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circumstances in make lemonade Essay -- essays research papers

circumstancesCircumstances they rule our lives. One has if not no control, then VERY petty control, over their actions when they are placed in harsh circumstances. It is very difficult to break through your surroundings, to beat every adept around you. There is a quote Circumstances rule men and not circumstances. The idea of this quote, that one doesnt have control over their turnout when they are placed in harsh circumstances, shows up in other places as well. There is another quote which is similar to this one. The quote is Circumstances define us they force us on one road or another then they punish us for it. Circumstances define us we are only who the people around us get in us out to be. We take after our surroundings. It is hard to stay away from bad things, if all that surrounding us is bad. It is difficult to resist peer pressure. In the novel Make Lemonade, by Virginia Ewer Wolf, LaVaughn wants out. She wants to get away from all of the violence, all the drugs. She wan ts to get out of where she lives, which is very similar to the projects, some neighborhoods near her argon the projects, and to go to college. She wants to escape from all of the peer pressure. She understands that she is not capable of becoming the type of woman she wants to be if she never experiencing life impertinent of her circumstances, life outside of drugs, violence and other things of the sort. Her surroundings, the circumstance...

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School Shootings and Gun Laws Essay -- Argumentative Persuasive Essays

Imagine your child was nearing high school graduation with their whole life ahead of them. Next year, they will be going to college and you will collide with them bloom into the wonderful person you know they are. Now imagine the horror of hearing that your child had been shot and killed while they were at school. It is difficult to fathom the awful amount of grief and anger that would flood the body of a person in a situation like this. No one should have to range such pain. Now imagine how much this pain would be intensified if there was a possibility that the whole incident could have been prevented.This scene is an wholly too familiar one in this country. A kid, who for some reason is mad at the world, goes to school with a gun and kills innocent people. If you do non come back this could ever happen to you, ask the parents of the victims of the Columbine High School incident. They will tell you they never dreamed it would happen to them either. Is it not reasonabl e to adduce that we must do everything we can to prevent this kind of thing from happening again?This is exactly why we desperately need to close the gun draw loophole. Non-licensed dealers and private collectors who sell weapons at the thousands of gun shows in this country each year should be required to ask for identification and have licensed dealers croak background checks before selling every weapons to potential customers. If these measures are not required, anyone including convicted felons, underage kids, and even terrorists will be able to obtain firearms at any local gun show. This provides nightmares not only about Columbine, but also about innocent civilians being killed by terrorists with weapons they bought at gun shows in the joined States.... .... If there are so many guns being sold in this unregulated market that the paperwork for background checks of those who are purchasing these weapons would be unmanageable, doesnt this audition how big of a problem the gun show loophole is and how desperately it needs to be closed?No one wants to think about taking unalienable rights away from law-abiding citizens of the United States which is exactly what this type of legislation would not do. The only people that could be affected by such legislation would be sportsmen, and if you have any questions lingering in your mind on this issue, ask a sportsman this question Which is more important to you, being able to spoil a gun a little faster or doing everything possible to avoid getting a call that says your child has been shot and killed? I think any sportsmans answer will settle your lingering questions.

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Alcoholism and The Human Body Essay -- Addiction to Alcohol

Alcoholism a struggle in life where roughly the world many people must deal with every day. What is dependence and how does it affect the body? Although defined in many ways, it is believed by some that addiction is a disease of the brain that spate cause a dependence upon or a continuing, compelling need to use a habit-forming sum of money despite harmful consequences and may also be characterized by the increasing need for more of the substance or activity in order to gravel the same effect. Many changes take place within a body that consumes high doses of alcohol which can sometimes have long lasting, permanent, or blush detrimental effects. Many look into studies on the topic of alcoholism continue to be performed as a means to benefit society as a whole and to give help for those individuals and families who are in desperate need. In order for the proper assistance to be developed for those with a need for handling there is much that needs to be understood about the d isease of alcoholism at its most basic level, the cellular level. This is quite a projection to be sure since we are all human beings and with much the same physiology, however, because of the subtle yet various differences in each of our bodys chemistry, as well as our social environments, this can make treatment that one person receives very different from the treatment of another. Therefore, determining the best possible treatments can be a challenge which is where research plays a very important part. The following choices of articles call attention to a few different kinds of detailed research and their discoveries made about alcoholism and its affect on the human body. It is this kind of information which allows physicians to come up with the best possible t... ...96. American mental Association, 1089-2680/10/$12.00. doi 10.1037/a0021526.Kiefer, F., & Mann, K. (2005). New achievements and pharmacotherapeutic approaches in the treatment of alcohol dependence. European J ournal of Pharmacology, 526(1-3), 163171.Schwabe, L., Dickinson, A., & Wolf, O. T. (2011). Stress, habits, and drug addiction A psychoneuroendocrinological perspective. Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology, 19(1), 5363. American Psychological Association, 1064-1297/11/$12.00. doi 10.1037/a0022212 .Tomberg, C. (2010). Alcohol pathophysiology Circuits and molecular mechanisms. Journal of Psychophysiology, 24(4), 215230. doi 10.1027/0269-8803/a000035.Tomberg, C. (2010). Categories of alcohol consumers Definitions and criteria of alcohol addiction. Journal of Psychophysiology, 24(4), 213214. doi 10.1027/0269-8803/a000034.

An Analysis of Neutral Tones by Thomas Hardy Essay -- Neutral Tones Es

An Analysis of Neutral Tones by Thomas Hardy We stood by a pocket billiards that spend day, (1) This line indicates a still quietness, with lack of the movement of life. There is a vast difference in appearance and movement around a pond in winter and a pond in the midst of summer. This indicates no leaves, and no visible signs of life. The poet is painting a stark and lifeless scene. And the sun was white, as though chidden of perfection,(2) This is indicative mood of the modernist approach to light as being too harsh and not a positive factor. Chidden means scolded, rebuked, or even blamed. God is not looking favorably upon these people. And a few leaves lay on the starving sod(3) Leaves fall from trees when they are dead, and the term starving refers to the dying of the ground. They had fallen from an change, and were gray,(4) Ash trees are very beautiful hardwood trees, and this line indicates the passing of beauty, and ties in with the dying leaves mentioned in line th ree. This first stanza indicates that something once beautiful is dying. Your eyes on me were as eyes that rove(5) When lovers who are in love look upon one another, it is usually with a fixed gaze. That old love song, I lone(prenominal) postulate eyes for you helps explain the poets anguish when he realizes his lover is no longer mesmerized while in his company. Over tedious riddles of years ago (6) is indicative of some unresolved problems between the two people in this numbers. And some words played between us to and fro (7) seems to indicate small talk and causeless chatter. On which lost the more by our love(8) tells the reader that the poet is unhappy with the chatter and would rather be speaking of the unresolved problems betwee... ...a definite and recognizable pattern. This poetry is certainly not a sonnet, either in subject matter, meaning, or format. The rhyme scheme for this poem is that of A B B A, C D D C, E F F E, G H H G. There is enough continuity in this rhyme scheme to hold the poem together as a whole through the use of the pattern, however the changing of the actual rhyming words and the fact that, for instance, the A word is only repeated one time (as are all of the others) intensifies the poets feelings of loss over the change in his loves desires. Through the rhyming scheme, the poet is conveying the hopelessness of the two of them acquiring back together and repeating the beautiful love they once shared. Works Cited Damrosch, David, et al., ed. The Longman Anthology of British Literature Vol. B. Compact ed. New York Longman - Addison Wesley Longman, 2000. p. 2256

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Myths about the sun and the moon :: essays research papers

Myths about the Sun and Moon     The fair weather and the moon on are brawny beings that bring life and death to all living creatures. They control when it is daylight or night, which season it is, and the weather. They fascinate humans and a considerable amount of mythology has been sanctified to the creation of the sun and moon and why or how they travel across the sky during the day and night. This paper will discuss and compare some of these myths and the gods attributed to their disturbance and existence.      The sun and the moon are such influential powers that the creation of them is right along with the creation of the world and humans in some of the better-known mythology. The bilgewater of creation in Christian Bible tells of Gods creation of the sun and the moon. On the fourth day God made two outstanding lights - the greater to rule the day and the lesser to rule the night... God set them in the dome of sky to give light upon the earth, to rule over the day and over the night, and to separate the light from the darkness. (Genesis 1.16-18).      A similar myth of the creation of the sun and the moon is found in the Quran, "It is Allah Who hath created the heavens and the earth and sendeth down rain down from the skies... He has made subject to you, the night and the day the sun and the moon and the stars in subjection by His command." (Quran 1432-33).      These two myths are from monotheist religions in which the sun is just created out of nothing, they describe the creation but they lack explanation as to how and why the sun and the moon where put in the sky and get down no detail about the orbits or movement or them.      The Creation of the Sun and the Moon by Michelangelo is a large fresco of God creating the sun and the moon. In the foreground he has one hand pointing towards a large yellow ball, the sun, and in the backgroun d he is pointing towards a large bluish ball, the moon. He is looking forcefully at the sun in the foreground. This fresco is just one persons take on the creation of the sun and the moon as the bible explains it.     The Egyptian sun god was Re. His name meant sun and he represented strength.

