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Fallacy and Mutual-fund Guru Peter

Angel Allen Professor Needle November 25, 2012 Chapter 8 Exercise 2 For each of the following items, write one paragraph identifying the logical flaw. a. The preference couldnt see been fair- I dont know anyone who voted for the winner. The occurrence that no one you know voted for the winner does not mean that the election as unfair. Argument of ignorance a. It would be injure to prosecute Allied for age discrimination allied has eer been a great corporate neighbor. The occurrence that allied has always been a great corporate neighbor, it is not wrong to prosecute him for age discrimination if in occurrence it is true. Appeal to compassion b.The decrease in smoking can be attributed to increased restrictions on smoking in public. Although smoking has decreased you should not conclude that the pull up stakes of smoking in public restrictions was the cause of the decrease. Post hoc reasoning c. bill Jensens proposal to create an on-site day-c be center is just the in vog ue(p) of his harebrained ideas. The fact that Bill Jensen proposes to create an on-site-day-care center does not headland that the idea is unwise. Ad hominem argument d. Since the introduction of cola drinks at the set out of the twentieth century, cancer has become the second- greatest killer in the unite States.Cola drinks should be outlawed. Before reaching valid conclusions, you would have to study a much larger sample to compare causes of cancer and that in fact cola drinks is the cause of cancer. This ordain be a hasty Generalization. Hasty generalization e. If mutual-fund guru Peter Lynch recommends this investment, I think we ought to buy it. until now if mutual-fund guru Peter Lynch recommends this investment, it is not wise to buy it unless you have through with(p) your own research. Argument of authority f. We should not go into the flash-memory market we have always been a leading manufacturer of DRAM.The fact that you have always been a leading manufacturer of DRAM is not in itself a good reason to retain from the Flash-memory market. Appeal to feel for g. The other twain hospitals in the city have utilize computerized patient record belongings I think we need to do so, too. The fact that the other hospitals implemented computerized patient record keeping is not in itself an argument that we should model one, too. Ad populum argument h. Our Model X500 didnt succeed because we failed to sell a sufficient number of units.Before reaching any valid conclusions, you would have supply more strategies on selling your Model X500, maybe other factors couldve been a reason why your sales were not successful. Oversimplifying i. No research has invariably established that Internet businesses can discharge money they will neer succeed. The fact that research has never been established that Internet businesses can earn money does not necessarily mean that the Internet business will not succeed. Perhaps the statistics are not yet available. There are Internet businesses that have been out for years Im for sure they are succeeding to be around for so long. Appeal to pity

The Reasons Why Firms Want to Use Earning Management

Good afternoon every integrity, today we are going to continue to talk about the consequence of Earning Management, I am xxx We will present the bad side of earning care through with(predicate) 2 cases, The first one is Enron what happened and what we can learn from it and the second one is the respectable dilemma at Northlake. Both cases are present how management is motived to manipulate accounting numbers to achieve their specific purpose, for good example in the first case, Enron affixd their net income through many methods to rise their ploughshare price, but in the second case, the company decreased their net income.However, two earning management comes with the bad consequences happened to the society. Next, we are going to see another example which is how management is motived to manipulate accounting number to reduce or underprovide for environment and restoration bes. As a result, there ca practise some ethical issue. First let us go through the Background data ( A. F. P. Company). It is in the Pulp and newsprint industry. The company had three major mills, situated in some of the more remote location in the province. From A. F. P.Companys standpoint, of course they do not want to expend too very much money on the discharge of waste water from pulp and composing mills furthermore, the firm had been facing difficult financial times out-of-pocket to recession, and this had caused substantial hardship in the three small communities where the mills were located. But, as in the Pulp and Paper industry has the responsibility to the new organization proposals to put effluent controls on the discharge of waste water from Paper mills in environmentally sensitive regions of the province. Therefore, the managers in the (A.F. P. Company) find a way to give themselves a reasonable reason not to make the cleaning equipment. CEO and V. P. of A. F. P. collude together to use earning management to increase their cost on the financial analysis. in the financial report, they states that we will make water severe financial problems if we are forced into building a lagune for waste water treatment, in order to show their interpolate severe financial problem going to happen, they highly estimate their in operation(p) cost would rise 30%, but in fact their cost only can be rise around 8%-10%).And they withal highly estimated all other costs. In addition, they dont progeny into account the damage to the local river at all. The people live in the takestream are still drinking the garbage or dishonored water In this case, let us put all the intelligent issues behind, and focus on the ethical issue first. As the case mentioned the down totally dependent on the mill for economic survival of the fittest. It is kind of corresponding Blackberry in Waterloo.As the mills goes, so goes the town. And will thousands of people mixed-up their jobs, if put you in the position to decide between the economic survival or environment damage, how will you decide? If you in the position of A. P. Fs accountant how do you decide between your personal benefits and engrave of professional code? Lets say, if you do not use earning management to increase the cost, you will force to lose your job by the CEO.

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Market Positioning of New Product

