating and number (0) as the lowest. The scale used has the corresponding values such as 5 for exemplary, 4 for good, 3 for satisfactory, 2 for needs improvement, 1 for poor and 0 for unacceptable. The total points of the evaluation has corresponding verbal equivalent rating the systems performace f or the user. The respondents in the conducted survey were the faculty and students in Bernardo Lirio Memorial National High School (BLMNHS) and parents for they are the target user of the proposed system.In examination the system, the proponents used the content examen which involves checking of the human-interface of the web. In our system we check errors in font types, screen layout, colors, graphic resolutions and other features that may affect the end-user experience. Next is the white- box test which is said to be very applicable in testing web architecture web. This type of testing is used to find navigational and structural structures in the system. Lastly, testing the end-user environment or the browser compatibility testing web 3 (Glenford J. Myres, Art of Software Testing.Second Edition. John Wiley Sons Inc, New Jersey, 2004). In this part of testing, the proponents focused in configuring the compatibility of the browser, operating system, and the programming language u sed in the system. Table 10 presents respondents profile based on gender where in female got the highest frequency of 24 and having a percentage of 56% while male having a percentage of 44% and got the lowest frequency of 16. Table 10 Respondents Profile in terms of Gender Gender Frequency Percentage Male 16 44% young-bearing(prenominal) 24 56% Total 40 100% CHAPTER IV RESULTS AND DISCUSSIONThis chapter will discuss the result and analysis of the development and testing of the program in tabulated format. Screenshots of the system are also included in this chapter. Observation 1. The proponents have collected the desirable information from Bernardo Lirio Memorial National High School (BLMNHS) which was used in developing the system suited in the need of the said school. The proponents noticed that the school had a problem in their record management method. They manually handled the files and information they have and sometimes they are having serious time in accessing it.Figure 16 shows the homepage of the website. It is divided into 4 major portals, the Student, Parent, Faculty, and Admin. Figure 16. Homepage To solve the problem, the proponents had designed and developed the system that can be used to manage and record the information of the students. Hereby, the developers identify the present student information system used by Bernardo Lirio Memorial National High School in terms of 1. 1 facilities and resources As the system has been tested and evaluated the developers observed that the facility of staff should be change magnitude in order to better serve the student population.It also decreases the time required to access and stimulate student records. 1. 2 technology utilization By means of the new technology, the said institution offers more convenient transactions contrasting in their manual system beforehand. 2. Provide a better service for the students and faculty of BLMNHS with the following features 2. 1 Submission of grades Submission of grad es is more convenient than the manual system of grades. Figure 17 the subject to be graded. The faculty can choose the subject that they would like to upload the grade of their students. As they choose their designated subjects they can now search their students name a

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Registered Nurse EssayEvery teenager normally decides what they plan to do with the stay on of their life in the last twelvemonths of high school. A statistic shows that 57% of high school teenagers loss to become a registered nurse after they graduate. A registered nurse or RN is someone who treats patients, monitors and records their condition, helps collapse a plan of care, educates patients or the public about a medical condition, and provides advice and emotional support to patients family members.A registered nurse has to contain special traits such as being caring, compassionate, highly observant, quick to catch things, unruffled in an emergency, detail-oriented, observant, enjoy interacting with people, emotionally and physically strong, and have outstanding communication skills. RNs get to in hospitals, physicians offices, inhabitation healthcare services, nursing care facilities, correctional facilities, schools, summer camps, and with the military.The starting s alary for an RN is $65,950 a year and will increase if you decide to specialize in one or more than one types of medicine, entirely before making all that money you first have to complete the process of becoming an RN. A high school diploma is required along with the associates head in nursing, a a bachelors degree in nursing, or diploma from an approved nursing program. Most RNs have said that they took Biology, chemistry, physics, geometry, algebra II, pre-calculus, English, computer science, physiology, biomedical science, and foreign languages in their high school years.These subjects help the RN in their everyday jobs. Most registered nurses were a nurses assistant before going to college to get their degree. By doing that, you get to see hands on what they do everyday, but it is not required. The need for RNs will increase 21% between now and 2020. Several RNs in Dothan have said they loved their job, but wish the pay was higher. The pay depends on the state you work in, but is on average $65,950 a year or less.They have also said that math plays an important role in their everyday work. From running(a) with prescriptions to adding or subtracting a persons weight gain or loss. Technology is also another very important key factor in an RNs everyday routine. They clock in and out on a machine. They use computers to keep up with patients files and to diagnose patients. If you are working with a patient in a rehab facility, you will use different types of technological machines depending on the persons infirmity or injury.