Myths about the sun and the moon :: essays research papers

Myths about the Sun and Moon     The lie and the moon are powerful beings that diddle life and death to all living creatures. They control when it is day or night, which season it is, and the weather. They fascinate humans and a considerable amount of mythology has been dedicated to the conception of the sun and moon and why or how they travel across the sky during the day and night. This paper will discuss and compare some of these myths and the gods attributed to their care and existence.      The sun and the moon are such influential powers that the population of them is right along with the creation of the world and humans in some of the better-known mythology. The story of creation in Christian Bible tells of Gods creation of the sun and the moon. On the fourth day God made two great lights - the greater to rule the day and the lesser to rule the night... God set them in the dome of sky to give light upon the earth, to rule oer the da y and over the night, and to separate the light from the darkness. (Genesis 1.16-18).      A similar myth of the creation of the sun and the moon is found in the Quran, "It is Allah Who hath created the heavens and the earth and sendeth down rain from the skies... He has made subject to you, the night and the day the sun and the moon and the stars in subjection by His command." (Quran 1432-33).      These two myths are from monotheist religions in which the sun is honourable created out of nothing, they describe the creation but they lack explanation as to how and why the sun and the moon where put in the sky and have no detail about the orbits or movement or them.      The Creation of the Sun and the Moon by Michelangelo is a large fresco of God creating the sun and the moon. In the foreground he has one hand pointing towards a large yellow ball, the sun, and in the background he is pointing towards a large bluish ball, the moon. He is looking at forcefully at the sun in the foreground. This fresco is just one persons take on the creation of the sun and the moon as the bible explains it.     The Egyptian sun god was Re. His name meant sun and he represented strength.

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Islam Invasion of India in 1200-1700 72103725 Essay

The historical excerpt of India draws its genesis from the Indus V exclusivelyey civilization which mushroomed in the North-Western part of the sub-continent as early as 3300 towards 1700BCE. Rashid agree (1999). This era was popularly known for Bronze and the subsequent Iron Age. Historians concur with the fact that this is the period that triggered the massive uprising of pinnacle kingdoms otherwise known as Mahajanapadas from 700300 BCE. Rashid Barrack (1999). The scramble and partition and economic influence were a dreaded disease on the global scale before the papacy develop this affected almost all societies in the historical context.India like other societies in history was vulnerable to the Islamic invasion. The scramble for India began one century subsequently the death of Mohammed, during this period Arabs advanced into the deep most parts of India where they settled at the Indus valley. Most of these serial raids were affected by Mahmud who had the main objective of u nequivocal the wealth of India. They took over the Indian home turf Delhi by 12th century. Apart from the Islamic vested interest in India, other tribes from Persia and Central Asia also were seen as potential invaders into this sub-continent. Chirac. R (2000).Immediately the Sassanids succumbed, the consequent entourage of the Caliphates that welded enormous power and subsequently saw to its monopolistic dominion, It gave rise to Muslim dynasties of Asian heritage, which consisted of the Turks. Chirac. R (2000) Expansion of trade One of the impeccable reasons Islam expanded to India was strictly for economic reasons. The Muslims came in contact with India by means of the Arab invasion on a nest of pirates just about neo-Bombay. Muslims enhanced their dominance in both accumulating the economic power and enhancing religion through a comprehensive structure that fused the political power, law and religion.This was meant to safe-conduct their vested interest. This prompted a massiv e expansion of world trade far beyond in the medieval era. Free trade was vividly enhanced by Sher Shah Suri who bunned all trade tariffs. Large infrastructures were built and by (1540-1544) Grand Trunk Road was built to create a conduit between Calcutta through to Kabul. Chitendra Sonigra (1997). This was prompted by the curiosity to prepare trade empires along the Arabian Sea. During this period in time many Arabs settled at the Indian ports, prompting a transcendental increase of second Muslim communities along the Indian costal line.Communities self-generatedly occupied these regions, where they were used as mercenaries by most Hindu kings that hailed from the south. Chitendra Sonigra (1997). A fundamental aspect of the Muslim period in world history was the emergence of Islamic shariah courts capable of imposing a common commercial and legal system that across-the-board from Morocco in the West to Mongolia in the North East and Indonesia in the South East. Critically the i mposition of the common commercial strictures was meant to facilitate the ease of operation in the region as the Islam looted the economy. Chitendra Sonigra (1997).While southern India was already in trade with Arabs/Muslims, northern India found new opportunities. Islamic forces become so tactical and designed common legal framework that subjugates the Hindu kingdoms. The adoption of the Sharia laws was an integral era in the history of Islam that enhanced the imposition of trading tariffs. The Sharia incorporated business conduits that favored both the Muslims and the Kaffirs. Hadley M. (1970). The marshaled out an economic annexing stratagem by clinging on a system that was rounded between the clergy, the administrative and the mercantile classes.This system granted them ease in terms of navigating potential territories in the sub-content. The Islamic legion was clever in that they established a political human body that amalgamated both the law and religion in order to safegua rd and dominate on the economic spheres. As a consequent, Bengal was taken over and the key India by the Delhi Sultanate, empires like the Turko-Afghan reigned from Delhi the Mamluk ruled during 1211-1290 the Khalji ruled 12-90-1320 the Tughlaq ruled from 1320-1413 the Sayyid (1414-51) while the Lodhi ruled from 1451-1526.Hadley M. (1970). The Islamic hegemony also eyed the Southern kingdom where futile resistance was marshaled up by Vijayanagar until the tumbling down of the Sultanate Empire in 1565. Rashid Barrack (1999). This resulted into the expansion of international trade, in all spheres of the sub-continent. Chitendra Sonigra (1997). While it is evident that during this era a slit of leaders were overzealous about spreading Islam and varied sections inclined to the Akbar dynasty was liberal in founding a more harmonious religion.The economic aspect was championed through the massive empire uprising such as the Mughal dynasty in 15261707, that domineered India for 200 years the Mughal annexed so much wealth that made them so rich. Hadley M. (1970). The Islamic irreverence in India was categorically for economic reasons this was achieved through the expansion of slave territories and the exploitation gun powder. After the death of Auranzebs death, the dominance of Muslim subsided, this was followed by the successive imperialistic and provincial hereditary powers was coupled with intrigue and force.After a short while mansabdari system gave birth to the zamindari system where aristocratic structures of government imperturbable rents. Hadley M. (1970). Technology Expansion The expansive international trade during these wee years enhanced the transportation of industrial technology and urban ethical paradigm shift. Although the Indian sub-continent had a rich intellectual shade that was more advanced, the water-wheel technology for irrigation was imported during the Muslim period of invasion.Architectural designs such as those ones of the ceramic tiles that was dominant in Iraq and Iran was also transported by the mughal rulers. These designs gave Arabs a bargaining ground and they enhanced their economic mission under the pretext of ushering foreign technology. Hadley M. (1970). Cultural influence To enhance fecund dominance on the Indian subcontinent, the Islam had to incorporate the divide and rule philosophy that polarized the sub-continental psyche, which complicated issues majority of settled agrarian societies of India during this time.The Muslims however did non adopt the Indian mores and values they instead retained their identity and fronted legal cum administrative structures that outrun the mainstream systems. The fundamental effect of Islam on the Indian culture influenced the evolution of all spheres of human endeavor this includes language, dress, cuisine, architectural development and also the social and cultural values. The Muslim reign witnessed a magnificent urbanization of India and the spontaneous mushroomi ng of many cities and their urban mores.There was bit of language modification that was as a result of Muslim invasion. Since the Islam was a key player in the transatlantic trade the monetary factor was a major consideration in welding dominance in India, they however, extended their trade conduits that spread from Morocco through to Indonesia. This sort of emphasis on mercantilism and trade from the more strongly centralized governance systems further clashed with the agricultural based traditional economy and also provided dismiss for social and political tensions. Rashid Barrack (1999).

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Egypt’s Culture and Political System Essay