What is marketplace The word Marketing in narrow reason is victimisation upd as the sum up of selling edge. Now a days selling is considered as managing lootable node kindreds. Hence, we define commercializeing as the process by which companies create shelter for nodes and hit pissed customer relationships in order to capture harbor from customers in call back. here(predicate) the figure 1. 1 presents a simple five step simulation of the tradeing process. In the eldest four steps companies work to rede consumers, create customer value and build heavy customer relationships.In the final step companies reach the reward of creating superior customer value. By creating value for customers , they in turn capture value from customers in the ca-ca of sales, attains, and long term customer equity. In the face of todays changing clientele , to succeeder , this expand model of marting is precise much helpful. All steps of this merchandising process is important. A s a first step, food market placeers regard to understand customers take and needinessinesss and the market place deep down which they operate.Once its fully understood , consumers and marketplace, Marketing management use a customer driven merchandise system. In the next steps, marketers construct a trade program that actually deliver superior value done building profitable customer relationships by capturing value from customers. Here we lead concenter on customer driven merchandise dodge of entree a merchandise or avail. Customer driven market strategy and marketing management orientations that guide marketing strategy To design a winning marketing strategy , the corporation essential first shape who it give serve.It does this by dividing the market into members of customers(market segmentation) and selecting which segments it leave behind cultivate( smear marketing). Next , the compevery essential decide how it forget serve objective lensed customer s(how it will variousiate and position itself in the marketplace). Marketing management wants to design strategies that will build profitable relationships with tar cast consumers. There be five alternative images under which organizations design and black market out their marketing strategies. These argon - *Production theory *Product concept *Selling concept *Marketing concept *Social marketing concept roduction concept The philosophy that consumers will favor harvest-homes that are available and super affordable, and that management should in that respectfore instruction on improving production and diffusion efficiency product concept The mentation that Cl will favor products that offering the most quality, performance and gasconades, and that the organisation should thitherfore, devote its energy to making uninterrupted aver improve merits selling concept The idea that consumers will non buy enough of the organisations products un little the organisation undertak es large-scale selling and promotion essay arketing concept The marketing management philosophy which holds that achieving organizational goals depends on find the call for and wants qf target markets and delivering the desired satisf achievements more effectively and efficiently than enemys do. social marketing concept The idea that the organization should determine the need, want and arouses of target markets and deliver the desired satisfactions more effectively and efficiently than competitors in a ay that chief(prenominal)tains or improves the consumers and societys well-being.There is no hard and fast rule to purely follow any particular concept. These concept are followed by disparate companies as their convenience as their business legation. This may vary for different companies beside roughly companies may follow the combination of these orientation. Marketing cock The site of controllabletactic-id marketing tools- product, price, place and promotion that tliv dissolute blends to producethe response it wants in che target market functional chewing and bubble gums pic ProductAnything that flush toilet be offered to a market for attention, acquisition, use or consumption that might satisfy a want. It includes physical objects, persons organizations and ideas, price. The amount of money charged for a product or function, or the sum of the values that consumers ex counterchange for the benefits of having or using the product or divine service. place. All the company activities make the product or service available to target customers. promotion Activities that communicate the product or service and its merits to target customers a persuade them to buy.SWOT Analysis The SWOT epitome section draws from the market audit. It is a brief list of the searing success factors in the market, and rates strengths and weaknesses against the competition. The SWOT outline should include costs and saucily(prenominal) non marketing variables. The outstanding opportunities and threats should he given. If plans depend upon assumptions about the market, the delivery or the competition. SWOT analysis draws the critical strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) from the strategic audit.The audit contains a riches of data of differing importance and reli susceptibility. SWOT analysis distils these data to show the critical items from the internal and external audit. The number of items is small for forceful communications, and they show where a business should focus its attention. The s.t.p. Process The growing use of the s.t.p. process has occurred as a subscribe to result of the prevalence of mount up markets, the greater diversity in customer needs, and the ability to reach vary or niche segments.As much(prenominal) marketers are increasingly segmenting markets and identifying winning segments (i. e. who to focus on and why? ), in order to identify new product opportunities, develop suitable positioning and communications strategies (i. e. what message to communicate), and effectively allocate resources to key marketing activities (i. e. how much should we spend and where? ). Organizations will oftentimes commission segmentation explore when they want to re-scope their marketing strategy, giveigate a declining brand, launch a new product, or restructure their pricing policy.Organizations in operation(p) in highly dynamic environments seek to conduct segmentation research at regular intervals, to keep in touch with changes in the marketplace. STP refers to the three activities segmentation, targeting, and positioning Key benefits of the STP process include Enhancing a companys competitive position by providing educateion and focus for marketing strategies such as targeted air, new product development, and brand differentiation. For example, Coca-Cola determine through market research that its Diet drive of light brand (also marketed as Coca-Cola Lite) was egarded as girly and feminine by male consumers. As a direct result the company developed a new product, branded Coke Zero, which is targeted at the health-conscious male segment of the soft drinks market. Examining and identifying growth opportunities in the market through the identification of new customers, growth segments, or new product uses. For example Arm & Hammer was able to attract new customers when brisk consumers identified new uses for their baking soda (Christensen, Cook, and Hall, 2005).Lucozade also changed the positioning and targeting from its authorized marketing strategy positioned for sick children and rebranded to target athletes as an energy drink. more than effective and efficient matching of company resources to targeted market segments promises the greatest return on marketing arrangement (ROMI). For example, financial institutions like HSBC and Barclays and large sell multinationals such as Tesco and ASDA Wal-Mart are utilizing data-informed segmentation strategies to effectively target direct marketing messages and rewards to customers they aim classified as offering long-term value to the company, i. . they are profitable customers. Market Create values for customers and build customer relationship An expanded model of the marketing process Marketing dodging Target consumers are at the centre of the marketing strategy. The company identifies the fare market, divides it into smaller segments, selects the most promising segments and focuses on serving them. It designs a marketing mix using mechanisms under its control product, price, place and promotion.The company engages in marketing analysis, planning, implementation and control to find the best marketing mix and to take action. The company uses these activities to enable it to watch and adapt to the marketing environment. We will at present way briefly at eieh factor in the marketing process and say where it is developed elsewhere in this book. The ideal of Market Segmentation Market s egmentation is the division of a market into different groups of customers with distinctly similar needs and product/service requirements.Or to put it an new(prenominal) way, market segmentation is the division of a commode market into identifiable and distinct groups or segments, each of which choose frequent characteristics and needs and display similar responses to marketing actions. Market segmentation was first defined as a condition of growth when core markets suck in already been developed on a generalised basis to the transfer where additional promotional expenditures are yielding diminishing returns (Smith, 1956). There is now widespread agreement that they form an important foundation for successful marketing strategies and activities (Wind, 1978 Hooley and Saunders, 1993).The purpose of market segmentation is to leverage scarce resources in former(a) words, to ensure that the elements of the marketing mix, price, scattering, products and promotion, are designed to m eet particular needs of different customer groups. Since companies have finite resources it is non possible to produce all possible products for all the people, all of the time. The best that can be aimed for is to return selected offerings for selected groups of people, most of the time.This process allows organizations to focus on specific customers needs, in the most efficient and effective way. As Beane and Ennis (1987) eloquently commented, a company with restrict resources needs to pick only the best opportunities to pursue. The market segmentation concept is related to product differentiation. If you aim at different market segments, you might adapt different variations of your offering to satisfy those segments, and as if you adapt different versions of your offering, this may appeal to different market segments.Since there is less competition, your approach is less likely to be copied and so every approach will do. Market consists of buyers and buyers differ in one or m ore ways. They may differ in their wants ,resources, locations, buying attitudes and buying practices. through and through market segmentation , companies divide large, heterogeneous markets into smaller segments that can be reached more efficiently and effectively with products operate that match their unequalled needs.In this section we discuss four important segmentation topics segmenting consumer markets, segmenting business markets, segmenting international markets, and requirements for effective segmentation. Segmenting Consumer Markets There is no single way to segment a market. A marketer has to try different segmentation variables, alone and in combination, to find the best way to view the market structures. Table 7. 1 outlines the major variables that might be used in segmenting consumer markets. Here we look at the major geographic , demographic, psychographic, and behavioral variables. Geographic World contribution or solid ground North America, West Europe, Mi ddle east, Pacific rim, China, India, Canada sylvan region Pacific, Mountain, West matrimony central, West south central, East north central, East south central, South atlantic, Middle atlantic, New England. City or metro size Under 50005000-2000020000-5000050000-100000100000-250000 250000-5000000500000-1000000 Destiny Urban, suburban, rural Climate Northern, southern Demographic Age Under 66-1112-1920-3435-4950-6465+ Gender male, womanish Family size 1-23-45+ Family life cycle upstart, single, Young married, no children, Young married with children, Older, married with children, older married no children Income Under1000010000-2000020000-3000030000-5000050000-100000 Occupation passkey and technicalmanagersofficialsproprietorsclericalsales Crafts people supervisorsoperatives Education Grade instruct or lesssome high civilisehigh school graduatesome college Race AsianHispanicblack discolor Generation Baby boomer.Generation x, generation y Religion catholic, protestant, jewish, muslim, hindu, separate Nationality North American, South American, British, French, German, Italian, Japanese Psychographic Social class Lower lowers, focal ratio lowers, working class, middle class, upper middles , upper uppers Life style Achievers, strivers, survivors disposition Compulsive, gregarious, authoritarian, ambitious Behavioral Occasions Regular occasion, Special occasion Benefits Quality, service, economy, convenience, speed User situation Non exploiter, ex- drug user, potential user, first time user, regular user User rates Light user, medium, user, heavy user Loyalty status None, medium, strong, absolute Readiness stage Unaware, aware, informed, interested, desirous Attitude toward product Enthusiastic, positive, indifferent, negative, aggressive Segmenting seam Markets Consumer and business marketers use many of the same variables to segment their markets. Business buyers can be segmented geographically, de mographically, or by benefit sought, user status, user rate and loyalty status. Yet business marketers also use some additional variables, such as customer ope place characteristics, buying approaches , situational factors and personal characteristic.By going after segments instead of the whole market, companies can deliver the just the right value proposition to each segment served and capture more value in return. Requirements for Effective Segmentation Clearly, there are many ways to segment a market, but non all segmentations are effective. For example, buyers of table salt could be divided into fair and b broadenette customers. Target Markets The second important part of the STP process is to determine which, if any, of the segments uncovered should be targeted and made the focus of a all-embracing marketing programme. Ultimately, managerial discretion and judgement determines which markets are selected and exploited and which others are ignored.Kotler (1984) suggested that in order for market segmentation to be effective, all segments must be Distinctis each segment clearly different from other segments? If so, different marketing mixes, to use the traditional approach to marketing, will be necessary. Accessiblecan buyers be reached through appropriate promotional programmes and distribution channels? Measurableis the segment prospering to identify and measure? remunerativeis the segment sufficiently large to bequeath a stream of everlasting future revenues and profits? This approach to the evaluation of market segments is often referred to by the DAMP acronym, making it easier to remember.Another approach to evaluating market segments uses a rating approach for different segment attractiveness factors, such as market growth, segment gainfulness, segment size, competitive intensity within the segment, and the cyclical genius of the industry (e. g. whether or not the business is seasonal, e. g. retailing, or dependent on government political cycles as some large-scale defence contracts are). separately of these segment attractiveness factors is rated on a scale of 010 and loosely categorized in the high, medium, or low columns, based on either set criteria, or subjective criteria, dependent on the accessibility of market and customer data and the approach adopted by the managers chore the segmentation programme. pic ? Six steps in market segmentation, targeting and positioning specialty & Positioning Strategies Marketers can follow several positioning . strategies. These strategies use associations to change consumers perception of products. Product attrilmtes position many technical products. The positioning of Ericssons EH237 sprightly phone is its Low weight and number $ features, objet dart much of BMWs advertising promotes individual technical items- like fresh air filters. In the goop watch market Breitling. Baume & Mercier and Audemars Piguets positioning are on their mechanical movements. nearly of their designs leave the mechanisms exposed and one ad argues Since 1735 there has never been a quartz Rlanepain. And there never will be. The benefits they offer or the needs they fill position many products Crest toothpaste reduces cavities. Aim tastes good and Macleans reasonable relieves the pain of sensitive teeth. In the confectionery industry, Italian Gaci and Ferrero Rocher are gifts, while Mars and Snickers bars satisfy hunger. Huhtamaki is Finlands largest industrial company but LEAF, its confectionery division, is only ten in size worldwide. It developed competitive favor Marketing Services to remain flexible has also led to firms hiring services that provide use without ownership. Finally, an increasing number of firms are keen to focus on their core competences.They are beginning to contract out non-core activities, such as warehousing and transportation, thus stimulating the growth of specialist business service organizations. All these developments have, in turn, led to a growing interest in the special problems of marketing services. Brand Positioning Marketers need to position their brands clearly in target customers minds. They can position brands at any of three levels. Branding poses challenging decision. *Sample of marketing strategy of storehouse market consulting firm Finance Hauler Lead life less tension Our company is an service providing company. The goal of our company is to provide service , provide information about entrepot market in counterchange of a particular fee. Ours is an unique company, so far.We are targeting specific segments in the consumers and business markets, taking the opportunity of current situation of stock market. The primal objective is to serve in Rajshahi, shaheb bazaar, then it will be unlogical in the whole country, where broker houses stands. In business there is a come about of loss and also profit, we will try to make profit from the first year. Question may arise why this type of consultancy firm? T he answer is the present condition of stock market. The main reason stool this is lack of proper knowledge about stock market. Investors doesnt know where to invest and when to invest. Our duty is to make him clear. As Bangladesh is a swell deficiency country, so the capital we have need to invest properly.As we are the bookman of Finance & Banking , our duty is to analyze the stock market, thats why we have planned to open such type of firm. At present some brokerage house & ICB some provide information to their investors un officially. These informations are not so profitable. But there is no specialized firm who provide proper information about stock market, thats why we intend to open such a consulting firm. By describing the targeted segments in detail, it can be said that our firm will satisfy the customers need, want, and their demand , as we have planned to scatter it in the every city of Bangladesh. Bangladesh is a capital defficiency country.As peoples save less consump tion more , so we need to invest the savings into right sector, We will provide information to invest in the profitable sector. So at a time the economy of Bangladesh will be increased. The standard of living of common people will be raised. The growth and development of our country will be accelerated. As we will open a firm we need specialised employees by recruiting whom we will help them to lead a better life. Features of our service A product or service need three characteristics 1. Unique 2. monetary value 3. Availability According to these characteristics our service or product is perfect. Its unique.By our lawsuit and efficiency it will be available in the whole country after a year or two year, As it is a era of globalization , anyone can get our service by using internet or telephone service from anywhere. We will take a minimum fee for registration and membership which will be easy to pay by the clients. Marketing planning aims and objectives Behind the bodily objectiv es, which in themselves offer the main context for the marketing plan, will lie the corporate mission, which in turn provides the context for these corporate objectives. In a sales-oriented organization, the marketing planning function designs incentive pay plans to not only proceed and reward frontline staff fairly but also to align marketing activities with corporate mission.This corporate mission can be thought of as a definition of what the organization is, of what it does Our business is . This definition should not be too narrow, or it will constrict the development of the organization a too rigorous concentration on the view that We are in the business of making meat-scales, as IBM was during the early 1900s, might have limited its subsequent development into other areas. On the other hand, it should not be too wide or it will become meaningless We want to make a profit is not too helpful in developing specific plans. Abell suggested that the definition should cover three di mensions customer groups to be served, customer needs to be served, and technologies to be used.Thus, the definition of IBMs corporate mission in the 1940s might well have been We are in the business of handling accounting information customer need for the larger US organizations customer group by means of punched cards technology. Perhaps the most important factor in successful marketing is the corporate vision. Surprisingly, it is largely neglected by marketing textbooks, although not by the popular exponents of corporate strategy indeed, it was perhaps the main theme of the book by Peters and Waterman, in the form of their Superordinate Goals. In Search of Excellence said Nothing drives progress like the imagination. The idea precedes the deed. If the organization in general, and its chief executive in particular, has a strong vision of where its future lies, then there is a good chance that the organization will achieve a strong position in its markets (and attain that futur e). This will be not least because its strategies will be consistent and will be supported by its staff at all levels. In this context, all of IBMs marketing activities were underpinned by its philosophy of customer service, a vision originally promoted by the charismatic Watson dynasty. The emphasis at this stage is on obtaining a complete and accurate picture. Needs and equal features/benefits of Finance Hauler Targeted segment Customer need Corresponding feature Professionals . Time saving and Holiday evasion. Usually professionals are agile so they need time less consuming scheme and information, (consumer market) and in holiday they will get informations. . Students have less money so they need fast moving but less price trade information, as Students . Seminar and money saving they know less they will get free seminar discussion. (consumer market) scheme . Lazy money investment scheme . They need to secure their retireme nt pension money, from which they will get fast profit Retired person and stable market. (consumer market) . Special scheme . Women are totally unmindful(predicate) about stock market but they can make a great contribution in Women country economy by investment funds their small savings into stock market.We have a special (consumer market) scheme and care for women. Competitive follow-up As our firm is new and unique, so far no competitor in our sector. This type of business is out of stock(predicate) in our country. At future there may be competitor but now no one. Distribution review Distribution review needs distribution channels for a product. As our service is unique so there is no better distribution channel. We have to advertise through television , radio , news paper etc. And most importantly through brokerage house. We will distribute handbills and posters. SWOT analysis Strengths Our strengths depends on the followings * Innovative servi ce *Security *Pricing helplessness Weakness are internal elements that may interfere with the companys ability to achieve its objectives. The weakness of our firm is only the brand awareness. Opportunities *Increased ordinary demand *Lower technology cost. Threats *At present no competitor so far but near future there may be competitor then there will rise our threat. little(a) give objectives * First we will open our firm in Rajshahi to provide service. *Try to increase member *Profit maximisation Long run objectives *Scatter our services all over the country *Wealth maximization Issues In relation to the service launch issue is the ability to confirm a well regarded brand name linked to a purposeful positioning.We must invest heavily in marketing to create a memorable and distinctive brand image projecting innovation, quality and value. Marketing research & Development In this segment how marketing research will be used to support development, implementation and evalua tion of strategies and action programs. As our service on stock market, we mainly focus on capital market, economic conditions, performance of companies research & development. Action programs Action programs should be interrelated with the resources and activities of other services. The first action is to know about the capital market to the people. Then make a positive concept about stock market and how to gain in the market in short run and long run. BudgetsBudgets serve two main purposes one is to project profitability and another to help managers plan for expenditures ,scheduling and operations related to each action program. In our services We need a flat for our office purchase furniture, equipments and other elements. Controls Controls help management assess results after the plan is utilize identify any problems or performance variations and initiate corrective action. We are developing contingency plans to address fast-moving, new technology and new competition. gener al anatomy profitable relationships and create customer delight Construct an integrated marketing program that delivers superior value Design a customer-driven marketing strategyUnderstand the market place and customer needs and wants Customer relationship management build strong relationships with chosen customers Product and service design build strong brands Select customers to serve market segmentation and targeting Research customers and the marketplace Pricing create real value Manage marketing information and customer data Decide on a value proposition differentiation and positioning Customer relationship management build strong relationships with chosen customers Distribution manage demand and supply custody Partner relationship management build strong relationships with marketing partners promotion communicate the value proposition 2


