Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Menopause- Natural Products

climacteric ding Quai Menopause Man boardment Students name Course Institution Date Abstract The writing seeks to generate the complimentary alternative medicine for climacteric. Some women illegitimate glowering to complementary and alternative treatments because of the recent concerns about hormone successor therapy. Nowadays the market glumers such products to deal with menopausal symptoms bolshie clover, evening primrose oil, soy, black cohosh, kava, and dong quai. born(p) products have been in use for treatment and relief of menopausal symptoms and in that respect effects have been widely analyse in westbound medicine. Natural products such as Dong Quai do non treat climacteric only if relieve the users off the symptoms of change of life. thither are several complimentary alternative medicines for menopause but this paper leaveing focus on dong quai. In discussing dong quai, the paper will describe this music and its us fester. The s hip canal of dong quai medication manipulation vary and apart from menopause this remedy is useful in other cases, which the study will also explore. In addition, we will analyze the creation of dong quai, precaution of the medication, and any interaction with other types of medication. What is Menopause and Statistic? Menopause is a natural rebirth period in a womans life when the ovaries forgo to publish eggs. We can say that a woman has reached menopause when she misses her periods for dozen months in a row. When the ovaries cease to produce eggs, the menstrual activities decreases and in the long run stops and in this case, the system reduces the production of the female hormones- progesterone and estrogen. Different women experience menopause differently and it may run at an introductory age or later in life. Statistics indicate that menopause happens to women from the age of 45 to 55 age and for those that experience the change earlier could be because of medical treatments. aside from! medical treatment- surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation- nutrition,...If you want to take away a wide essay, order it on our website:

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