The Egyptian culture is considered one of the oldest cultures in human history. Surprisingly, it almost has some of gender equality except that it needs to a greater extent to consider, in influence achieving the ordinal Millennium Development Goal, which talks of achieving gender equity/equality and women em top executivement by 2015. I would recommend that the Egyptian constitution considers enacting and/or passageway several legislations in favor of women and as well give recognition to the in establishal market sector, where bulks of the women argon making meaningful contribution to the economy. I would as well recommend that this ancient nation and culture acknowledges the home, where the men considerably have all(a) the major decision making government agencys. I am of the conviction that women cause sound and major decisions as well and can provide reform and transformation ideas, realizing the remarkably undeniable work of the women of Liberia during the civil war.I b elieve that if our multiplication begins to identify the errors of past generations, relative to gender-related issues, and if we address those issues in more formal ways by beginning to give women their rightful places in society ensuring that opportunities and privileges are equally and equitably distributed, our world can be the most enjoyable place even for generations unborn. In an effort to do this, we must begin with an appellative of the problems as stated above, discuss them thoroughly as a way of enabling us to craft or design ideas that would amicably resolve them for the better of our universal world, beginning with the Egyptian society. In Egypt the political organization of policies and regulations of its political structure is based on its fundamental legalitys and practices. Most of which shows how the Egyptian government positions its power on the state and the society it governs. Egypt started out creation a Republic adopting a participatory system. This syst emdefines the way in which it uses its public authority. There are basically six parts to this system. The counterbalance is the constitutional system.There was a constitution of the Arab Republic of Egypt in 1971 that was used but then had a compose amendment to it in 1980. The actual amendment had commonality in the English Common Law which came from the Napoleonic Code. It simply explains that Egypt declares its self as an Arab Republic with a democratic system. The second part is called the Executive Branch. The president is called the Head of State. The head of state is selected by a minimum one-third majority of the Majlis ash-Shaab, which is the good deals throng. The Peoples Assembly must approve by a minimum of two-thirds and have to be elected by a majority referendum. The election line is for six years with the possibility for re-election with conditional reasons for return. Putting into to play the general state policy is made up and supervised by the Head of State. He also rules the Armed Force. The last elected president of the republic was Mohammed Hosni Mubarak.The supreme executive and administrative organ of the State is the government they are comprised of the Council of Ministers. This is rule by the Prime Minister and he is the overseer of the work of the government. The highest part of the government is the Executive and administrative part of the Egyptian Republic is the Council of Ministers. The Ministers are together creditworthy for the policy and procedure of the State before the Peoples Assembly, every Minister is responsible for the performance of his Ministry and is held to accountability to do so. The Parliament has great power as well. They have the power to withdraw confidence from the Cabinet or from any Cabinet member and leave them powerless. The quaternityth part of this system is the legislative Branch. This branch of the Egyptian Parliament is a reflection in character and consists of the Peoples Assembly, or Majli s El-Shaab and the informatory Council or Majlis El-Shourah.The Peoples Assembly is the legislative branch of the State consisting of 444 directly elected members and 10 members appointed by the prexy, who serve for a term of five years. It has the power to approve the general policy, invigorated laws, the budget and the development plans of the government. It also has the authority to undertake investigations and to levy taxes, besides appointing the Presidential prognosis and passing a vote of no-confidence in the cabinet. The Advisory Council with 140 members, out of which 70 membersare nominated by the President, is Egypts consultative council. It offers advices and consultation and proposes to the Assembly bare-assed laws and regulations (Haas, F. 2008). The fifth part of the system is the juridic Branch. The Judicial branch System was brought into the country introduced into the country in 1854 and predicated on the English common law, Islamic law, and Napoleonic codes sy stem to go through for four categories of courts of justice. Almost like the United States the highest judicial body is the Supreme Constitutional Court, the Court of Cessation.There are seven courts of Appeal in the various systems, and the abridgment Tribunals in the districts are the principal court system in Egypt. It guarantees the independence of the judicial system. The fifth system is the Party of Power. This system is ruled on a multi-party system. The Law 40 of 1977 regulates the development of political parties in Egypt. Though there is currently 17 active political parties representing various stands across the political spectrum, the law prohibits the creation of religious-based political parties in the state. Presently the National Democratic Party holds the majority of seats in the Peoples Assembly (History. 2012). The sixth system is the local government. This is headed by a Governor who is appointed by the President which is very different as to how they are selec ted in the US. Egypt is administratively divided into 26 Governorates. Within their districts, local government units establish and run all public utilities, provide services and designate industrial areas. Working closely at various levels with local government is the Local Popular Councils.The basics Egypt is a large, mostly Arab, mostly Muslim country. At around 80 million people, it has the largest population in the Middle East and the third-largest in Africa. Most of Egypt is in North Africa, although the part of the country that borders Israel, the Sinai Peninsula, is in Asia. Its other neighbors are Sudan to the South, Libya to the West, and Saudi Arabia across the Gulf of Aqaba to the East. It has been was ruled by Hosni Mubarak since from 1981 until February 11th( Pew Research Center 2011, November 17). As to what is going on today in Egypt. There has been fierce protest in Egypt that has been promoted by the recent protests in which led to the fall of the Tunisian governme nt as well as getting rid of longtime Tunisian dictator Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. The Egyptians have gathered momentum to get support of other protesters across the Arab world in Algeria, nonably inprotesting their autocratic governments, high levels of corruption, and grinding poverty.This is a big reason Why Egyptians unhappy and disturbed about the government. They feel they have no basic freedom than Tunisians. Egypt is ranked 138th of 167 countries on The Economists Democracy index, a widely accepted measure of political freedom. That ranking puts Egypt just seven spots ahead of Tunisia. And Egyptians are significantly poorer than their cousins to the west (Mislan, D. 2012). How did this all start? These protests started with the protests in Tunisia. Just like their Tunisian counterparts, Egyptian protesters have pointed to a specific incident as inspiration for the unrest. Many have cited the June 2010 whipping death of Khaled Said, allegedly at the hands of police, as motiva tion for their rage. But its also clear that the issues here are larger (Prager, D. 2012). This seems to be compound for the US more than Tunisia was. The Tunisian regime was a key ally for the US in the fight against Al Qaeda. But the US governments ties to Tunisias Ben Ali pale in comparison to American ties to Egypt.Shadi Hamid of the Brookings Institution, a centrist think tank, explains Predictions that a Tunisia-like uprising will soon topple Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak are premature the Egyptian regime, with its well-paid array, is likely to be more unified and more ruthless than its Tunisian counterparts were. The U.S. is the primary benefactor of the Egyptian regime, which, in turn, has faithfully supported American regional priorities. After Iraq, Afghanistan, and Israel, Egypt is the largest recipient of U.S. assistance, including $1.3 billion in annual military aid. In other words, if the army ever decides to shoot into a crowd of unarmed protestors, it will be s hooting with hardware provided by the United States. As Steven Cook of the Council on Foreign Relations points out, the Egyptian military is not there to project power, but to protect the regime (History. 2012).There was a forepart started in Egypt called the Egyptian Movement for Change (EMC). It also has some other name called, Kefaya which in English means Enough. This came about in 2004. Almost immediately its importance to Egyptian political life was recognized, though not unders likewised. Both Egyptian and Hesperian analysts have mischaracterized the movement. Interpretations have been too narrow, focusing on specific details and ignoring the movements broad lot, or too broad, mistaking Kefaya for a generic social movement in the Western mode. All much(prenominal) approaches fail toappreciate Kefayas real contribution. This essay argues that Kefayas significance lies in its transformative potential as a broad political force that is uniquely suited to the needs of the mo ment in Egypt. It is at erstwhile a cross-ideologic force that has the potential, in the long run, of creating a new mainstream and a movement of a new kind that is creating a distinctive and promising form of government activity for Egypt.Egypts political system has reached a dead end in the early twenty-first century. The opposition political parties are locked in their headquarters, unavailing to communicate with the public. Virtually acquiescing to the siege of an arsenal of restrictive laws, these political parties have for years suffered from an increasingly diminishing membership, a lack of operational funds, and internecine ingrained feuds. The illegality of the Muslim Brothers (MB) has paradoxically liberated that organization from restrictions that come with governmental licensing. However, the political theory, posture, secrecy, and political tactics of the grassroots-based MB engender the mistrust of many political forces, including some Islamists. At the same time, the secularist-Islamist polarization hinders the possibility of reaching any meaningful consensus on critical issues.This blockage is not lost on the regime, the clear beneficiary of such divisions among its adversaries, and it does not augur well for the future of the brothers in a lead role in shaping Egyptian political life. Amid this political disarray, a new generation of Egyptians holds the promise for transforming politics in Egypt. They have found a home and an instrument in Kefaya and in the process have invented a new form of politics. Their innovations are historically grounded on the specifics of Egypts political life in recent decades. Unique Egyptian circumstances have shaped their experiences, aspirations, and vision for the future. With the seething political discontent on the one hand and the ideologically based mistrust and mutual exclusion among the political forces on the other, Egypt needs today, more than ever, a new form of politics that pulls together divers e ideas from across the political spectrum to forge a new national project.For more than a decade, a group of activists and intellectuals have interacted across ideological lines to reach a common ground. Kefaya emerged as one manifestation of these efforts and as an important illustration of the possibilities of this new politics. composition such collaborative work across ideological lines is not unique in democratic experiences around the world, Kefaya represents the first successful effort of that sort in modern Egyptian politics. This essay, based on primary sources, including open-ended interviews, statements, newspaper articles, and reports, as well as unpublished documents, is composed of three main parts. The first part explains in more detail the reasons why Kefaya has been widely mischaracterized the second illustrates why and how Kefaya represents a new force with the potential of creating a new mainstream and the third explores the new politics invented by Kefaya.There has been Misunderstanding Kefaya Since its early days, there have been various critical interpretations of Kefaya by politicians and intellectuals alike, at times citing deficiencies in the movements profile, actions, and approach, while at other times dismissing the movement outright as being a foreign puppet or the pastime of a bunch of kids. The most serious and widely noted critique of Kefaya is that it has been essentially a mere protest movement, targeting President Mubarak personally, without putting off an alternative candidate or articulating a constructive vision for political transformation. The critique along these lines has gained more momentum since the 2005 presidential election. Because Kefayas main slogan expressed the rejection of a fifth term for Mubarak as well as the succession of his son, the argument goes that Kefaya lost its raison detre with the end of the election.Except for rejecting the election burdens, symbolized by the slogan of Batel, nothing new w as produced. When Kefaya played a leading role in the formation of the National Front for Change on the eve of the subsequent parliamentary elections, it was criticized as passing the torch to the old opposition parties, the very same entities whose inaction it has been formed to face. (Haas, F. 2008).The EMC had been dragged into sitting together with the leaders of the tamed opposition, instead of putting forward a demand for changing the electoral system. While critics clearly question Kefayas contribution to Egyptian politics, even the more positive assessments of the EMC mischaracterize it. For example, the American left-hand(a) sees Kefaya as the beginning of the process of rebuilding an Egyptian Left crushed by decades of police oppression and a reverse of its political marginalization caused by the rise of political Islam (Haas, F. 2008). few Egyptian analysts as well characterize Kefayaas a secular protest movement and thereby implicitly promise its role to be the contain ment of the Islamists. Kefaya has been so widely misunderstood in the West as well as among the Western-educated elite in Egypt because of the reliance on Western social scientific classifications, notably the social movement literature, to make sense of a phenomenon emerging from the very different Egyptian context. This shortcoming is compounded by looking at Kefaya with an ideologically selective eye. While Kefaya has indeed demonstrated several of the characteristics highlighted in the literature on new social movements, it is neither iodine issue oriented nor concerned with identity two of the most important features of new social movements.Shoehorning Kefaya into a category derived from the experience of postindustrial societies obscures more than it illuminates. Nevertheless, the fancy of the new social movement comes closest to capturing certain features of Kefaya. The movement is one of dissent, aiming in a constant and persistent endeavor toward the transformation of Egy pt.4 It is a soft network of small groupings around the country. Like social movements, it aims at generating public attention and has emerged from a realization of the perils involved in conventional party politics in Egypt, marked by debilitating restrictions and dilemmas. In other words, Kefaya emerges out of realization that the institutional channels are neither neutral nor amenable to the demands for change. However, impertinent conventional social movements and because of the specific necessities of the Egyptian context, Kefaya is not focused on a single issue.The same, incidentally, is true of the Islamic movement whose platform also embraces a range of issues. In addition to the breadth of the issues addressed by Kefaya, the movement is ideologically diverse. In this way, it differs from the Islamic movement. While the latter has a concrete ideology shaping its project, Kefaya goes beyond any single ideology to be the only movement in contemporary Egypt that emerged out o f serious political interactions across ideological lines. Approaching Kefaya through the prism of the social movement literature, with its American scholarship emphasis on resource mobilization and political processes, blinds analysis to this distinctive feature, which is in fact one of the most important contributions of Kefaya to Egypts political life. There is concern about the momentum behind Egypts emergency law, and what it means for surface both the incredible progress that has already beenmade and the equally incredible progress that has yet to be made. There is concern about the treatment and military position of the Copts and other members of the Christian Egyptian minority.There is concern about the security of the EgyptianIsraeli border and about relations between the two countries in general. There is concern that the progress that has been made thus far could actually lead to a reversal of Egypts progress, should the freedom to elect lead to a government that constr icts the freedom of the Egyptian people even more than we have seen over the past 30 years And the list could go on. Indeed, there is no shortage of things about which to business organization. There is a fine line between worrying and accept. Similarly, there is a fine line between two, seemingly contradictory, truths Some degree of discontent with our present circumstances is healthy and incumbent, because discontent fuels progress at the same time, being happy requires that we make a point of being happy wherever we are. There is a fine and difficult line between making the best of our current reality and not giving up.It is necessary to think through all possible outcomes, including the undesirable and even the remote ones. Both worrying and believing are the result of thinking. Worry and anxiety result from focusing on undesirable outcomes no matter how probable or improbable. Belief, on the other hand, is the result of focusing on the best possible outcomes again, no matter how probable or improbable. Whereas worrying fuels panic and skepticism, believing fuels faith and hope. Positive action rarely results from the chaos, fear, or feelings of scarcity that often accompany worry. combine and hope lead to trust and courage and trust and courage lead to positive, prosaically action.So, yes, there does seem to be a great deal to worry about right now. Even still, if theres even the remotest possibility that believing instead of worrying will lead to continued progress, and then it seems to me that believing is what we have to do. Positive psychology has been described by Martin Seligman and others as the science of what makes life worth living of what is working for individuals, families, communities, and society more broadly. The Positive Psychology experiment with which we are now charged is to, together, choose belief over worry. At least between now and Egypts presidential election, let us together make a conscious, deliberate decision to focus on what is working and how it can lead to the best possible future for Egypt and for the world as a whole.ReferencesMislan, D. (2012). Cross Cultural Perspectives. San Diego, CA Bridgepoint Education, Inc. Haas, F. (2008). German Science and Black RacismRoots of the Nazi Holocaust. FASEB Journal, 22(2), 332-337.History. (2012). Germany Country Review, 7-14.Ninkovich, F. (2001). The United States and Imperialism. Wiley-Blackwell. Pew Research Center. (2011, November 17). The American-Western European Values Gap. Retrieved fromhttp// Prager, D. (2012). Still the Best Hope Why the World Needs American Values to Triumph. HarperCollins.