Its taken over 30 years to retain its way to the queen-sized screen but the Cinderella story of ex-teacher/bartender Vince Papales comfort in the world of professional football came to life on the big screen in invincible in 2006. Papale captured the attention of Philadelphia Eagles fans when he withstand it onto the group up after Coach Dick Vermeil held open try bulge outs. The film random variable stars Mark Wahlberg as the lifelong football fan who just wanted his hometeam to play with heart and maybe win a few game.Invincible follows the rules of the football film genre very closely but withal added a couple of innovations to popular sport genre. The scene followed popular banalitys of football films with the new rig who has radical new ideas and during the nett game of the movie the starring team is down at halftime. One major cliche that Invincible innovates is the cliche that the star actor is the needer on the team instead, he is the low man on the team and ac tually doesnt make any great contributions to the team.In Invincible, the new and young check Dick Vermeil is new to town and has a whole lot to prove. As much manage to the highest degree football films with a new coach, he has huge radical ideas for the teams operation. This is represented in the theme that he opens tryouts to any bingle in the community to wants to play for the Philadelphia Eagles, mostly as a publicity stunt to bring fan support back up. This theme is also seen in Remember the Titans and We are Marshall. This cliche often leads to a sub-cliche that the new coach has several obstacles to overcome and receives almost sort of negative criticism in the early scenes of the film. This again is also shown in Invincible when the coach to a great extent gossiped about in the local pub where Papale works at. A certify major cliche that is seen in numerous football films is the dramatic net game where the starring team is losing at halftime only to win in a last min ute victory.In Invincibles case, the final game is against the Dallas Cowboys in a conference championship game. The team is of flight down and out about to lose it all when all of the fulminant Papale forces a fumble on a punt return that gives the Eagles a bit of hope. The Eagles go to score on the returning drive with a crucial kickoff to the cowboys. Paple who only plays special teams sprints down the field to find the kickoff and run the ball into the endzone for a touchdown puts the Eagles in the lead for a victory.The fact that Paple score a touchdown symbolizes the message that of the film which is that anyone can do anything they desire as long as the put forth the feat and determination. Often in football films the star player is torpedo of the team or the most talented. In Invincible the star play, Paple, is actually one of the less talented players on the team. Paple isnt even one of the leading on the team, for most of the film the rest of the team doesnt like Pap le because they think he doesnt belong on the team nun buoy the less the NFL.During practice the other players intensely try to hurt him so that he may quit or be unable to play. Paple turns out to be a hero for his community rather than a hero for the team. His motivation to keep going is his teammates disapproval and his chums support, which I sends a message that one must forever pull forward even if his peers or colleges are against them. Invincible is a great football film that relies on the classic under-dog story that for some reason never gets old.The movie sends us messages that perseverance and determination lead to great things, which is very satisfying and compelling to witness. While this film follows most of the popular football film cliches, it still has its own key elements that make it unique. Football films such as Invincible and other renditions will invariably be cranked out of Hollywood on a regular root word for decades to come, but theres just something a bout watching the beloved characters run down the field in slow-motion and jump high in the air for a dramatic last minute win, that never gets devolve to watch.

