Sunday, February 9, 2014

Using Perceptual Maps in Marketing Simulation-Thorr

Thorr Motorcycle Company is faced with three issues concerning the future of their inter-group communication sensation 1500cc pedal. At issue is decreasing sales, positioning in the market place place, and success of their marketing plan. Each maculation is described religious offering possible solutions, and results or recommendations atomic number 18 discussed. Finally a preaching of differentiation, positioning, and reaping life cycle will be discussed. Thorr Motorcycles, Inc. is a $5 billion community. They manufacture a range of motorcycles and maturate more than 200,000 units per year. Thorr Motorcycles has additional license programs such as T-Shirts, motorcycle shoes, trivial leather goods, toys, and other consumer items. The sales of Thorr?s animate product, pleasance craft Thorr, are decreasing. Their service includes dealer training, dealer software system system packages, motorcycle rental, and riding training. The age group of propose customers has continuously been 35 to 50 years old. However, as the club grows, they are no longer interested in the lifestyle that Cruiser Thorr symbolizes. The cutting target will include the junior customers preferring affordable motorcycles. Thorr is a high priced product and younger mickle do not have the large disposable income essential to live on the make. The company has a high-brand image manufacturing high-end motorcycles and soon owns approximately twoscore percent of the market dowery. However, Thorr is losing market share and needs to go up the trend with a new marketing plan (Apollo Group, 2004). This will be accomplished by using a perceptual map. A perceptual map, which is a visual representation of the customer?s perception of the brand helps in differentiating a company?s marketing from that of its competitors. A perceptual map grass have some(prenominal) parameters, which may overlap in their descriptions. These lapping parameters are the superficial a ttributes of the product, and several of the! m often define a product?s vestigial parameters? (Apollo Group, 2004). The motorcycle industry is growing... If you urgency to get a intact essay, order it on our website:

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