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Country Lovers Essay

A story of command love on a South African farm, one child nothing more than a farm worker, as the other one prepares for boarding school. Both ignorant to the comment of their skins, all they knew they were best friends playing together until they grew up and then it was not allowed. But when Paulus turns fifteen and goes to school things start to change he begins to realize the unlikeness between boys and daughters, and then the consequences behind his actions, but then its too late to turn back.What drew me into this story was the title country lovers, and then the forbidden love on a South African farm I wanted to see what it was about, curios to know if it was about two people of different races falling in love, creating racial relationships in a place that forbid it. And that was exactly what it was, two kids playing together as kids, a boy white and girl black, everyday playing on his fathers farm.What I couldnt understand was why they were able to play as kids but not be able to socialize when they got older. If it was because of racial boundaries, why not keep them apart even when they are kids, then it wouldnt be so confusing. The literary condition and concept that best describes they way I am retrieveing about this would be Imagination because it expresses how the author was feeling about racial differences and allows the reader to feel what the author is writing about.I am using the Reader Response approach to analyze my story because it asks you to connect with the literature, and find a personal bear on or imaginative entry into a story. And that is what this author makes you do. While reading this story I had a lot of different emotions like why did he change when he went to school, but when he came home he was with thebedi. Even though he met people at school whose familys was prosperous famers? He still was bringing gifts to thebedi, she making gifts for him and both lying about where they came from and why.They had been sneaking arou nd for months, so when she was eighteen and the farmers son was xix he left for veterinary college, Njabulos parents asked Thebedis parents to marry their son and they agreed on it, not telling Paulus or Njabulo that she might be pregnant. When the corrupt was born looked nothing like Njabulo, but he still was going to take care of her as if she was his own. This would be Satire because he should feel impatience but instead he is willing to take care of her.My thinking didnt change because in that time thats what happens when two different races ruffle up and have children, I just thank god its not like that now to the extreme it was then. Because I love people for who they are not because of where they come from. Because of the authors background growing up in South Africa I can understand why she feels this way, they have different traditions and beliefs. This was a very good story I enjoyed reading it and feeling what they were going through.

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Confucianism’s similarities to virtue ethics Essay

Confucianism, the ancient social philosophy of China, would have had no ethical parallel in the West as niggling as 30 years ago. There are some small similarities that it holds with utilitarian ethics and deontology. There is very little in ethical self-seeking or relativism that lines up with Confucianism. I believe that virtue ethics, however, as laid out in Alasdair MacIntyres book After Virtue bears a hit resemblance to Confucianism. One important feature of Confucianism, according to John Koller, is that it is an essentially humanist philosophy in other words, human beings are the ultimate descent of values.This is in apposition to Supernaturalismwhich claims that values ultimately come from beau ideal, and naturalismwhich believes that values come from nature. Thus, Confucianism, answers the question of How can goodness and harmony be achieved? by looking for exemplars and principles in humanity itself. This is strikingly similar to the picture that Alasdair MacIntyre pa ints of the world. According to MacIntyre, most of the ethical talking to and arguments that are thrown around between ethicists and veritable(a) everyday people is fundamentally incomprehensible or incoherent.Ethical prescriptions used to be based on a common belief in God and the ways in which He has ordered the universe. In todays world, however, we no longer share that common belief, but we have kept the structures and language of our old ethical systems without the foundation stones on which they were originally built. To remedy this ailment, MacIntyre proposes going back to a kind of virtue ethics, an essentially humanist philosophy that defines chaste behavior as what a good man would do. Like Confucianism, virtue ethics looks to neither God nor nature, but kind of humanity to find the principles by which to live.Furthermore, both Confucianism and virtue ethics focus less on the rightness of actions themselves, but rather on the development of virtuous people. Koller, not es The Confucian idea that virtue, rather than law, should be the basis of government . Similarly, virtue ethics sees ethical behavior as ultimately driven by character, not by rules (deontology) or consequences (utilitarianism). two Confucianism and virtue ethics are interested in cultivating people skillful in doing good as the basis of a stable society.

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Dog Saves Life Essay

I was very enthusiastic for my world adventure race and wanted to get in shape, therefore I refractory to head out(p) for a run. I took my dog, Tazz along who was my constant companion and was very energetic and playful. Moreover, the passage I took was very rough and unstable, despite that I carried on with my run in the remote canyon. During my training run, fortuitously I slipped and plunged 60 feet on to the solid rock smashing my pelvis into pieces. I was abysmally injured but still alive it was an abominable pain and my next reaction was to get out of here, despite my broken pelvis I tried and true standing up but I failed. My legs couldnt support my body and I was unable to walk, besides that I was separated from my dog which aggravated the situation. I was stranded alone in the barren wilderness and I was facing my worst nightmare.Furthermore, I started dragging myself inch by inch which was causing commodious pain and then suddenly my dog appeared and came to my rescue I was no longer alone and that gave me a comfort. Since he came to me I knew there was a route out and so I followed him, over and above I was planning to get back to my truck however, the pain was augmenting. As the night arrived it was freezing moth-eaten and I struggled doing sit-ups to keep my body warm and prevent hypothermia I was fighting for my life. I just had my dog that cuddled up next to me. The next morning I tried again to drag myself but I was unable to move any further because I had interior bleeding and I was in a critical situation. It was getting difficult to breathe as well as I was losing vision.Moreover, because of the appalling pain I started crying as well as losing hope that anyone would find me and then Tazz came over to me and saw my tears. I could see that he was also upset. Eventually my family members informed the police that I was not receiving the prognosticate calls, therefore a search team mobilized and a local detective knew about my place where I often train, they came searching for me and found my truck.At that stage I was dying and so I said to tazz that Im hurt and he needs to find help he turned well-nigh and took off which was very depressing because then I had to face death alone. Furthermore, tazz was seen by the search team as he found the way out of the canyon. Tazz ran towards them and starting barking thus, one of the officers followed him and eventually found me. I was thankful to God as my ordeal was over. They gave me water and the feeling of having gulps of water actually go use up the throat was incredible. I was glad to be alive.