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Good Country People by Flannery O’Connor Essay

The unequal story Good Country mess by Flannery OConnor, is didactic literature, with hefty character analysis to deliver that pile ar not who they appear to be. Hulga, a 32 twelvemonth old woman with a fancy condition. OConnor portrays Hulga as an commence and strong woman, that through analysis Hulga is well educated and adolescent and powerless Hulga predominates a PhD in philosophy and is taught by super intellectual people.Hulga has the impression of herself that because she has gone to school for many years and obtain her PhD that she is an see woman. In the beginning of the story that is how she appears to be. Science on the another(prenominal) hand, has to assert its soberness and seriousness afresh and declare that it is concerned wholly with what is. A line underline in blue pencil, therefore it lowlife be inferred that this quote is of importance to Hulga.Hulga, in this sense is to be eyeshot of as well educated because of her exposure and open mindednes s to her religious become and scientific education leaving her to feel as if she is well experienced, when she is unaccompanied educated. Her mother is religious therefore Hulga being exposed to religion and bandage in college educated with science and allowing her to make an informed decision on her beliefs, which is atheism. She has a more open mind for she sees what is in front of her and not what just is told to be true.Therefore she is not well experienced yet just well educated. Also her lack of experience is evident when her prototypic date is at the age of 32, when in society that happens when a psyche is an adolescent, therefore inferring that she has missed important stages in life that add to a persons experience. Leading to the rootage people are not who they appear to be. Hulga, appearing to be experienced is only a intentional woman. Hulga is childish, thus rebuking the original thought of Hulga as experienced.Hulga go for the multitude of compliments and lies the boy selling the Bible fills her head with. Youre a live sweet little thing and I liked you the minute I seen you walk in the door. Hulga believes that this is how he truly thinks of her when in reality he is just using her. During the night she imagined she had seduced him. Hulga, holding such thoughts is seen to be childish because one who is not, understands and would realize deep feeling needs to be effrontery time and does not happen overnight.Even though Hulga is portrayed as experienced because she is uneasy about the situation, she is in reality childish because she falls for the boys lies. Also she is seen to be a strong woman, but she is not because she did not stand her ground and fell for the boys lies. Therefore leading the reader to see that people are not who they appear to be, as Hulga is just as childish as she is educated. Hulga because of her subject matter condition is depicted to be a strong woman, but she is actually a weak and undefendable human bei ng.She gave a little predict of alarm but he pushed her down and began to kiss her again. Without the leg she matte entirely dependent on him. Her mental well-being is far from strong. She is weak because without her leg she is left to feel utterly weak and vulnerable and right on a boy who she vaguely knows. OConnor from the beginning of the short story was portraying Hulga to be a woman that was strong, for she had a heart condition that could claim her life at any time but, she liquid continued on with her life in the form of education.Hulga reserved, spent most(prenominal) of her time alone, leading the reader to believe that she did not need anyone in particular in her life to make her feel as if she was important. But, with brainstorm from this particular scene. the reader can see that she is a pure vulnerable and weak human being for she does not know how to conduct herself in such a situation out of her control Leading to the theme people are not who they appear to be . Hulga appears to be strong and independent when in reality she is a weak human being.OConnors didactic literature uses character analysis to portray the theme people are not who they appear to be using a 32 year old woman who is disabled and an atheist. OConnor portrays Hulga to be experienced and strong but when placed in a situation that is unfamiliar with(predicate) to a person, her true colors shows and the reader sees her for who she really is. A intimate but inexperienced, childish and weak human being, leading to the lesson, people are not who they appear to be.

Jewellery Sector in West Bengal

The main use of goods and services of this study was to examine the migration profile of the workers in the Gold and Jewellery firmament of West Bengal and as well to study the process of skill formation of the workers in this sector. The entire study was based on a primary plenty conducted on a sample size of 60 individuals spread wholly over 4 different regions of West Bengal Sinthi, put forwardbazar, Basirhat and DomJur. In the first component part of my study, I examined the pattern of migration of the Jewellery artists in these areas. I also cited the existence of a large number of in-migrants, circular and return migrants in this ector.In the next part, I studied in details the process of skill formation of the workers and showed how the full point of apprenticeship was crucial in the career of a jewellery artist. I also explained the wage vriation between the skilled, unskilled and semiskilled workers in Basirhat and also essay to establish a link between skill, inc ome and migration of the workers. In the last part of my outline, I attempted give a comparative study analysis of these areas with respect to the nature of the migrant workers, conditions of work, income and pattern of migration.Acknowledgements I take this probability to express my gratitude to the people who have been instrumental in the successful period of this project. I wish to express my sincere gratitude to Dr. Swati Ghosh, Department of Economics, Rabindra Bharati University, who was extremely laborsaving and offered invaluable assistance, support and counselling. Her willingness to motivate contributed tremendously to the succesful completion my project. Deepest gratitude is also imputable to Prof. Sukanata Saha without whose knowledge and assistance this study would not have been successful.To the Jewellery workers and shop-owners of Sinthi, Bow Bazaar, Basirhat and DomJur, I whole heartedly thank you for your kindness, co-operation and patience. Without your suppor t, this project would not have materialized. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to Mr. Kaushik Mukherjee (Bowbazar), Mr. Subhash Sarkar ( Atoshi Jewellers, Basirhat ) for their valuable help and guidance during my survey. And last but not least, special thanks also to all my class-mates, for sharing the literature and providing invaluable assistance during the survey.

Health Education Tool Development Essay

Modify or create a wellness teaching method calamus that is countenance for your fighting(a) family.Ensure that your calamus achieves the quest Identifies the familys health and educational involve Establishes educational goals and objectives Uses appropriate educational methods Uses the appropriate language and literacy level Is splendid to the familys cultural or religious background Makes map of the types of applied science resources available to the family Include in all supporting materials (handouts, Internet resources, demonstrations, or example materials)Explain how you will deliver your health education tool to the fighting(a) family. Address the following How the tool was selected, change, or created Why the tool is appropriate for the family How the tool addresses the familys health needs How the tool relates to the Healthy wad 2020 Health Indicators How the tool coordinates with, complements, or replaces community health services If you modified an exist ing health education tool in any way, leave a reference to the accredited material.Prep be a 10-minute presentation of your health education tool. You many use one of the following formats In curriculum oral presentation Microsoft PowerPoint including talkers notes Video of yourself presenting the information uploaded to a video sharing website such(prenominal) as (Submit a link to your facilitator) another(prenominal) format approved by your facilitatorNote. You will not a rally needed answers here https// with your professors daily to build strong relationships. Professors are the ultimate resource and can do a lot to assistance you along the way. Be sure to help if the opportunity presents itself and ask a lot of questions. Maintaining these good relationships can be advantageous while you are going to college.General Questions General General QuestionsResources Windshield Survey residential district Assessment Family Assessment and Assig nment Grading Criteria Health Education turncock Development and PresentationModify or create a health education tool that is appropriate for your participating family.Ensure that your tool achieves the following Identifies the familys health and educational needs Establishes educational goals and objectives Uses appropriate educational methods Uses the appropriate language and literacy level Is sensitive to the familys cultural or religious background Makes use of the types of technology resources available to the family Include all supporting materials (handouts, Internet resources, demonstrations, or sample materials)Explain how you will deliver your health education tool to the participating family. Address the following How the tool was selected, modified, or created Why the tool is appropriate for the family How the tool addresses the familys health needs How the tool relates to the Healthy People 2020 Health Indicators How the tool coordinates with, complements, or replaces community health services If you modified an existing health education tool in any way, provide a reference to the original material.Prepare a 10-minute presentation of your health education tool. You many use one of the following formats In class oral presentation Microsoft PowerPoint including speakers notes Video of yourself presenting the information uploaded to a video sharing website such as (Submit a link to your facilitator) Another format approved by your facilitatorNote. You will not actually deliver this health education tool to the participating family. The tool is developed and presented only to your classmates and facilitator.Submit the following with your assignm

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Eternal Law and Human Law

unfailing Law and Human Law As military mans live in this world, scarceness of natures and regulations argon strictly enforced for the justice, safety, and rights of the benignants. Whether those polices are perpetual or secular, all faithfulnesss require standards. Saint Augustines On the Free Choice of the result discusses these standards and defines what each equitys mean. Most importantly, Augustine argues that pure(a) legal philosophy is necessary for laic faithfulness to exist and for the nation to function square-toedly. I agree with Augustines argu handst on the necessity of some(prenominal) endless law and human law and the belief of how temporal law is found on ageless law.According to Augustine, eternal law is a law that is just, steadfast, and follows the proper ordering and reasoning. This eternal law is as well as what the ordering of everything is establish on. He also believes that when one pursues his or her liveness based on eternal things, such as truth, knowledge, and love, then they are vitality a heart under eternal law. However, if one decides to live a life of impulse for temporal things, such as money, possessions, and physical appearances, then they are living under a temporal law where their happiness will not last long.This law, which is inter transposeable with human law, makes a nation well ordered, where the people are allowed to designate officials with their own choices and obtain m some(prenominal) other rights. Eternal and human laws proposed by Augustine are essential to society though some(prenominal) essential, Augustine differentiates the two. Augustine explains that eternal law bases its standards on God and He is the ruler of this law this law is the law by which God rules all foundation gar custodyt. It can also be characterized as the divine reason or the will of God, a will which enjoins the natural order (Fitzgerald & Cavadini, 583).On the other hand, temporal law is motif to change in such instances as the election of a revolutionary president, or institution of red-hot laws. While eternal law both regulates human affairs and governs eternal things, human law is solely confine to the regulation of human affairs. Eternal law is immutable and irreversible in that location are no officials or a president to eternal law because God is the standard, and wherefore it is unchanging. Eternal law is universally applicable where human law differs in between nations and countries, even tates. Though there are many differences between eternal law and human law, Augustine elaborates that eternal law is both necessary and crucial for human law to exist. He believes that what is considered just in human law is derived from eternal law. In other words, eternal law is the measure of the temporal laws justice (Dilman, 77). What is considered temporal may be revised in accordance with the changing batch of manpower and their social arrangements, but still remain just by the measure of eternal law.Human law exists because eternal law is present to us right now in this moment. Augustine concludes that eternal law is just therefore everything is ordered in the highest degree under this law. I agree with Augustine in that eternal law encompasses human law. Reading through Augustines On Free Choice of the Will, I was convinced that eternal law is unchanging because it is independent of the changing circumstances of men, but temporal laws are forever and a day changing as years pass by because we face new generations.Therefore, there must be a boundary where temporal law can base on. And that boundary is eternal law. For clarity, an example of human law and eternal law can be compared. A well-known law that everyone should follow is that of the legal deglutition age. In the United States, the legal swallow age is 21, however, in other countries such as Mexico, the legal inebriation age is 18. Human law is different between many countries and it is tempo ral because people in United States are raising their voices to lower the tipsiness age to 18.Therefore, the legal deglutition age law is subject to change as citizens are constantly bringing up this topic. However, in eternal law there is no alcohol addiction age but it is sexual intercourse the rational human being to not to become addicted to drinking and to find healthier desires other than the consumption of alcohol. Under eternal law, drinking is not what life is all about there are so many other significant tasks and experiences that human beings fill to fulfill during their life times in this world.Eternal law says to love eternal things, not what is a temporal joy. With this example, I am arguing that human law is based on eternal law because human law establishes the legal drinking age so that young generations can find what their veritable sapience is before being introduced to worldly pleasures and find themselves lost without having realized the true purpose of th eir existence. To follow temporal law is to love the creature and the creation more than the Creator.The desire for artificial and materialistic things will lead to discontent, both for the individual and the society as a whole. However, if all men love only eternal things, then there would be no need for temporal law, which governs our daily lives. Therefore, temporal law is necessary to restrain the actions of those men who love temporal things. Temporal law is not meant to punish men who do love temporal things, but is rather for the criminal actions that men commit because of their excessive desires for these things.This all comes back to the idea that God created the instauration and He is the man of eternal law, and we need to love him more than any other things in this world. Great benefits and blessings will be rewarded to those men that severely seek for wisdom, love, genuine virtues, and truth than to those men that live wrongfully proclivity only for wealth, lust, phys ical beauty and many earthly things. In conclusion, it is both crucial that laws govern society and important that laws order human choices and social relations.But it is more valuable that eternal law governs these laws of society because it is always present, last-ditch standard and suffers no exceptions. Therefore eternal law is necessary for human laws to exist and control the corrupted society for the better. Works Cited Dilman, Ilham. Free Will An Historical and Philosophical Introduction. Google Books. Routledge, n. d. Web. 19 Feb. 2013. Fitzgerald, Allan D. , and John C. Cavadini. Augustine Through the Ages An Encyclopedia. Google Books. Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co. , n. d. Web. 19 Feb. 2013.

How to Become a Successful Entrepreneur

disconcert of Contents Introduction Generally people think that an entrepreneur is a visionary, whateverbody with great humors who is eager to recognise huge risks. However having a radical innovation from the goose egg is overwhelming but very rargon. To be undefeated, it is essential to think contraryly from the casual thinkers. The aim of this paper is to bespeak how we, a study group of five students could come up with an conceit in an entrepreneurial way and go through an elaboration appendage toward the realization using the theoretical fashion models.In the first part I give describe how my group went through the sentiment generating process and found the idea of the CPH Bike SOS with the help of the Design cerebration Method. Our multilateral service origination has three pillars, each of them with the aim to answer the question Where terminate we work help if we energise each line with our bike when the shops are close? Living in Copenhagen, we have rea lized that there is a market place gap on the service market of the bike shops. On the early(a) hand, looking at the market segment, we are sure, that there is an unsatisfied need.The arcsecond part of the paper exit focus on the theoretical framework of the dea. I will define the type of our innovation, after which I will decide ab discover the type of the firm we should start to realize the idea, and wherefore the focus will move to the needed resources and collaborations we need to get the idea off to the market. At the end of my work, I will take a glance on what kind of the type of possibilities we have to be successful in the future and how to develop the idea further. Generating ideas In this chapter I would care to describe our process of generating the idea.It is a really important part of the problem we were working on, since it explains how our group ent through a progress from the casual reasoning to the effectual reasoning and so mentation on a much entreprene urial way. In my team we are five girls, each of us are foreigners here in Denmark, and we have quite different backgrounds. We had some(a) difficulties to find a creative idea to work on. On nonpareil hand the problem was the fact that we did not know each opposite before, so there was an initial phase of trust- building. We had to familiarize with the situation to take on each others ideas.On the other hand, we realised that when we had an idea which was a set consequence to ome problems and so Just the final step of an entire process. So we started the process again and again to get back to thinking out of the box. As point of departure we used the method use by IDEO. ( class 1) Figure Design Thinking Model of IDEO (Source of Image) Inspiration What is the problem? In the inspiration phase, we wanted to find as m some(prenominal) ideas as we could, to have a wider range. As mentioned, we did not know each other, and we did not know what could be the common interests, exp erience or problems.We used the wench In The Hand Principle to look into the facts what we have right there. As Sarasvathy sums it up, instead of having one origin and finding the way to reach it, we should take a step back and define the performer which can path us to a good opportunity. So the first step was formation the framework in which we are searching for possibilities with the following three questions Who are we? We started to look through the features which describe us and so a coarse which we can find some problems we all have in common.As long as we are all foreigners, our biggest issues are around living without the familiar things that we were surrounded by every(prenominal) day and acquiring used to a spick-and-span way of living. We live here without our families, we had to arrange housing for ourselves, we are getting accustomed to biking every day. On the other hand we are students, expense time on studying, we all have a limited budget, accordingly we a re all girls who love fashion, we cook for ourselves, do groceries, we listen to euphony and go out, etc. Without knowing each other we succeeded to find numerous common topics as a good initial. What do we We study in concert but our previous education is different. One part of the group study international business so that part of the group has a much business riented point of view, while the other part of the group has a more design oriented education. Most of us have lived in different countries other than our home country, so we have penetration to different systems. We also have working experience that helped us in having an insight of the companies. Whom do we know? With this question, as Sarasvathy suggests, we have to define the sources of our knowledge, such as our social and professional networks.When an issue was considered, we defined the relative groups we can have any information from. It is important to take any stakeholder into consideration, as long as good id eas can come rom the most unheralded sources. With all these given means we defined some of the problems, interests and difficulties that we are presently facing in common. In the framework ofs model of Entrepreneurial Thinking Effectual ratiocination, we defined different issues on the basis of the given means described above, for which there is no satisfying etymon on the market.On Figure 2 1 would like to provide some examples to our process of using the method of the Bird in the Hand Principle. Figure Entrepreneurial thinking Pool of ideas (Source Sarasvathy, 2001) At this oint of the idea generation we had to choose one among the some(prenominal) given. To choose one, we started brainstorming whether we have any idea for a solution or not. So this is the second big step of the idea earth in the Design Thinking Model. Ideation How might we solve the problem? As long as we did not want to limit ourselves, we started to search for solution for many problems we have found . From the most unusual till the most run-of-the-mine idea, we collected everything, because even bad ideas can be the source of some really good solutions. On Figure 3 1 pull the wool over someones eyes some imagined ends ot the problems. Figure Using Entrepreneurial Thinking Effectual Reasoning for creating the idea (source of image Sarasvathy, 2001) Finally we sticked to the idea of finding a solution to an everyday problem Where can we get help if we have any problem with our bike, when the bike shops are closed?We found this problem interest as long as we all have bikes, and some of us have already experienced how it is when you need some help and nothing is open. Moreover, biking concerns not only us but the major part of the habitants of Copenhagen. accord to the Bicycle Account 2012, 75 % of Copenhageners use their bike throughout the year. another(prenominal) surprising statistics is that 36 % of everyone who studies or works here uses the bike every day. So with a so lution to the question above, we can say, that we would reach the major part of the Danish capital.Biking has statistically measured benefits both for us and for the environment. For instance, as the research shows, at present rate 90,000 T of C02 per year deliver by cycling in Copenhagen. Then, according to the 56% of the Copenhageners, it is faster than any other way of travelling since we do not stuck in a traffic Jam and we can easily find short-cuts. It is definitely healthier too. But it can cause some inconvenience as sanitary as delays respecting to our schedule, in case of problems. For example what if you get a deflate going back home by night?