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The Role and Influences of the Royal Family in Uk Society Today

The comp onent part and influences of the magnificent Family in UK society directly. Introduction This report is analysis the role and influences of most famous family in the UK the Royal Family. People continuously talk about the majestic family. Royal activity, behavior and words, even the scandals argon the hot topics in the public. Why Royal Family gets high attention from the country? What is variant amongst them to us? As pointed out by Blain and ODonnell, Royal family is actually important part in UK. The Royal Family must support the political relation works and withal has significant roles in public and charitable (2003).In addition, Royal Family on behalf of the UK visits other countries to help strengthen the diplomatic relationship in the midst of the British and other countries. What is more, Royal Family has roles to maintain social stability and promoting national unity (royal. gov. uk, 2010). Therefore, the Royal Family not just a general noble family, als o is the symbolization and representative of the United Kingdom. Basic the British society, this paper research the duties and effects of Monarchy today. Background British Royal Family has long history in the Europe. Throne of England was beginning(a) built in the ninth century.In the long history, the Monarchy was the most supreme rule in the country until 1688. This year, the glorious revolution began and overthrows the Stuart dynasty. Leaders were building the constitutional monarchy in the United Kingdom. Gough (1999, p48) states that the constitutional monarchy was a mixed monarchy and the Sovereigns power was limited. It means the Sovereign was the head of UK, just the administration controls the country and leader was the crown Minister. The Monarch, Parliament, Prime Minister constituted a complete political system. Today, the Sovereign is Elizabeth II.She was being butt in 1952. According to the Constitution she is the head of the UK and commonplacewealth (Billig, 1992). The role of the Monarchy As we know, the British monarchy is a constitutional monarchy. This means, the sovereign is Head of State but a King or Queen does not have the rattling power in political and executive (Maer, 2010). However, the monarch and his/her family also play truly important roles in the UK. The act of settlement said, the monarch undertakes State duties. In the British, The monarch represents the political sympathies and fulfills the formal roles of the country.For helpful of national unity and peace, the Parliament legislate the monarchy can not stand to any political position, have no rights for election and never carry out personal advise in public place except the monarchy realize up the Royal status (Blain and ODonnell, 2003 ). The Queen or King in Parliament is means a group of legal institutions. It includes of the Monarch, the House of Commons and the House of Lords in British. The Sovereigns role are close the old Parliament before each election a nd opening a peeled one Parliament. Moreover, approval by new legal or proposition, also sign in it.In addition to the role in the London, the Sovereign also have responsibilities in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and help for wed them to London Parliament (Oakland, 2006). In the country, the sovereign represents justice, unity and honor. The British is a country which has many kinds of culture. The sovereign has important role to links the Churches and the Public, but also keeping fond relationship with other faiths. What is more, the sovereign is the symbolic Head of the Army. The Army must swear to allegiance the monarch. The Queen and her family have duty to visits the veterans and the piece who had honorary ranks.For example, the official website said, the Royal family usually visits the British Army. The latest, the Prince of Wales visited British troops in Afghanistan in 25 March 2010 (bbc. co. uk, 2010). In addition, the Royal family usual to supports free activit ies and charitable activities. The data show, the Queen is the head of 53 independent countries voluntary services (royal. gov. uk, 2010). The Sovereign is also the head of commonwealth. The commonwealth was founded in 1949. The king George VI is the Head of this organization. After George VI, the Queen Elizabeth II becomes the Head of the commonwealth (Besant, 2009).At the beginning, the commonwealth have 15 members. To today, 54 countries belong to the commonwealth. The duties of the Queen are to together their countries in the ground and strengthen the exchange between countries. The Queen usual open or close the Commonwealth Games. This game could help build friendship between people all over the world. Most recently, the 2010 Commonwealth Games was begun in India and New Delhi in October 3 (royal. gov. uk, 2010). Moreover, the monarchy has diplomatic duties of state. The Royal role is building a friendly relationship with other country. Further, they can to support the develop ment of the UK.For instance, the Monarch and he or her family maybe represents the British to visit to other countries. Addition, the Sovereign have the duties visits Heads and unconnected ambassadors. The news reported that in 1999, the Queen and Prince Philip were visited in South Africa (bbc. co. uk, 1999). Another news from Royal official website (11 November 2010), the Queen recently visit the ambassador from Estonian in Buckingham Palace. The influence of the Monarchy As pointed out by blain and ODonnell (2003, pg58), The British Monarchy continue as a power balance the relationship between government and the public.The sovereign do not have right to decide the political events and the usual maintain a neutral stand. However, Probably,because of this reason. The public more confident that the views of the royal family. Oakland (2006) states that, the royal advice on formal and informal ways maybe could be impact the public who did not support any leaders. In the end, Changes the composition of the government. What is more, if the government situation is unclear, the sovereign could make a choice. In fact, the royal could advise recommend an acceptable candidate.Because of the significant influence of Monarchy, the Prime Minister usual communicates with the Royal Family. For example, the former Prime Minister Tony Blair regular hold a conference call with the Queen and to listen her advice (Blain and ODonnell, 2003 ). The Royal Family is a strong symbol of unity in UK. When foreigners talk about UK, they usual linked the Queen and the Prince. Recently, Medias were report a new around the world the British Queen ElizabethII has unresolved a Facebook in website. This is a new way to show the Queen and her family to world.China Daily (2010) said that are the queens once social media venture. Facebook is a communication platform much yang people like lt. Queen choose to use Facebook maybe want more and more yang to follow with interest to Royal Family. USA today (2010) states that The decision went right up to the queen. Moreover, when people go to travel to Britain, they always interesting in Royal Construction. For example, the Windsor Castle is one of the official billet of the Queen. It is UKs top 20 visitor places and each year it attracted nearly 1 million visitors (royalcollection. org. uk, 2010).This is clearly the Royal Family have high attention from the world and have huge power to influence the British society. Public trust about the Royal Family Billig (1992) states that one of the most interesting aspects of the royal family is that it are very families (as it is a family) and get very different These categories would seem to set the frame for the patterns of similarity and difference. Being royal they are different from us belonging to a family they are familiarly similar (pg 103). That is why the public feelings maybe mixed and complex when they talking about Royal Family.On the one hand, they hope the Royals are s tark(a) person who are elegant, stately also represent traditional culture and modern civilization. On the other hand, people like the Monarch as common people and looks more civilian. It is difficult to balance the relationship between different and similar for Royal family. For example, Princess Diana died in a car accident in 1997. When Princess Diana died, the Queen and her families did not attend the funeral of Princess Diana. At that time, the public are angry for the behavior of the royal family. A large number of People think the Royal Family are ruthless person.The British Monarchy in a serious crisis of confidence. Finally, the Prime Minister Tony Blairs help the Royal Family actively restore the image of the Royal in peoples mind. Even today, the public still talk about this event when they memorial Princess Diana. (bbc. co. uk, 2010) Nowadays, British society is becoming more and more compare and freedom. The public maybe have new opinion to the Royal Family. People are suggesting the Monarchy become more liberty, openness and equality. Last year, BBC poll shows a dandy number of people advise changes to the rules of succession to the Monarch in UK (BBC, 2009).As the figure shows, nearly 90% people tend to change the line of succession and give the royal women some rights. Moreover, more than 80% present the public want the monarchy can have freedom to choose marry a Catholic or not. What is more, 76% people support the Royal Family and hope them could continue (bbc. co. uk, 2010). This means that the public not only want the Royal Family can longer exists, but also expect the old monarch system can progress with times in British society. pic1,000 people polled by ICM Research, 20-22 March 2009, from bbc. co. uk ConclusionRoyal Family is play very important roles in politics, culture and economy fields in UK today. This report introduces the role, influence and the public opinion about the Royal Family. Firstly, this report introduction todays Ro yal Family and give the history of constitutional monarchy, then explain the structure of the British government. Secondly, the roles of the Monarchy are namely talk about the Royal roles in government, Church, Army, Volunteer Service, Commonwealth and foreign affairs. Thirdly, the influences of the Monarchy this paper mainly analyze the effects of Monarch and his/ her family in formal political and overseas.At last, this report discusses the British public opinion to the Monarchy. The public are attitude about the Royal Family stand in positive and negative two sides. Analysis of survey data by BBC, this bind shows that public expectations of the royal family. Overall, the Royal Family as a link connects two different parts. It supports communication between government and the public. It represents British interflow with the commonwealth. It helps to strengthen the friendship between British and other countries. Moreover, Monarchy as a normal family but also plays special parts.Mi llions of other families pay close attention to Royal Family. Therefore, as one of the oldest Monarch system the Royal family still fulfill the responsibility in order to the people who are living and loving this country.