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O and Othello Comparison Essay

Othello is one of the brilliant plays written by William Shakespe ar. It is the story of man seed Othello and how his headspring was twisted and manipulated by a man named Iago and how Iago made Othello think that his wife Desdemona was cheating on him with his lieutenant Michael Cassio, which results in many deaths. Tim Blake Nelson has creatively restructured Othello into a lease to appeal to a teenage audience. It still contains the same r all(prenominal)y ideas which are racism, jealousy and deception which will be analysed on how they are portrayed in Othello and are creatively reshaped in O. greedily is one of the main central ideas and is sh testify through many character unless mainly Iago and Hugo and Othello and O. In act 4, aspect 5 Othello goes into an eplileplsy fit subsequently hearing the news that Cassio slept with Othellos wife Desdemona and Othello has lost nearly all control of himself to his jealousy in the play. Nelson has recreated this scene into a Slam drench competition where Odin is exalted on cocaine and Hugo (Iago) has given him the misinformation that Desi (Desdemona) and Michael (Cassio) have been dormancy together. In the novel Othello, Othello strikes Desdemona in the company of Lodovico, a Venetian nobleman.This real action implies that Othello is so engrossed in his emotion that he plain does not care that other people can see his crossness and subsequent violence towards his wife. In O, this concept has been magnified where Odins angry actions do not occur in front of one person, only when instead in front of an entire press of people. Also when Lodovicos sees this he is surprised and Othello has to fix his actions My lord, this would not be believed in Venice, / Though I should swear I sawt. Tis truly much / Make her amends she weeps (4. 1. 36) During O, when Odin destroys the backboard and pushes the ball boy down, the crowd simply boos at him.Both responses are appropriate to the contexts they take pose i n, but both express displeasure at Othellos actions. To get along prove the point that Othello holds no regard for anyone elses opinion at this point, he ignores the responses in both contexts and continues harboring his jealously. In Shakespeares script, Othello continues to rant most how evil he believes Desdemona is If that the earth could teem with womans tears, / distributively drop she falls would prove a crocodile (IV. 1. 39-240), whereas in O, Odin remains mum and simply struts around the hoops court with his arms step to the forestretched term the crowd boos him.Both actions hint at the much selfish candidate of Othellos emotions by ignoring his surroundings and clinging to his beliefs, he proves that he is thinking more about himself at this point than anything else. In O when Odin shatters the backboard it is a visual metaphor for destroying Desi as basketball is something that defines Odin so therefore basketball could be interpreted as a symbol for the things Od in loves and enjoys in his life-time such asDesi.By having Odin destroy the backboard of the basketball hoop, Nelson illustrates the path that Odin and Othello unconquerable to take, a path that will destroy everything they love, and ultimately themselves. Therefore the ikon foreshadows their death. Racism is also largely seen in both texts, Shakespeare makes it clear that Othellos colour has a lot to do with Iagos problems with him. The term bind used to describe Othello at various points in the play. The term fix was widely used as a synonym for Negro When Shakespeare describes the elopement of Desdemona and Othello, he makes it appear to be unnatural.He goes so far as to furbish up their elopement to bestiality. There can be no doubt that Othellos black is a significant part of the play. In Othello Desdemona call him the Moor and she is his winning and faithful wife whereas when Iago says it, it is offensive. In the film O there is a lot of racism, Odin and Desi jokingly discuss their different races. When she disapproves of his use of nigga, he tells her that he is allowed to say it but she cannot even think it. Despite his apparently change answer, Odin is hauntedby a profound self-consciousness about his own blackness.When Hugo tells Odin that Desi and Mike called him the nigga, This is extremely offensive to and he begins to act out his rage and self-loathing. In Othello the boy Moor has been replaced by with a the word nigga to appeal to younger audiences. Deception can also be seen throughout both texts and especially when Iago sets Cassio up to make Othello hear the Cassio has been sleeping with Desdemona. In Othello this scene is set in a jail sports stadium whereas in O it is set in Iagos bedroom and Othello is conceal outside the room listening in on the conversation.Nelson has creatively reshaped this scene from early times to the 20th century. During this scene in O Cassio dialogue about Desi as a floosy and talks badly of Odin cal ling the name Nigga, this in use of language from Michael is the language that teenagers use which is another bureau Nelson has creatively reshaped Othello. Overall, Nelson has creatively reshaped the central ideas jealousy, racism and deception into the modern film but still keeping the story line. In O he has successfully done this by setting it in a high school and making Odin the star basketball player.

Organization Planning, Project Management and Information

Application Organization Planning, roll worry, and entropy Technology The successful carrying into action and subsequent meaningful practice session of training technology solutions within a health c ar shaping is a ch every last(predicate)enging and iterative process. The composition must engage in careful and ongoing away strategical and tactical grooming to ensure that the implemented technology will ultimately be efficacious and beneficial for its practitioners, staff, and patients.To prepare for this Application Assignment, review the findment presented in this weeks Learning Resources on strategic and tactical training for health teaching technology and the application of examine management methodological analysis by health care cheeks to facilitate the implementation of its technology solutions. To have intercourse this Application Assignment, write a 2- to 3-page paper in which you Distinguish between strategic proposening and tactical plan within an orga nization, delineating at least(prenominal) two key differences between them.Characterize the relationship between strategic formulation and nurture technology, with consideration given to how this relationship ultimately bene check overs a health care organization. Explain how the application of protrude management methodological analysis benefits an organization and, in the context of a health care organization, how it facilitates the implementation of that organizations randomness technology solutions. What does a healthcare organization do when they see the bespeak for change or something new, like the advancement of selective cultivation technology?Firstly, the organization needs to develop refinements and that can be obtained by planning (Society for humans Resource direction, 2102). Now the organization needs to know how and when this change is going to take place (Project management for ripening Organizations, 2011). This paper will deal in better detail in wha t takes place in organisational planning, throw away management, and information technology. Health care organizations have to plan so they will meet the expectations of their patrons and everyone within the organization.These health care organizations have two types of planning to follow, and they are tactical and strategic planning. When tactical planning takes place, in that respect is a short term goal in mind (Society for kind-hearted Resource Management, 2102). The course of action for a tactical plan is to accomplish a goal within a year or slight time period (Society for gentle Resource Management, 2102). A tactical plan has a smaller scope and shorter time span than a strategic plan (Society for valet Resource Management, 2102).It takes several tactical plans to achieve the strategic plan (Society for benignant Resource Management, 2102). Strategic planning differs from tactical planning, because in strategic plan, the course of action is to achieve goals for the lo ng term (Society for man Resource Management, 2102). Strategic planning goals are usually wanted to be completed with five years (Society for piece Resource Management, 2102). The organizations mission statement purpose and direction are reflected upon strategic planning (Society for world Resource Management, 2102).Top management must view reports on operations, remote environments and finances when looking to develop a strategic plan (Society for Human Resource Management, 2102). The development of tactical plans are influenced by strategic plans (Society for Human Resource Management, 2102). It is in every healthcare organizations interest to make a strategic plan for using information technology. Health care information technology or HIT will offer many opportunities in the United States health care delivery system (New York Health fearfulness outfit ,n. . ). One of these opportunities would be quality improvements in the clinical setting, as well as more than timely get to to health information and patient records, and the reduction of medical errors (New York Health tuition Commission ,n. d. ). In addition to these benefits of HIT, cost savings would result (New York Health Care Commission ,n. d. ). Instead of each physicians office having a distinct paper copy of a patient records, HIT would allow an EHR or electronic health record (New York Health Care Commission ,n. . ). This EHR is the computerized sport of patient records, so each physician would have the same access to the same patient information (New York Health Care Commission ,n. d. ). solely the ultimate goal of the HIT is to allow a patients EHR to be access from anywhere in the country (New York Health Care Commission ,n. d. ). It is important to a health care organization to develop tactical plans for the use of information technology, because the goal is strategic. The HHS or the U. S.Department of Health Human Services has a strategic plan in place for the use of information t echnology, in which they want to improve the management on information technology performance and optimize the impact of information technology in three to five years (U. S. Department of Health Human Services, 2010). Project management methodological analysis benefits an organization in several ways. With effective use, project management methodology results a means of a cost effective use of limited resources, like funds and people (Project Management for evolution Organizations, 2011).Project management methodology prevents duplication of efforts that has an impact on the organizations developmental goals which causes additional cost to the organization, reduces the amount of trust the organizations donors and stakeholder to give and increases risks (Project Management for Development Organizations, 2011). The use of project management methodology helps deliver the expected outcomes to impact the community that the organization serves (Project Management for Development Organi zations, 2011).More positive outcomes delivered due to a formal framework, the reduced risk of project failure, consistent results and increased productivity and efficiency are some benefits of project management methodology in the healthcare industry (Healthcare Information and Management Systems, 2007). Other benefits included are the improvements of quality and communications, the reduction of variability, standardization, and the increased regain of delivery to time, scope and budget (Healthcare Information and Management Systems, 2007).Project management methodology in the healthcare industry also provides a return on investments (Healthcare Information and Management Systems, 2007). There is a lot to entail when it comes to information technology at a healthcare organization because there are many projects in progress and limited resources, people and funds (Healthcare Information and Management Systems, 2007). Project management methodology provides the plan of how and when the implementation of the organizations information technology solutions needs to happen (Healthcare Information and Management Systems, 2007).This provides better fit of solution the first time through and allows problems to be resolved more quickly (Healthcare Information and Management Systems, 2007). In conclusion, organizational planning, project management, and information technology are important to a healthcare organization. Organizational planning provides the healthcare organizations with goals, from little goals to building up to more substantial ones (Society for Human Resource Management, 2102).Project management provides the healthcare organizations the ways and planning to accomplish these goals (Project Management for Development Organizations, 2011). In this stage of healthcare, information technology is the end goal because it will make practicing health more efficient and will provide better care to the patient (Healthcare Information and Management Systems, 2007) . Within time, all healthcare organizations will achieve these goals. References Healthcare Information and Management Systems (2007). Retrieved family line 9, 2012 from http//www. imss. org/content/files/WhyHaveProjectManagementMethodology. pdf New York Health Care Commission. (n. d. ). 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Retrieved September 8, 2012 from http//www. hhs. gov/ocio/plans/itstrategicplan. hypertext markup language

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Incentive as a Component of Salesman Compensation Structure

Incentives as a Component of salesman Compensation Structure By Mohit Pandey 11DM-187 Sales Management-Section D What are Incentives? It is defined as a type of additional remuneration both in cash or kind given to an employee as a means of increasing output or as a pauperizational influence. Why do we need to give bonuss? Firstly inducements work as psychological stimulant for a person to perform better. Incentives act bid the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Secondly, the turnover rate of a salesperson is very high and also the cost of replacing a salesperson is also preferably high, approximately around $40-50k.Thus to retain the stovepipe talent in the company we need to provide adequate motivators to the sales force. The salesperson spends most of his time out in the field and this shufflings it quite difficult to monitor him. Incentives act as an automatic monitor to make sure that the salesperson is working towards achieving his sales targets. What are the ty pes of Incentives given to a Salesman? The salesman remuneration structure is divided into two parts Fixed wage and Variable Salary. In a totally risk-free situation thither would be no fixed salary, the salesman compensation would consist only of light speed% Commissions.But since the grocery is never 100% risk-free and also because of longer drift-cycles the compensation plan has some amount as Fixed Salary. The types of Incentives are * currency This is most widely given type of incentive. Everyone knows that the major lure in a salesmans job is the opportunity to earn a atomic pile of money and cash incentives are a major component. Cash incentives dismiss be segregated into two sub-types * Commissions It is directly to the sales volume. Example 5% commission on every T. V interchange. It feces either be cypher on the reach brink or on the damage of the product.Commission are short-term incentives and lead to increase in the sales move put in by the salesman. * Bo nus It is given if the salesman achieves a coveted no. of sales known as sales target/quota. It is calculated on the base pay. It is a medium/long term incentive depending on whether it is given quarterly or annually. * Non-Cash These are generally non counted as a part of the compensation plan. They are given to egg on the salesman and based on slaying in the long term. Non-cash incentives include * enable Cards * Merchandise Travel What parameters are utilize to dress incentives? more often than not the ratio of incentives as a percent of the total compensation decreases as you go up the hierarchical structure. At a salesman level it terminate go up to 100% of his base pay objet dart at the manager level it can vary from 40-60%. The parameters generally used to determine incentives are * Total revenue * in the buff revenue * Gross profit * Price realization * Units sold * Select product sales * New products * Outdated products * New accounts * Retained accounts * Accou nt expansion Customer contentment * First order * Order volume * Contract commitment * depict sales objectives or milestones The parameters used should be aligned with the business dodge of the company. For e. g. If a company is launching a new product into the mart through the existing sales force, then it doesnt make finger for the company to not have the sales nos. of the new product sold as playing a part in deciding the incentive level of the salesman. Normally only few parameters should be selected so as to make the compensation plan clear to the salesman.The compensation plan should be as clear to the salesman as possible so that he can easily calculate how much he can earn in that year. The sales target being set should be possible and achievable. ideally sales targets should be set after a discussion amid the management and the salesperson both. Ideally incentives should not have an upper-cap, this deters the high performers. withal if a company has to set an upper-ca p it should be higher than the maximum realistic possible of a salesperson.A few key points that should be kept in mind while setting the parameters for deciding incentives are * The current market situation (growth or recession). * The product type (B2C or B2B) * The sales order cycle (long or short) * The business strategy ( Increase market perceptiveness or may increase sales of a high margin product or launch of a new product) How much incentive to offer and to whom? The percentage amount of incentive offered to the sales force should not be equal across the board. The high performers must be rewarded for their performance, while the low performers need to be encouraged to perform better.The better the performance the higher should be the incentive level. Also in depicted object of squad selling the incentive has to be distributed proportionately amongst the squad. It should not be the case wherein the laggards piggyback on the star performers and get the same level of incen tive. to boot a proper framework has to be devised on a company-to-company earth to decide the distribution of incentive for a product sold amongst the team members so as to control costs and avoid giving four-fold incentives for the same product to duplex persons involved in the sale.The incentives offered should be integrate of both short and long term incentives i. e. commissions, bonus, non-cash rewards, etc. This is to ensure that the motivation level of the salesperson is up throughout the year and does not bloom of youth at certain periods. The level of incentive payout should be adequate uncomplete in like manner little so as to discourage the salesperson nor as well as much as it will increase costs and lower earnings and also lower the morale of the non-sales staff. ConclusionHence we can close up that incentives as a component of a salesman compensation structure is passing important. Following is a generic framework which can be used to decide an incentive pla n * The plan should be clear and come up understood by the sales force. * Decide the level of incentive i. e. the percentage to be given and how much and to whom, based on the performance level. * restrict criteria for giving incentives based on a proper analysis of the factors tell above in the discover. take hold as less parameters as possible. Keep the sales target level competitive yet achievable. * The level of incentive should be adequate i. e. comparable to the competitor but neither too low nor too high. * Determine the periodicity of incentive payout. * The incentive payout should be based at proper intervals during the year. Sales contests and non-cash rewards are a acceptable way to achieve this. * The plan should be flexible. Ideally make multiple plans and offer it to the sales person so that he can read which one suits him best. Bibliography Restoring Balance to Sales CompensationHead, Robert G. Sales and Marketing Management144. 9 (Aug 1992) 48. Readers report How we use incentives Donath, Bob. Sales and Marketing Management145. 6 (Jun 1993) 34. Talking money Anonymous. Sales and Marketing Management149. 12 (Nov 1997) 64-70. May the Sales Force Be with You Ladd, Scott. HRMagazine55. 9 (Sep 2010) 105-107. Reframing salesforce compensation systems An agency theory-based performance management perspective Bartol, Kathryn M. The daybook of Personal Selling Sales Management19. 3 (Summer 1999) 1-16.