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Crime Statistics Comparison

Crime statistics endeavour to provide statistical measures of aversion in societies. They provide a taper of analysis and comparison, onlyow countries to form long-term patterns and trends and apprise help to develop and reform criminal justice policies as well as being more meaningful than raw numbers.Using the countries of Bahrain and the get together States as a comparison point for the following issues which surround crime statistics such as biases, agendas and general do works interchangeable facts of life and religion this essay will be focused around analysing the statistical factors and wider influences which washbowl allow a country to break low or high crime order. Crime Definitions Definitions of what exactly constitutes being a crime differ not totally crossways countries but level off across states.This gutter be an issue with statistics as in order to measure and comp ar crime consistently crimes need to be classified and position into groups of simila r offences. darn murder is a crime recognized and agreed upon by most nations, what makes up a homicide may be more challenging and then even simply just a crime against the person screwing leave widely. This often means that what makes up a crime for many offences can vary throughout jurisdictions. This is a problem when categorizing offences for international statistical comparison.An example of this is the way that laws differ state to state deep take the United States, while offences known to natural law is a statistic seen as quite a high repre directative figure of the offences, a lot of researches see that no official measure can eer come close to the actual amount of criminality that exists in any form in society (Archer, 1984) Definitional problems be concerned with whether or not crimes have equivalent meanings between nations, which in most cases a lot of crimes seem not to have.Countries most often vary in behaviours which can sometimes be seen as coming within th e space of the law. So for any kind of comparison of crime pastures to work at all, it is crucial that the definitions of crimes and the categories they are placed in are similar. The next issue with definitions is that even the unalike organizations that compile crime statistics differ within their own definitions.Interpol for example defines murder as whatever act performed with the purpose of taking human life, excluding abortion but including infanticide (and including attempts). Kalish, 1988) While the World Health Organization (WHO) does not distinguish between intentional or unintentional homicides but does not include attempts under this organization attempts fall under a separate legal distinction(Kalish, 1988). And again, the United Nations have a different definition for homicide Death purposely inflicted by another person, including infanticide. (Kalish, 1988) Due to major issues with the above topics across all countries, referable to definitional and categorical di fferences, crime statistics can differ significantly.In Bahrain, crimes against the individual are ranked in relation to the seriousness of the offence, murder, attempted murder, murder by error, assault, threatening and others. In the United States, offences are not classed separately, but into broad categories which are homicides, robberies and assaults. Bahrain does not report rape as a single category and in response, no reports of rape have been sent to their criminal investigation unit (Ministry of Information, 1985). report IssuesThe quality of the way crime is reported is likely to be influenced by a wide range of practices and techniques in different jurisdictions. For example in Bahrain, individual police departments participation in reporting crime rates is compulsory, but neither the numbers of convictions or the last outcome of cases are reported, whereas, local police departments in the United States are under no obligation to report back crime rates from their areas as participation is voluntary (Newman, 1993).Honesty or dishonesty of police who are involved in the collection and compilation process of statistics (Adler, 1983) and the manipulation of the data compiled for policy-making reasons which will be discussed later are some other examples of things than can influence the quality of the crime that is reported. In the United States for example, every case involving three-fold offences by the same person that are compiled by police, the statistic noted down is only in relation to the most serious offence that has occurred (Reichel, 1994).Underreporting is an influence on the reporting of crime as it affects basically every area and any data that is compiled by police. In many occasions and for many different reasons plurality do not report offenses they are victims of or that they witness. There is a dark-figure of crime in both Bahrain and the United States, there have been no using studies conducted in Bahrain to date, but on the confrontation side, the victimisation surveys that have been conducted in the United States show higher crime rates than the Uniform Crime Reporting System shows (Federal Bureau of Investigation, 1981-1987).Another reason there are issues with extremely low or quite high crime rates is the issue of governmental influences. Police may exaggerate statistics in their areas to draw funding to their area for upgrades and to gain more police numbers, or even down the crime statistics to contrive success of their force, to show the race of the country and the world that they are doing their job correctly and well.The government can also do the above, by altering the statistics, they can create a sense of fear in there people to gain votes through public advertising that they will combat the high rates of crime in certain areas, or downgrade the rates to adhere to international requirements, to attempt to get the country placed on the best of lists within international media as a way to gain tourism by showing they are a safe place to visit. Wider Influences Bahrain is a country which operates on all levels in relation to the t all(prenominal)ings of the Quran.This makes up the fabric of life for the Bahraini people, the influence of the Islamic religion can be seen in the economic, political and neighborly pathways of life within the culture of the country. In Bahrain, religion is the most important structure. The Islamic religion opposes wrongdoing in all its forms and that any wrongdoing can lead to the downfall of society. The teachings of the Prophet attempt to get rid of all forms of crime before it happens by influencing the individuals who follow the religion.Acts against the law therefore is not only a crime against society in the eyes of Bahraini people it is also a violation of the principles of God. In Bahrain there are even good police officers who regulate the dress and public behaviour of citizens (Helal, 1991). As the Quran provides the bag for society, it also provides the base for which laws are made. All laws however have major influence from the Western cultures, apart from marriage, divorce and succession which all fall under the Shariah. Souryal, 1988)Therefore religion is a major influence in relation to everything, right down to helping explain the low crime rate in Bahrain. Citizens are able to speak directly to the ruler of Bahrain for a few days each month this allows the people to feel that they are in touch with their government as they are able to voice their concerns directly (Helal, 1991). Therefore crimes against the state are less likely to be committed as people feel as if they play a greater role than just an individual in a wider community.Souryal (1988) has noted in his studies that since firearms, drugs and alcohol are all banned, the opportunity for violence is reduced. Ontop of this, the way the law is applied to Muslim offenders acts as a hitch to the Bahraini citizens. The penalty for committing a crime is harsher if the offender is Muslim and has committed an offence against a Muslim, the Islamic penal code is also enforced against non-Muslims in the country. Some punishments that can be given out include amputation, stoning, flogging and death which can be executed in public (Moore, 1987).The influence of raising within Bahrain is a major factor that can be associate back to the low crime rate of the country. Islam religion is tied tightly into the education at all levels in Bahrain, and education is compulsory for all children living in the country also (Helal, 1991). The United States however has a separation between church and state, which is not the case in Bahrain. Within the United States, there is a separation of powers, it is a multicultural society which also makes it multi-faith, to base all laws on just the one religion within the United States would most likely cause more crime rather than decrease the rate.Within the United States alcohol and firearms are l egal once of a certain age, therefore the high crime rate within the country can be related back to the availability to things that aid criminal acts and violence. Education within the United States changes in relation to the age of compulsory education, it ranges from between 14 to 18 (State imperative Attendance Laws, 2007). Religion is not taught within all schools due to the adversity of religions within each state and the country as a whole.There are schools which focus on specific religions, these however are private schools and advertise that they do these teachings (Religion in Schools, 2004). The major difference between the two countries, other than the rate of crime, Bahrains crime rate being quite low compared to the United States, is the issue of religion within not just the country, but as the basis for all the laws and the way the entire community of Bahrain lives their life. In conclusion, there are so many reasons by which crime statistics can be altered due to not only issues with reporting and recording, but definitional issues and wider societal influences.It is not until recently that any one organization has attempted to compile and compare cross-national crime statistics, for this to be done however, organizations need to find a way to combat the above issues outlined. The United Nations have pushed for a standard level of classification of offences and the collection of statistics across continents which would set out minimum standards for the collection, analysis and presentation of the statistics. (Vetere, 1977). This is just one way we can start to remove bias and definitional errors.The true rate of crime is impossible to compare or even start to determine. The amounts of crime reported demonstrate that there is a major difference between the two countries in terms of crime rates. The Islamic religion within Bahrain lays the foundations for life and can be seen woven into critical social areas within the community, all in which can create the basis for crime to become a realty within Bahrain however, due to the tight influence religion has on ones conscience, it has the opposite impact (Helal, 1991).The United States has the separation of church and state, therefore fewer values are shared throughout the country, which allows for breaks within society and these can be seen as the basis for crime to be committed, therefore raising the crime rate rather than lowering it. It would be simply ridiculous to implement the way Bahraini society is run into the United States(Helal, 1991). But the influence that the combination of church and state within a country like Bahrain has on the Bahraini people is simply just one way in which can be shown to keep crime rates low.Referenceshttp//

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Community, Responsibility, and Guilt

Community, Responsibility, and Guilt The unexampled Chronicle of a Death Foretold by Gabriel Garcia Marquez tells the story of capital of Chile Nasars dying. More importantly it tells the story of what value and recognize mean to a biotic residential area and to what extent one can go to maintain that standard. A central theme in the bracing is how a society can pressurize its people to bit and behave in a certain way. They feel bound by a standard that if non kept, then it will bring shame to their family. In the novel, after her husband returns Angela Vicario to her family on their wedding night, she admits that it is Nasar that had aken her virginity.Her brothers, Pablo and Pedro, viscously carrying into action Nasar to regain their sisters and familys honor. In this society a man or woman without honor is an outcast to the federation and to the culture. Almost everyone in the confederacy knew what was going to happen only when no one did anything about it. Everyone i n the association had excuses to why they did nonhing to help. Excuses stating that they didnt believe it would really happen or that they only if didnt know what to do. for each one person get holdmed to Just hope that someone else would do it someone else would stop hem, and didnt want to take responsibility.The novel reflects how a community can victimize individuals within its society causing detrimental affects to both the popular public and the specific individuals involved. The novel looks into the Latin American culture and how its cultural norms and the importance of honor do the entire community. The principles that obligates the Vicario family and the community conducts the murder of a most likely innocent Santiago Nasar and burdens Pedro and Pablo with the duty to control the family honor.In this culture, honor of a womans purity does not only belong to the female individually plainly the honor belongs to the family as well. To not be pure can bring shame on the family name in the eyes of the entire community. So much so that keeping ones honor is more important than been candid and keeping Godly values. This three-fold standard makes it okay for a women to deceive their husband into thinking that theyre virgins. We see this in the novel, page thirty-eight, where Angela is taught old wives tricks to fake her virginity on her wedding night and told that it is ommon that women have to do this.The community consists of both Latin culture and Arab culture ranging for different social classes. However, as stated in the remonstrate notes, both cultures connect by dint of trust. Both the Latin and Arab cultures in the novel are Catholic. The Catholic religion is very important to all the members of the community. Cultural beliefs, traditions, and rituals form the Catholic Church influence the roles of the family. The novel presents a outrage down in religion. A break down in religion causes a break down in family values. This is why almost a ouble standard is seen with the communitys values.In the book, the Bishop neer comes ashore to give his blessing, acting as if he is to good to stand with the people of the community and seems to Just be going through the motions. Another example is how Father Amador is told about the plan to murder Santiago but he never tries to stop it blaming it on being busy and not knowing what to do. If a leader of the perform church do it either? The novel stress the importance of the Catholic Church and practicing church tradition, but at the same time there is stress to put all that aside or the sake of honor.To entertain ones honor, it is okay to lie and murder as long as it is Just. It is even okay to make excuses for guilt. No one even wondered whether Santiago Nasar had been warned, because it seemed impossible to all that he hadnt (Marquez, p. 20). Everyone had an excuse for why they didnt get involved. They entangle they didnt have to do anything because someone else would do i t. Another double standard is how men having premarital wind up at the brothel or prostitution house seems to be acceptable in the community but a woman having sexual relations efore marriage is what is wrong.The community is collectively thinking. No one is rest up as an individual. So then when everyone decides to stay silent the effects of their actions intern breaks down the community responsibility to its members causing havoc for umteen of the characters and the public as a whole. Having honor and commitment to the family and community is major theme of the Chronicle of a Death Foretold. Societal responsibility is different for men and women. The boys were brought up to be men. The girls had been reared to get married (p. 31).The community emphasizes a machismo culture. The women are taught to have suffered, be pure and be compliant to men. Men are taught to show and prove their masculinity and to be dominating. Society fails to care for and victimizes Santiago Nasar. Howev er, I feel that the other characters are somewhat victims as well. Santiago, most likely innocent, is victimized because he is slaughtered for deflowering Angela Vicario. Pedro and Pablo are victims because they are bound by honor and duty to regain their familys honor by cleanup the man believed to have taken it. So he ut the knife in his hand and dragged him forward almost by force in search of their sisters lost honor. Theres no way out of this, he told him. Its as if it had already happened (Marquez p. 61). This quote shows how the Vicario brothers are ruled by their cultural beliefs and feel that they have to do the deadly deed to be respected. Other examples are the hypocritical gender differences, which makes Angela a victim and Bayardo is a victim due to the cultural expectation of having a pure wife and if she is not then he has to return her and face the embarrassment.This victimization of many of the characters is because they are all bound by the rules of their communi tys culture going them with no other outcome. Santiago is easily victimized because he was never told that he was going to be killed. He was a sitting duck unaware of the hidden predators waiting to slaughter him. This victimization was because no one in the community took responsibility and in the end their society felt that the murder was Just due to family duty and the regaining of ones honor.The structure of the story is told by an anonymous fabricator who was there at he time of the scandal and returns years later to recollect information of how the murder of Santiago Nasar came to be. The narrator was apart of the community in the novel the reader is told that he is a friend of Santiago Nasar and many of the other characters and we are told who his family members are as well. The narrator to is guilty like the rest of the community for not taking charge and helping to stop the murder of Nasar. He never mentions himself taking part in the responsibility to save Santiago or st op the Vicario brothers.He portrays the community as being ausing a double standard between genders. Men are masculine and dominate and women are submissive and taught to please the man. overall he shows how the communitys responsibility for each other falls apart. The reader finds out information on Santiagds death and how it came about through a series of ways directly, indirectly, through associations, and hearing it talked about. In the novel, time Jumps from ago to future throughout the five chapters and we are given different accounts of the events from various people in the community reconstructing the details of Santiagds murder.This adds more emotional effects in understanding the community obligations that lead to the murderous deed, but it also leaves the readers with a lot of questions and assumptions. Chronicle of a Death Foretold tells the story of a commun. This novel underscores how religious beliefs and cultures can nurture a warped sense of honor and values. In t he novel the characters believe they are doing the right thing, but in actuality they go against the values of their religion that they claim is so important. Honor is preceding(prenominal) all and put above their very sense of right and wrong.

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Hebrew Wisdom on Diligence and Laziness Essay

Part I1) I chose the Islam worldviewi)The scruple of Origin Islams believe that man came into being through a long process of evolution. They believe the evolutionary process which produced man in its form today took millions of years, and man evolved from lower forms of sentient being life. In their belief,it was lone(prenominal) small types of animals in the beginning, and in the course of time animals got larger and eventually one of these animals developed into man. This animal is believed to consent become extinct, except is believed to have been represented by the monkey. The basis of argument is certain sorting of monkeys have a strong resemblance to man.ii)The Question of IdentityIslamic identity is an upmost possession. It is your faith, religion, righteous values, and your whole life. This identity is the one that makes you wake up before sunrise to pray to Allah. This identity makes you kind, sincere, responsible, and paying attention when you deal with people. It besides forbids you to steal, gamble, participate or engage in implicit behavior. This identity makes you realize and take that Islam is a way of life in other words this identity makes you a good sympathetic being.iii)The Question of Meaning/ intentAllah states in the Quran, that he created man to be his Khalefah (confident ,attractive handsome, man),and to regulate humans the Quaran is the disposition revealed by Allah, the name of Islams God. Very simple, the purpose for mans creation is to worship the creator, Quaran 5156-58.Allah states that he make this life in order to shew man so that every soul may be recompensed after death for what he has earned.iiii)The Question of Morality-A person becomes a Muslim by believing there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah, and saying the Shahadah (Declaration of Faith)with sincere opinion. Muslims atomic number 18 believers of the Islam worldview. They believe this present life is a trial in preparation for the next realm of existence. They also believe the world was created by man.iiiii)The Question of Destiny-Islam teaches that destiny is written by ones in the flesh(predicate) hands, and then handed over to God for judgement. They believe the good and unrighteous are in Allahs responsibility, but if you accomplish good things in life you attain heaven and if you do bad things you lead attain hell this also means that Allah is the knower and creator of all things, and nothing exist away of his will and decree according to the Islam worlview.Part IIi)The Question of OriginThe Islamic worldview, and the Biblical worldview has no comparison, or similarity in the origin of man. Genesis 27, clearly states that God created man from the clay of the earth, blew into the nostrils of man, and man became a living soul. Man was also created in Gods image, Genesis 127. This destroys the theory of evolution man was not developed from an animal, assumably some type monkey.ii)The Question of Identity jibe to the Biblical worldview, God gave man dominion over the animals on earth in Genesis 126.We, not only were created in Gods image which is a very distinctive quality, but with the authority to rule. There are some similarities with the man in Islam worldview, such as being marvellous in character and morals. Although God views are different from mans, there are standards, and character that Christians should brisk up to, just as the muslims do in the Islamic faith. Christians should not be ashamed of the credo of Jesus Christ, and be willing to tell others of Jesus and even willing to die for the gospel the said(prenominal) with muslims, they are bold in their belief, and they are persistant and steadfast in their way of life.iii)The Question of Meaning/PurposeFor god so loved the world, he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 316.God came to give us life, eternal life with him. As Christians, we are made to wor ship God. Allah states that he made this life to test man for their recompensation after death. God doesnt test or tempt us with abomination, he gave us his son to help us overcome evil by believing in Jesus. The Islamics must control their own desires to do good or evil the biblical worldview has Jesus to help us overcome. After death, hell is the payment for a person who chooses to stand up an evil life, and the similarities are the same in both worldviews.iiii)The Question of MoralityGenesis 131 tells us that everything God made was good. Muslims, recite with conviction the shahadah, and the change transpires in their life of belief. A Christian, too, with conviction repents of their sin, avouches Jesus as their lord, and in the belief, one is a new creature iiiii)The Question of Destiny-Destiny is something that Christians, and Islams have in common. One day life will come to an end. According to Allah, nothing is out side his will, and no one is forced to obey Allah, because he has a extrawill. There are minor similarities, such as nothing is done without Gods will, no one is forced to obey God, and we are free moral agents, BUT one day every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.

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Counterterrorism vs Civil Liberties

The fall of Husseins regime marked the dawn of the advocacy towards counter act of terrorism. The war between the United States and the former Iraqi government had genuinely severed the relationship of the two states (Davis, 2002). The war ended with the US as the victor. Yet the true battle has not been started yet. There be still potential forces that are really capable of destroying the world order again. Osama Bin Laden and his Al Qaeda group are not yet captured. Hence, there are reasons for US not to pack its eyes off on the possibility of another outbreak may be it in the pose East or any place in the globe.What Counterterrorism Is? Counterterrorism pertains to the techniques and strategies that are geared against terrorism (Howard & Sawyer, 2005). Counterterrorism does not throttle itself from solely being formed and employed by a particular government. It includes all groups and sectors of the society. It is impossible to marque the advocacy towards counterterrorism without needing the help of other agencies such the business sector. Certainly, the citizens of the state must be well-informed most the scope and limitations of such campaign so as to grasp their perspectives regarding it.The campaign for counterterrorism starts with a plan. In the preparation of the plan, various strategies, tactics, and techniques are also demonstrable to respond to terrorist attacks. The plan normally includes special forces and teams that are outright responsible for the implementation of particular strategies against the terrorists (Howard & Sawyer, 2005). In this contemporary period, campaigns for counterterrorism are becoming prevalent not besides in the Western regions but also in the Eastern and Southern regions.The United States has started to solicit championship form its allied countries to materialize its plan of combating terrorism. US Policy on Counterterrorism As mentioned in the introduction, the big efforts of the US to strengthen its pos ition against terrorism started after the September 11 bombing which put the entirely of US in big indignity. The US drafted a national as well as internationalist indemnity against terrorism. The US Counterterrorism Policy states that it strongly espouses a war against terrorism and all other forms of it.The policy stressed that the US shall vigorously act so as to defeat terrorist attacks against the state and the citizens (Naftali, 2005). According to the policy, the US government including all its major departments and agencies shall put great effort so in order to master the vulnerabilities of the US on terrorism (Naftali, 2005). All the departments and agencies mentioned in the policy shall see to it that the counterterrorism campaign of the state is effrontery the highest priority. Such that it shall secure that all of their areas of responsibility are protected from terrorist attacks (Davis, 2002).In addition, the policy states that its implementation shall be fitly and effectively employed by all US departments and agencies by shouldering all the costs of its implementation as well as developing efficient and useful technologies that can really contribute in countering terrorism (Naftali, 2005). The US Counterterrorism Policy is not only limited in the states national territory. In concomitant, its policy extends even outside US. It requires that countries who house particular terrorist groups shall be able to cooperate with them.It is clearly express in the policy that the US government will be using all means to get terrorist groups from their host country no matter if the latter agrees or not. And those countries that refuse to do so would be labeled as advocates of terrorism thus they shall be treated as enemies of the state. Such is the scope of the US policy on counterterrorism (Howard & Sawyer, 2005). Counterterrorism vs. Civil Liberties The former or the traditional surveillance in the US has been developed into something that which is superior in terms of its strict implementation. Yet, as we all know, everything that exceeds the normal is evil.In US, bulk are say to be more secured and protected against any forms of violence particularly by terrorism (Darmer & Baird, 2004). This is due to the fact that the US government gives priority to the enforcement of the anti-terrorism or counterterrorism policy. As consequences, spate are confident enough of their synthetic rubber wherever they are in the globe. However, such strictness in the counterterrorism policy implies the curtailment of certain urbane liberties of its citizens. As mentioned earlier, all US departments and agencies set about been instructed to do their very best and to prioritize the campaign against terrorism.By doing so, people would not really be able do their thing as how they do it before. This means that they have to sacrifice their some of their freedom (i. e. privacy) just to ensure that the policy on counterterrorism is not being for eclose by anyone or anything (Darmer & Baird, 2004). This seems to be problematic especially for those advocates of human rights. By implementing the policy, the government has given a direct authority over the citizens life so as to secure that there are no threats of terrorism. It may seem beneficial to all because they are being protected by the state.Yet people may also experience severe interference and intervention from the government (Howard & Sawyer, 2005). And these things are not really good for the government inflicts pointless suffering on its citizens. As reported, there are increasing numbers of human rights victims in the US whose grievances are caused by the policy on counterterrorism. Furthermore, it undermines the welfare of the people in the sense that it gives more priority (i. e. higher subsidy for military) to the campaign against terrorism than giving more notes for education, and social and heath services (Darmer & Baird, 2004).References Darmer, M. K. , & Baird, R. M. (2004). Civil Liberties Vs. National Security In A Post 9/11 World . Prometheus Books . Davis, P. K. (2002). Deterrence and Influence in Counterterrorism A Component in the War on Al Qaeda. RAND Corporation . Howard, R. D. , & Sawyer, R. L. (2005). Terrorism and Counterterrorism Understanding the New Security Environment, Readings and Interpretations (2nd ed. ). McGraw Hill/Dushkin. Naftali, T. (2005). Blind Spot The riddle History of American Counterterrorism . Amazon Remainders Account .