Contract Law – Intention to Oontract

Contract Law 1 Intention to Create effective Relations In arrangement for a require to be rea countersignable in that respect must be endeavor to raise intelligent dealings. Enright nones the demand of figure to pretend well-grounded relations is a final doorman in contract. It determines which symmetricalnesss supported by consideration shall be covered by contract law and which shall merely be morally binding. This requirement was expressly stated for the first clip in Heilbut, Symons & Co V Buckleton.Friel nones that of the essence(predicate) as there be a great many engagements and arrangements that, though possessing many of the characteristics of contract, probably are non think to earn juristic consequences. Intention to be effectually bound operates on the basis of assumptions. The screen for end is objective. The salute go forth impute purpose to piddle statutory relations to the parties on the basis on external factors rather than on the r un shortings of the parties minds. Intention and Presumptions There are two confidences in this bailiwick 1.There is a presumption that intellects between family members or friends are not think to be effectively binding. 2. There is a presumption that agreements which are do in a commercial context are intended to be effectually binding. Social and Domestic Arrangements A close family of social kindred raises a presumption of lack of tendency to crap legal relations. The creative moorage, Balfour V Balfour involved maintenance payments to be sent home to his married woman while he was working abroad. The court held that agreements between married man and wife are not intended to be legally binding.The closer the broth relationship the more readily the presumption will be embossed and the more distant the degree of blood relationship, the more likely the courts will infer an spirit to be legally binding. This hind end be seen in Simpkins V Pays where an informal agr eement between a landlord and his lodger, to enter into a weekly competition, held lodger entitled to share of winnings, despite landlords turn out that there was no intention to be legally bound. Rogers V smith shows the same asterisk in Balfour V Balfour applied to other family relationships. It was held in this case that the agreement between a mold about nd her son did not attract legal relations. Likewise in Mckay V Jones where a nephew had worked on his uncles farm for whatsoever years without payment, claimed that the uncle had promised to the farm when he died. Deale J. Ruled that it was nothing more than a relation of intention or wish by the deceased.. no promise was do as the agreement was between family members. In separate to this case is McCarron V McCarron where a child worked without reward for 16 years. The child was utter to have muddled out more in McCarron and therefore had a greater blemish or reliance on the compensation promised.The dates between t his cases may apologise the different points of view. In Leahy V Rawson found that an agreement between her non-marital pull downows brother, did not attract the presumption as it only applies to the impending family kinships, such as parent and child and spouses. The courts excessively held the same corpus in social arrangements as was shown in Hadley V Kemp. In this case the court raised the presumption that an agreement as to the sharing of songbirds loyalties with other members of his band (Spandau Ballet) was not intended to create legal relations.Enright notes that a degree of intimacy is required between the parties in order to raise the presumption. The issue is not of status but closeness. We can contrast Balfour with Merritt V Merritt. As in Balfour, the parties were husband and wife and the agreement have-to doe with an allowance, yet, in Merritt, the court chose to enforce the agreement. Merritt is distinguished however, on the grounds that the husband and wife w ere separated, so they were not in a close relationship any colossaler and so the presumption of lack of intention to create legal relations could not be raise.For the same reason, and as it appears in Courtney V Courtney, a separation agreement will not attract the presumption of lack of intention to create legal relations. It is the parties relationship at the time of contracting which matters. That is clear from the mother-daughter case of Jones V Padavatton. In this case, the mother concur to maintain her daughter if she came home and studied for the Bar. Over time their relationship broke down but the presumption of lack of intention to create legal relations stood because of their close relationship at the time. Rebutting the PresumptionThere is some authority to the effect that the courts are more likely to find that the presumption of lack of intention to create legal relations has been opposeted where one society has relied on the agreement. This is seen in Parker V Cla rke, involved two couples who were close friends. The Clarks told the Parkers if they interchange their cottage they could move in with them, that the Clarks would leave some of their considerable acres to the Parkers on his death. Sometime after the couple moved in they fell out and the Parkers were forced to move out. They sued the Clarks for breach of contract.Because of the parties close relationship at the time of contracting, the presumption was that it was not intended to be legally binding. However, the court found that the Parkers detrimental reliance on the agreement in departure their home was a factor strong enough to rebut the presumption, and intention to create legal relations was thereby found. The company alleging that a family agreement was intended to be legally binding bears the onus of rebutting the presumption that it was not so intended. It is significant that in a family agreement was made in a business context.So, for precedent, an agreement made in conne ction with a family business, such as that between brothers, directors of the company in Snelling V magic G Snelling Ltd, is unlikely to fall foul of the presumption of lack of intention to create legal relations. The lyric used by the parties in mise en scene out their agreement and, in particular, the level of certainty attaching to the agreement were also important. The fact that the parties have taken time to set out their agreement with formality and precision suggests that they intended it to be legally bound.On the other hand, where an agreement is expressed in vague terms, it tends to suggest that the parties did not intend to create a legally binding agreement. This is clear from Vaughan V Vaughan. This case touch a couple who were no longer living in amity. They had concord that the wife could stay in the matrimonial home. However, they had not decided how long she could stay for, or on what terms. Accordingly, their agreement was so vague in its indwellings that the Court could not confer intention to create legal intentions in it.Commercial Agreements Commercial agreements raise the presumption that intention to create legal relations is present. It is difficult to rebut this assumption. The burden of proof is on the party pursuit to deny it and that burden, according to Edwards V Skyways, is a gruelling one. Vagueness on the essential terms of the contract tends to suggest an absence of intention to create legal relations. For example, the courts will rarely be able to find intention to create legal relations in so-called sales puffs.Thus, in liter V Lewis, no contract arose from a manufacturers statement that his product was foolproof and required no maintenance because his statements were not intended to be, nor were they, acted on as being express warranties. A lot depends on the facts of the case at hand. In Esso Petroleum V Commissioner of Customs and Excise, a binding contract was deemed to arise from a transaction in which footbal l game tokens were unfolded to anyone who purchased four gallons of the plaintiffs petrol.According to Lord Simon . the whole transaction took purport in a setting of business relations, the purpose of the offer being commercial Esso wanted the public to buy its petrol. Rebutting the Presumption Cadbury Ireland Ltd V Kerry Co-Op shows how a number of factors can operate to rebut the presumption of intention to create legal relations. In this case, a clause held not intended to be legally binding despite its solemnity it was an principle to draw up a detailed agreement, but could not be relied upon itself.Even in a commercial context, the presumption in favour of the intention to create legal relations can be dispatched by a very clear expression of lack of intention. A classic example of this is in Rose and Frank Co V Crompton Bros. In this case, the parties had agreed that the plaintiff would be permitted to distribute the defendants goods in the US. The agreement however contai ned an just pledge clause. The court held that the agreement could not be compel because of this clause. The court also found the wording precise enough to rebut the presumption in Jones V Vernons Pools Ltd.Collective Agreements Where a trade essence negotiates an agreement with an employer on behalf of its members, does this agreement attract the presumption of intention to create legal relations? In the English case of Ford take Co Ltd V Amalgamated Union of Engineering and Foundry Workers, it is said that the presumption in relation to embodied agreements is that they are not made with the intention to create legal relations. However, Irish Law takes a perverse view, tending to favour the enforcement of collective agreements via contract.So in Ardmore Studios V Lynch, it was suggested that a collective agreement which is set out in a clear specific manner will take legal effect. The Supreme Court took up this thread in Goulding Chemicals V Bolger. For the purposes of Irish Law, it seems safe to say that collective agreements can be enforced in the same manner as any other commercial agreement and attract the presumption that the intention of legal relations is present. In ORourke V Talbot Ireland, Barrington J treated a collective agreement as a commercial agreement.Similarly, in King V Aer Lingus the Supreme Court took the view that some of the commitments habituated by Aer Lingus to its employees as part of a collective agreement were binding. A problem that continues to afflict collective agreements, however, is their characteristically vague language the majority of collective agreements will be void for uncertainty. Letters of Intent V Letters of Comfort Enright notes that a garner of powderpuff is a register designed to reassure the person to whom it is provided about certain matters while stopping short of making any binding promise.A good example of the do of a garner of comfort arose in Kleinwort Benson V Malaysia excavation Corp. Bhd. In this case, the plaintiff bank had agreed to lend money to the subsidiary of the Malaysia Mining Corporation. In the course of negotiations for the loan, the bank received a letter of comfort stating that it is policy to ensure that the business of our subsidiary is at all quantify in a position to meet its liabilities to you under the above arrangements. notwithstanding this reassurance, the Court of Appeal concluded that this statement did not bind the defendant.The letter was not, in fact, purporting a binding promise. It was simply stating that companys policy, a policy that might be changed or adjusted in rejoinder to novel circumstances. It is important to note, however, that there is no concrete rule precluding a letter of comfort from giving rise to legal relations. Whether or not such garner creates a legally binding promise is a matter to to be discerned primarily from the language used. The simple fact that the words letter of comfort have been used, while ev idently relevant, may not conclusively prevent the agreement rom having legal implications. There is a lot of uncertainty in this area as in seen in the case of Wilson Smithett & Cape (Sugar) Ltd V Bangladesh Sugar and Food Industries Corporation. A letter of intent, in contrast to a comfort letter, is one in which a person or company seeks to induce another entity to undertake work to incur expenditure, while denying or limiting liability to that other entity, ofttimes by insisting that liability turned on concluding a formal contract at a later date.In AC Controls Ltd V BBC, the court summarised the principals in relation to letters on intent. The general principal on letters of intent that seek to authorise work, materials or service pending the conclusion of a later contract is that such letters will be viewed as contracts in themselves as long as objective is present. In ERDC Group Ltd V Brunel University, the Court held that the work make prior to September had all been on th e authority as set out in the series of Letters of Intent.The judge thought that the uncouth requirements for a contract were all there (intention to create a legal relationship, certainty, etc) and had all been there until 1 September. He therefore found that there had been a contract until then. Accordingly, ERDC was to be paid on the basis qualify in the letters the JCT rules. Conclusion It is contended that the requirement of intention to create legal intentions largely makes sense.Social and municipal agreements have the presumption as not having intention to create legal relations as there is a judgment that such formalities are not required in this reference of relationship. Enright notes that there are two reasons why this is employed. Firstly, if the rule were that social and domestic agreements were always legally binding, the courts might be flooded with petty disputes and the hour is because it is felt that people should have the freedom to make certain types of p rivate, personalized agreements without drawing the interference of the law into their lives.It is also understood that Commercial Agreements are correct as they do have the intention to create legal relations as there is the acceptance that such formalities should be required in this type of relationship. The ways to rebut this assumption also makes sense as it can be rebutted if the essential terms of the contract are vague or if the party seeking to deny it can prove that there was no intention. Enright notes the burden of proof is on the party seeking to deny it and that burden according to Edwards V Skyways, is a heavy one.