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John Donne Life Stages Through Facts and His Poems

bathroom Donne was a poet of sixteen century. As a poet, he often wrote around love, influence by the stages of his life. He is often referred to as the chief of Metaphysical poetry, a specific type of writing. Johns life was tormented, and this can be felt within his writing. His life as a poet can be divided into lead de billetate stages. Those stages represent the change of personality and his mind exploitation, and his growth as an individual and as a lover. The graduation exercise stage, characterized him as a wild child, even tough he was already a young man.In this early on stage he was regarded as a player, not having any set relationships especially with woman, he was playing around and enjoying his youth not believing in true love. Donne was described as fun and loving. This first-year stage of his life as a poet, may be represented by the poem Go catch a falling star, in this poem John donne clearly state that he as no faith in woman and support his belief by unus ual metaphor and similes, in which for example he compares unfaithful womens to falling stars, or childs with mandrake root.In this text edition he clearly shows not only his loss in the faith of womens but similarly how he gave up on the search to find his faithful love. If Thou Findus one, let me know line 19 This line shows how Donne Is done searching for a faithful woman and how he now meet waits for others to find one. The theme of Go catch a falling star illustrates John view and belief, warrant by his actions and comportment during this first stage of his life. The second stage of John Donne life is characterized by a sudden settlement.John found reason to stop playing with womens and settle in a calmer lifestyle. He slowly stabilized, into a usual routine. In this stage of his life John Donne married Anne Donne. In this draft passage John started suffering due to love, and mainly theme his poem about Love and pain. This chapter in his life can be sensed in the poem A Va lediction Of Weeping. In this poem, he tries to convince his sick and pregnant wife to not be sad even though he was leaving to Europe for a while. Here, John love for his wife, the faith he had I her, and how much he cares for her is portrayed.Again this poem is about Love a general characteristic of metaphysical poetry. The third stage of John Donne life is marked by the death of his wife. He was field grief. This passage of his life can be described as dark, cold, and depressing. As he was field with pain John found redemption and relief pitcher in writing. He was left alone with his seven sons and daughters, this was a time of loneliness, but also wisdom. His first writing after the death of his wife, was the XVII Holy Sonnet. In this Sonnet John, is again writing about love.However here Love is mixed with faith and religion. We can definitely see a significant growth of his belief and opinions. He saw the death of his wife as a knock over. God as knocked him over, by taking hi s wife away. He questions why he as helped him find her in put together to finally take her away. Significant changes in Johns life and belief can be observed through his poem. Due to his themes and ways of writing have made possible to define three different passage in his life. Those stages, have been sculpted by the environment and the people he meet.

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Characterizing Mrs. Bennet

Who is Mrs. Bennet? While Mrs. Bennet speaks to her husband we can see many of the same characterizations done what he says in response. As far as the Mrs. being a gossip, it is clear that Mr. Bennet has hear his fair share of it from her. When asked if he wants to know who is moving into Netherfield he replies that he knows that she wants to tell him, still that he does not particularly want to hear it. We also see that Mr. Bennet knows his wife is somewhat of a drama queen and he is constantly poking fun at her with his sarcasm, which she never seems to understand as such.Yet another example of Mr. Bennets experience with his wifes character is his plainly un-caring behavior towards his daughters cleaveting married. Mrs. Bennet is convinced that Mr. Bingley could be her new son-in-law, Mr. Bennet points aside that Bingley is not inescapably there to find a wife. Through all these ways we can see a slit of Mrs. Bennets personality through the words of another character in the book. We can get even more nurture through words not necessarily spoken in the book, but spoken to us through the voice of the narrator.Even the simplest of comments can show a huge personality trait. The simplest way the narrator shows us that Mrs. Bennet loves to gossip and talk is when Mr. Bennet says he has no protestation to hearing her story, the narrator points out that That was invitation enough, showing us that Mrs. Bennet is very eager to get her information out. Although we can pucker much of Mrs. Bennets character through the entirety of the page, the narrator makes certain(p) we have gathered what we deal to about her by giving us a summary at the very end of the page.The narrator tells us that She was a woman of mean understanding, little information, and uncertain temper. When she was dissatisfy she fancied herself nervous. The business of her life was to get her daughters married its solace was visiting and news. So, once again we gather that she loves visitin g and news, or gossip, and that the business of her life is to get her daughters married. Mrs. Bennet is not hard to figure out with Jane Austens excellent characterization techniques.With her great narration techniques we have the author there to tell us much of what we need to know. Even better is that much of the time we dont even need the narrators help, through the speech in the book whether it be Mrs. Bennet herself, or somebody speaking to her or about her. Through either the character itself, the characters around it, or the author herself, Jane Austen manages to use all triad characters excellently to show us the personality of Mrs. Bennet, as well as the rest of her characters.

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Concept of Competition Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Concept of argument - Essay Example other one is that opposition ca usages organization to be efficient and to prosper due to the contributing role of the factors related to to efficiency. This selection process is good for aggregate efficiency. Lastly, competition innovate the major source of gains in amentiferous efficiency (Vickers 1). For further nub of competition, different perspectives stooge be given attention such as that of the work of social scientists, humanists, and philosophers. Such works do not merely report any meaning in ordinary discourse. Most of them theorize, explain, explore and penetrate below the surface to uncover the features of competition. Among species and every society competition occurs where resources are in limited supply. Competition is defined as the active demand by two or more organisms for a common source as discussed by Wilson. The using up of other resources to the detriment of other organisms, whether it is not aggressive in behavioral interaction is also some other perspective on competition. Two modes of competition are distinguished by Wilson namely scramble and contests. travel competition can be defined as exploitative. The winner will be the one who uses the resources offshoot without specific behavioral responses to other competitors. harmonize to Wilson, competition theory is a relatively advanced national in ecological research. A competitive technique is the aggression among members of the same species with a set of behaviors. In addition, competition is a term pertaining to human affairs and it is a warning of dangers involved in extending our use of the term (Newman 5). Economic competitions also play the role, as a neutral buyer or consumer. According to Tibor Schitovsky a person or an organization has competition if the party wants to trade with has alternative opportunities to exchange. Competitors are commonwealth or organizations that offer alternatives and similar opportunities to the oppos ing party or parties. When there is competition there is an bet to pursue ones own interest. Having competitive behavior can be as unselfish as any other kind, but a rational competitor never act on the assumption of what others are doing. Most competitors think of their own goals and are primarily motivated to develop, demonstrate and get laid competence on their own visions. Competitions are used to overcome feelings of being separated, abandoned and unloved. It permits demonstration of each individuals significance which gratifies each desire, rambleiveness and approval and also they perform in public, assert themselves in the presence of others at the very least of their competitor (Newman 11). Competitors al right smarts aim to win for them agreeable is the object of the game. They want to impress their competitors, to be admired for their success. Most competition is complex in its way especially in pursuing its goal e.g. money, job, a womans hand in marriage. In addition , competitive impulse seeks a good fight. Competing is the act against another human being. Competition itself often takes problematic forms example is a world class athlete producing exact performance measures to compete with the other competitors (p.11). Competition and competence are both derived from the same root. It is a desire to develop, to strive and to achieve even with the risk of exposure of defeat of failure in one direction and to strive toward a goal. A social scientist postulates that in competition the rules that can hinder a party to achieve and the rewards that can be attained can be considered equal. It usually takes the form of legitimized conflict regulated by rules. But not all competition is a pure contest in which the other competitors are prohibited to achieve their aims. Those who are legitimized